Keepgo - International prepaid 3G data roaming sim cards - avoid internet roaming charges
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how it works

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who is eligible?

prepaid data sim card for travelers

  • 1GB SIM
  • SIM + Mobile Hotspot
1GB Initial Balance
Unlimited Life-time
Multi-Country Coverage SIM

No SIM Swapping required while travelling

Online Refill Available
Long Lasting Plan

SIM will remain active for 30days or until
it exceeds 1GB cap

Real-Time Reports

Keep track of your balance in realtime

Plug and Play

No activation or registration required

Keepgo App for Android & iOS

keepgo sim kit

Keepgo SIM Kit includes:

  • Automatically activated Nano SIM Card (activates on the first use)
  • Credit Card-sized multi SIM Card holder that suits any wallet
  • Micro and Standard adapters
  • SIM Ejection tool
  • User Guide

Mobile Hotspot Kit includes:

  • 1GB Data SIM or Pay per Day Used SIM
  • Mobile Wi-Fi hot-spot router
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB cable
  • 220V and 12V charger
  • User guide

* Reserve Battery available for additional fee

* Overnight delivery available over NA, EU, IL, AU & more
* Hotel & Airport delivery available

24/7 real-time reporting

Be in control with the Keepgo Affiliate tracking tool

Monitor the number of visits & purchases made by your clients/refferals, check your commissions status, and more.
Affiliation tracking tool available on desktop & mobile

Keepgo affiliate program

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Apply to the Keepgo affiliate program. No need to purchase SIM cards.

Receive a Referral Link and embed it in your website or app. Get credentials to monitor and track your traffic & earnings online.

Get paid for every referral on a monthly basis.