How It Works

Place an order

Go to Order Now page. Select your destination/s, traveling dates and preferred shipping method Continue to step 2. Select a SIM with the desired data and voice plan If you want to rent a 3G device with the SIM, please select it on the same page Go to step 3 and provide your address for doorstep delivery Checkout and confirm your order

Install the SIM

The SIM will be delivered to your doorstep on or before your estimated delivery date Remove the original SIM from your device and install the SIM provided by KeepGo Change the APN settings on your device according to the instructions in your personal account Turn Roaming On or OFF according to the provided instructions You can always contact KeepGo Customer Support for help on these and other issues

Access the Internet

The SIM will be automatically activated on your Activation Date Access 3G internet anywhere you go! Use Skype for local and international calls, navigate with GPS and location based apps, check your email and update Facebook on the go The SIM will be automatically deactivated at the end of your Deactivation Date Dispose of the SIM upon your return, no need to ship it back For smart device rentals we provide a return shipping envelope