KeepGo has a unique expertise in implementing roaming solutions in the corporate environment. KeepGo makes it possible for your business to use the latest technology available; and at the same time eliminates enormous roaming costs and significantly reduces the travel hassle of your employees.

Our corporate solution includes:
1. Travel costs reduction for your company. Using our worldwide spread relationships with cellular operators we can eliminate roaming 3G data costs for your company

2. Wireless Hot-Spot solution for multiple devices support. Your employee can travel with different devices, staying connected with all of them, everywhere

3. Corporate level security. Depending on your needs we design and implement a security scheme which makes it possible for your employees to use smartphones at home and abroad. We design privacy procedures, so sensitive personal information is stored secure and is not accessible for third parties

4. Stay connected with your employees 24/7 anywhere *. You can contact them by cellular phone, SMS, VoIP, internet instant messaging and more

5. Secure read/write access for your employees to corporate intranet, databases, files from anywhere* in the world. Anytime. No need to carry bulky notebooks
6. iPhone, iPad, USB modem and Mobile Hotspot lease solutions for your company. Outsource all smartphone management to KeepGo

7. Management of your company smartphones fleet. Implementation of required software. Travel provisioning

8. Design and development of specific iPhone and iPad applications for your business

9. Secure email access to your corporate email server for your employees, anywhere in the world. Anytime

10. We also help you to reduce your other travel costs using latest technology available on Androids, Blackberries, tablet PCs and other smart devices

* according to cellular operator coverage map