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Vincent Everts on July 9th, 2013
Hoera! Connected. A mifi en iphone Sim card from @attore @keepgo super duper great service!!!!! Thanks.


Werner Vogels on July 24th, 2013
I have had consistently good connectivity on this multi-country Asia trip thanks to @keepgo. Global unlimited data at a flat rate. Thanks!!


Dr . Alexandre Feldman on February 16th, 2012
If you have an iPhone and travel the world, you NEED to know @KeepGo - it's EXCELLENT!!!!


Adam Mason on February 14th, 2012
Probably the best international option for iPhone users I've ever seen.

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Rob Parker on February 12th, 2012
Can't say enough good things about service. SIM cards for world travel. Unlimited data for pretty cheap. I'm happy.


Matt Ridings wrote on February 8th, 2012
If you have an iPhone and travel internationally, @KeepGo was a flawless experience. Highly recommend.


Catherine Johnson on January 9th, 2012 wrote to us

Fantastic service!! Having use of my iPhone whilst away made my round the world trip fantastic!!

Tyler Brown, Fayettville, AR on December 25th, 2011 wrote
"...We are back home in the states now after our year long trip around the world. Know that we couldn’t have done everything we did without your reliable service. Truly is incredible looking back at all we were able to accomplish using the phone on our travels. 46 countries and 0 problems.
Keep up the great service, and know that we have passed along your website to all of our friends that are taking international trips."

Thank you again,
Tyler & Chelsea

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MR_MAMA wrote on November 26th, 2011 5:51 PM wrote
I’m in Poland and In the last 24 hours used IPhone trip In the US! YUL, AMS and now WAW. No problems at all connecting in each country, been seamless. I actually have full bars in Dow town WAW, which surprised me a bit.

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DeKa wrote on August 13th, 2011 7:41 PM wrote
I used an for 14 days in July in a Huawei e585 portable wifi device, shared amongst 3 iPhones, 1 HTC Android device and an iPad while driving and touring en-route from Nice to Paris. It worked really well, and the coverage and speed of the French 3G networks (which use UMTS 900mhz and are supported by the e585) was great. The e585 switched between Orange and SFR.

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CarlTheWebmaster on July 24th, 2011 9:18 PM wrote
Just got back from 1 week in Switzerland. KeepGo worked great – I have a work-issued iPhone so jailbreaking / unlocking isn’t an option for me, so the fact that KeepGo worked on my ATT locked iPhone 4 was a plus. I think the price is decent, and I ended up using about 750Mb total over the course of a week (lots of web/email, a few youtube and netflix videos from time to time, not much voice, all SMS via google voice). Plenty of info from the company, activation as promised with emails to confirm. A good service that I plan to use again.

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nums on July 6th, 2011 8:24 PM wrote
I am happy to report that KeepGo worked perfectly on my recent trip to England, Finland, France, and the Netherlands. Internet and email worked quicker than it does in the U.S. Wi-Fi was NOT needed to make Skype calls. Skype calls using 3G were crystal clear. (To reduce cost, I did not make any phone calls, except using Skype.) KeepGo worked exactly as described on their website. I highly recommend it, and will use it again on my next overseas trip.

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JohanDA on October 27th, 2010 1:10 PM wrote
Just to add another data point: I used an KeepGo sim for my att iphone 4 for a week in paris. (be sure to specify the micro sim in the notes for iphone 4) It worked perfectly. It was nice to use my own iphone since I already have everything set up the way that I like it. I didn’t make any standard calls with the service, but I did use skype over 3G daily. As you might expect the skype calls aren’t as reliable as regular calls unless you have a very strong 3G signal, but I rarely had actual drops. I was willing to put up with the slightly reduced call quality for “free” calls back to the US. (I have a skype subscription) I will certainly be using this service again for any future trips.

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mimulus99 wrote on October 6th, 2010 07:27 AM wrote
I just got back from a week in the Netherlands and Germany and was exactly as advertised. Most of the time I got good 3G signal and when I did, I got good data. I didn't make any phone calls or texts, except for a couple wrong number phone calls, just used Skype and email (if you don't know that you can email an SMS message to almost any US cell phone, and they can send a SMS to your email address, you should!).
The only drawback is the "there's a map for that" phenomenon -- at an institute in the woods outside Heidelberg, I got no reception, so no 3G. But otherwise reception in Berlin was excellent, and in town in Heidelberg it was okay.

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russpatt wrote on April 22 2010 12:06 PM wrote
I just came back from 10 days in Paris where I used an KeepGo SIM card in my Iphone. It was a big help.

The SIM card worked flawlessly and proved to be quite useful. It connected reliably with a local 3G telephone network and was great for getting data. Email came in quick and fast. It connected nicely to various apps of a geographic nature, such as Google maps. As long as a 3G signal was available, it would localize on the map exactly where we were, which was most helpful in tracking down an unfamiliar address or in planning a walk or a trip.

