Refund policy

"KeepGo is so confident that you will be 100% completely satisfied with our rental services, that we offer you an instant money back guarantee. 

If you are not satisfied with our devices or network services for any reason, you may cancel your order prior to your departure, and receive a full refund of your rental fees*. Just request the refund, no questions asked! 

After your departure: If you are not satisfied with our cellular services, you may request to cancel your connection and to receive a prorated refund for the: days, data or voice balance remaining till the date of your return according to the plan you have ordered. 

All cancellation and refund requests should be done by credit card owner only, and shall be effective upon receipt by by email, fax via chat assistant. 

You should contact us before you request the refund, so we would try to solve the problem. 
We will not refund shipment costs, 10% processing fees and voice roaming costs. 
In case and customer is experiencing technical difficulties, customers should try to resolve the problem together with KeepGo's support department, before applying for a refund. 
This policy does not apply to cellular services that have been terminated for violating our KeepGo Terms & Conditions.