9 business travel essentials to pack for your trip

9 business travel essentials to pack for your trip

Wherever your wondrous spirit (or your job) may take you, don’t forget to have these items in your carry-on.

For many of us, business travel is an integral part of the job. For some, it’s a chore, but it is also a great opportunity to get some vacation time in a cost- effective way.  Life or a business traveler revolves around airport terminals, long security lines, car rentals, hotel suites and room service meals. Knowing how to pack efficiently and effectively is a fundamental skill for those who like to look as polished and presentable as possible while keeping their luggage light.

We assembled a list of essential travel paraphernalia you should never leave home without while traveling for business.

Pick a good and efficient carry-on bag

The best investment that a frequent business traveler can make is a reliable and durable carry- on suitcase that is easy to maneuver, and will make those long walks through airports and busy train stations a breeze.

Traveling with a carry-on bag will reduce the irritating inconvenience of having to wait for your bags and dealing with the terrifying experience of losing your luggage.

Don’t pay for airport Wifi and bring your own Mobile Hotspot

It is always a good idea to have a Mobile Hotspot of your own. Those nifty little gadgets can be used to create a mobile network and connect several devices in case you are traveling with colleagues or business partners.

Turn your smartphone into GPS and save yourself some cash

They say that nowadays, with a smartphone and the right app, you can find any spot on Earth so there is no point in paying extra cash renting expensive GPS navigation systems from car rental agencies. All you need is to connect your smartphone to the internet and you will never get lost again. There is plenty of free navigation apps available online.

Always keep a travel adapter on hand

If you are traveling for work, chances are your laptop or tablet will see a lot of use. The last thing you want arriving at an important meeting is to find that you can’t plug it in. Make sure to pack a multi-use power adapter kit before you leave. You can pick one up at any consumer electronics store. It will come in handy on many occasions.

Keep your credit cards and money where your heart is

Depending on your travel destination, your safety may or may not be on top of your priority list. For anyone traveling internationally, keeping your money in a concealed wallet is highly recommended. Having your money or passport stolen on a trip can put a big dent in your travel plans and having your documents replaced can take a lot of time and patience. Another recommendation is to have a high resolution scan of your driver’s license, passport or credit card on your smartphone or computer hard drive.

Never lose boarding passes, tickets and receipts with Passbook apps

One of the greatest challenges for business travelers is to keep tabs on their paper trail, starting with airplane tickets, boarding passes and of course receipts (how else will you get reimbursed ).The best way to compile all your papers in one place is to download Passbook app for your Android or iPhone. You can keep your mind at ease throughout your trip and get reimbursed for your expenses after.

Bring some entertainment on the road

Business trips always involve a lot of time alone, so make sure you have something to keep yourself busy while waiting for your next flight or in your hotel room after a long day or business meetings. It can be the latest CD of your favorite band that you can download online, a new book for your e-reader or a portable gaming console, the options are limitless.

Fold your clothes tight and neatly

All business travelers know that appearing neat and presentable to a meeting can make a whole lot of difference. Make sure to iron your clothes before traveling if you want to project success to your clients and business associates. If for some reason your shirt looks wrinkled when you unpack, try putting it under the mattress in your hotel room for about an hour. The wrinkles should be gone when you take the shirt out.

Pack a small kit with medicine, band aids and first aid remedies

Don’t leave home without a kit filled with essential items. Although the content of your medical kit will vary depending on where you are traveling, there are some items that ought to be in your carry on. Jam pack a small Ziploc bag with pain pills, stomach meds, band aids and Vitamins (because we all know how nutritious those room service meals are) before leaving your home and protect yourself from unpleasant situations.