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keepgo data programs
Fair You pay only for the days you use. No charges will be incurred during non-active periods. No hidden costs or over usage fees.
Automated No activation or deactivation of the SIM cards is required. Monitor the SIM daily usage and total amount of days in use in real-time.
Effective All SIM cards are re-usable. There is no need to collect your SIM/device cards after the trip. Customers can keep the SIM forever.
This model targets businesses and organizations with occasional demand for international mobile data connectivity.
Distribute the SIM cards to corporate customers and just bill them on a monthly basis. No need to worry about back and forward shipping, activation, or top-ups. Use our management portal to monitor the usage of all your customers, from an enterprise level to a single user resolution.
tailored for corporate needs
A unique expertise in implementing roaming solutions for the corporate environment
Keepgo makes it possible for your business to use the latest technology available, and at the same time eliminates enormous roaming costs and significantly reduces the travel hassle of your employees

Multi-level users management platform, personal account manager and 24/7 technical support, BYOD solution, RESTfull API, real-time monitoring tools - and much more are integrated parts of our corporate roaming solution.
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Available with our corporate Solution
Telecom Cost Reduction

Using our worldwide spread relationships with telecom service providers, we will significantly reduce telecom related costs for your company

Wireless Hot-Spot for Multiple Devices

Your employees can travel together with different devices, staying connected all together with all their smartphones and computers; anywhere

Corporate Level Security

Depending on your needs we design and implement a security scheme which makes it possible for your employees to use internet abroad. We design privacy procedures, so sensitive personal information is stored secure and is not accessible for third parties

Stay Connected Anywhere

We provide the ability to contact your employees by phone, SMS, VoIP, internet instant messaging and more

Secure Corporate Access

Receive a read/write access for your employees to corporate intranet, databases, files from anywhere in the world. Anytime

Secure Email Access

Receive a secure email access to your corporate email server for your employees, anywhere in the world

Apps Development

We also help you to reduce your other travel costs using latest technologies available online and on mobile operation systems

administration panel
Manage your users, control traffic & expenses in real-time
and much more with our business administration panel
Resell Keepgo Corporate Solutions and Boost Your Profits Today!
We owe much of our success to our resellers. Our white label products and tailored data plans are well-suited for reseller sales, and all our partners enjoy a personal approach and high profit margins. We provide our partners with real time monitoring tools and API and offer a 24/7 access to our technical support team.

One Stop Depot For All Business Roaming Needs

Keepgo makes it possible for your business to use the latest technology available, and at the same time eliminates enormous roaming costs and significantly reduces the travel hassle for your employees.

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Cost effective
Substantially reduces data roaming charges

Wireless hotspot for multiple devices
Supply seamless internet connectivity to your clients and business associates

Multi-country coverage
Available in 54 countries and destinations across the globe