Prepaid sim cards in Canada

If you are going to visit Canada in the near future, you ought to purchase prepaid SIM cards in Canada to stay in touch with friends and family. This way, you will be able to benefit of a simple and accessible way to stay in touch with the people you love during the entire trip, and you will no longer have to worry about paid huge amounts of money for your calls.



A Canada prepaid SIM is a convenient option for using your personal mobile phone as a regular Canada cell phone in the whole country at much more affordable rates than you would have normally paid for a Canada cell phone rental. The SIM card, along with an unlocked GSM phone, will empower you to communicate whenever you want, without being held back by the outrageous international roaming fees that are usually applied when you use your cell phone abroad.


Enjoy the benefits of a Canada sim card prepaid


Likewise, you will be able to enjoy an airtime credit of $10 CAD, as well as e-mail, messages, voice mail, and a local Canadian number, and all the calls that you will receive are completely free. And things do not stop here, because you will also have available access to the customer service all day long. Besides, you will not need to sign any contract, and you will not be facing monthly charges either, and this is an extremely beneficial feature!


Nevertheless, you need to keep in mind that in order to use a Canada prepaid SIM, you will have to unlock your phone, and it has to support the 1900 GSM frequency. Also, if you do now already own an international phone, you can easily purchase one, mainly if you are travelling to Canada on a regular basis.


As far as domestic calls are concerned, you ought to know that the calls are charged per minute, and there are available three different calling plans that you can choose from when you activate your card. Similarly, all the ongoing SMSs are charged with $15 CAD, and the incoming messages are completely free. Now, making international calls is easier than ever if you are using a prepaid SIM card for Canada, and the costs are suitable for any budget.


How much credit do I have on my prepaid sim in Canada?


Additionally, a common prepaid SIM card in Canada will already be loaded with $10 CAD when you purchase it, and this balance will be valid for the next thirty days. Likewise, you can purchase extra airtime credit by using the available airtime vouchers that are named reload codes, thus you will be able to recharge your SIM card as many times as you want, without needing to acquire a new one. These vouchers are found in any Canadian store, gas station, or authorized dealer, and all you need to do to refill your credit is to introduce the code from the prepaid voucher in your phone.


Once you activate your Canada SIM card, you can use it for thirty days, and if you do not add any airtime credit within this period of time, your phone number will be automatically recycled, and if you have any remaining airtime credit, it will be lost. Also, in order to get connected again, you will have to purchase a prepaid sim card Vancouver.


Benefits that come along with prepaid sim cards in Canada


It is important to be aware of all the benefits that come along with a prepaid SIM card in Canada, and to understand why such a card is the most recommended solution. For instance, you will be able to use the card, in spite of the fact that your battery is low, and your phone is running out of power. All you need to do in such a situation is get another phone, and introduce your SIM in it, and then you will be able to use your credit, and call your friends and family without any problems. Due to the numerous advancements in technology, now it is easier than ever to make international calls from, and to, Canada, and nothing will stop you from keeping in touch with your friends and family. A prepaid sim card Toronto is an excellent choice to considering if you’re traveling locally.


A world phone is a necessity in this modern society, when people are travelling more than ever, and with the right type of mobile phone, and SIM card, you will be able to speak on your mobile phone from any part of the world. All you need to do in purchase an international prepaid SIM card for Canada, which includes all the features that you need, and then recharge it regularly, to prevent losing the number. It is easy, accessible, and can be done by everyone, thus you should try it too. And since there are available such affordable rates, there is no reason why you should continue using the outdated roaming services, which charge you high amounts of money for just a few short calls. These being said, you should not hesitate any longer, and purchase a prepaid SIM card for your next trip to Canada.


Get properly informed


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