The telephone was a bit trickier. We used the Iphone app, Icall, to make telephone calls via the internet. Now Icall provided us with a USA telephone number, and calls to people in the USA were covered by the $9 monthly fee charged by Icall. Calling numbers in Europe with the Icall/KeepGo combination was more complicated. Icall phone calls from our USA phone number to a number in Europe weren’t covered by the $9 fee. We wound up using a voice over internet plan that we often use in the USA to make long distance calls, either to a USA or European number. The plan is called “Pincity”. It is a prepay plan, and with it, calls from the USA to Europe are in the range of five cents per minute. Here is how it worked. Using the Icall/KeepGo/Iphone combination, we dialed a Pincity access number in the USA. We put in our password when requested, and then dialed the European number. The number rang quickly, and the connection turned out to be adequate, but not terrific. Considering the price, we were happy.

So, KeepGo worked well for us. We will use it on our next trip. I’d be a bit happier if it were possible to lower the price a bit. The price is higher than I would want to pay if I were staying a month.

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Alex Bortvin on April 22 2010 12:07 PM wrote
I've been using #KeepGo extensively over the past three weeks while in Russia (Moscow, Ural). Can't imagine being without it! A must!

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Kevin Edwards on April 22 2010 12:08 PM wrote
"..KeepGo provides you with a SIM card to use abroad. It works very well, and is well worth the the price..."

Advantages: Super easy, fairly cheap compared to the alternatives, provides you with travel options that were not possible before. I recommend using Skype, Google Voice or other VoIP software to save even more on your communication expenses.

You may grow to be over-dependent on using your iPhone. You might remain over-connected to people or co-workers back home. Most probably, you will be using your iPhone so much, you might need extra batteries..

The difference between KeepGo was between paying $60 a week, compared to paying $100 for a day. I couldn’t afford that, and couldn't have done this trip without using my iPhone.

Please read below for how I used KeepGo with my MacBook, Skype, and Google Voice for free voice calls and text messages:

Please use this link to read more about my experience with KeepGo

Felix Leshno on April 22 2010 12:09 PM wrote
I have used your SIM for 10 days, and I wanted to say it was amazing. It works great and really is an amazing service. I will recommend this service to all my traveling friends. Thanks a lot guys!

Cina Wong at April 22 2010 12:09 PM wrote to us
You have excellent customer service and I appreciate that... that is why I am a third time returning customer

Anton Hoffmanat April 27 2010 11:06 PM wrote to us
Recently I went to Japan on a 2 weeks business trip. I ordered the iPhone from The iPhone arrived to my house two days later in a neat package that is designed to handle the return of the phone after I’m done with it, with pre-paid FedEx slip and all.

In Japan the iPhone proved to be absolutely priceless gadget, which allowed me to navigate through the country without knowing a word in Japanese (and most of the locals do not know a word of English).

The coverage is excellent – I do not remember a moment when broadband speeds were not available. I made all my calls using the iCall app from ITunes store. After 2 weeks of travel (and extensive calling), I spent total of $10 on voice calls I made, compared with thousands I would have spent roaming.

With my email, Google maps, translator and broadband internet access at my fingertips 24/7, I felt very convenient even in this somewhat unfamiliar environment.

I will definitely use the services of KeepGo for my future travel.


Michael Nudelman on April 28 2010 07:17 AM wrote to us
The service in Japan was great.
I traveled to Kyoto, Hiroshima, Atami, Yokohama and Tokyo. I had a
good coverage everywhere I went.

Tim Luxemburger on November 4 2010 04:10 wrote to us
Hey KeepGo,

just wanted to let you know what a relief it was to have your service while I traveled In Europe in Sept 2010.

It enabled me to get the local info I needed to have a better quality travel experience, and allowed me to maintain my necessary business communications back in the US.


Tim Luxemburger
SureTrust Financial Solutions
1-877-SureTrust (877-787-3878)

Lorraine Woodruff-Long on November 9 2010 01:51 wrote to us
I am a HUGE fan of this product! I will tell everyone I know about it and definitely be using it again - thanks!

Anh Han on November 9 2010 04:01 PM wrote review – How I traveled through Europe and saved $4381:

david on February 17 2011 07:36 PM wrote to us
I have used your SIM for 15 days, and I wanted to say it was amazing. It works great and really is an amazing service. I will recommend this service to all my traveling friends. Thanks a lot guys!

Jeff B on May 17 2011 06:11 PM wrote to us
Just wanted to register my thanks for the flawless service ! A week in Germany April '11, KeepGo in hand the whole time, always able to get online, check email, and even make video calls using Skype. Next time I want to rent two iPhones so my wife and I will both be able to message each other.