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iPhone Tips and Tricks – How to change your network carrier when travelingNovember 20 2011

Traveling abroad and want to switch to a larger carrier with a better coverage? Or maybe one with a faster data network?

Here is a quick "How-to Guide" for making that happen:

How to manually change the network carrier on your iPhone?

Go to settings -> Carrier -> (wait for the phone to find available networks – approx. 2 minutes) select the network you want to use.

Once selected, your iPhone will only use that network.

For Keepgo users the carrier selection option also exists. Since we have agreements with most major networks (but not all) , it is best you leave your settings on Automatic, as “forcing” a new carrier selection on our SIM cards might switch you to a network which Keepgo has no agreement with – as a result you might get the “No Service” message.

Remember, when you’re using Keepgo Lifetime Data  SIM cards – set your Network Settings to "Automatic".

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