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Enjoy Benefits of Unlimited Data with Prepaid GoFi Lines

Are you still looking for the best data-only plan that will keep you covered locally and internationally? At Keepgo, we go the extra mile to meet your needs. Following the recent release of our eSIM technology, we have decided to go further and present you with our first unlimited data plan for the US and Europe. 

Our GoFi prepaid data plan has been available for Keepgo clients for a while already. The cheapest prepaid monthly plan can be a great solution for travelers looking for instant connectivity in the destination countries without the hassle of switching SIM cards. It can also become a reliable backup plan that will keep you instantly connected locally. Keepgo GoFi lines provide you with safe and uninterrupted internet access wherever you are, especially when you do not have access to public WiFi. Moreover, with our GoFi travel WiFi hotspot, you can create your own WiFi network and keep up to 15 devices connected at the same time. 

What is GoFi unlimited data plan? How can you activate it and what advantages does it offer? Let’s check out. 

What is GoFi Unlimited? 

The unlimited prepaid data mode is available for all GoFi customers who already have Keepgo GoFi SIM cards and WiFI hotspots and have the Bill Protection option enabled. Please mind that if the Bill Protection is disabled for your lines, you cannot use unlimited data.

The Unlimited data mode is available for all GoFi lines. You do not need to enable it manually, we have taken care of everything for you. At the beginning of a new month, you are traditionally charged $8 for 1GB of data valid for one month. When the balance of your GoFi line falls below 100MB, 1GB worth $8 is automatically added to your balance. As soon as your data consumption during this month reaches 8GB or $64, the Unlimited data mode automatically switches on. It means that you can continue using high-speed Internet wherever you go without the need to pay extra charges. When you use 30GB during a month, you can continue using unlimited data without paying extra, but the internet speed will slow down until the end of the month. On the first day of a new month, your data usage is nulled, the unlimited data mode is disabled, and you are automatically provided with 1GB of high-speed data for $8. 

Unlimited Data Plan Benefits 

Now, let's discuss in more detail what benefits you can get from using Keepgo GoFi lines with the Unlimited data mode. 


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High-Speed Internet in 100+ Countries

One of the biggest advantages of using GoFi plan with unlimited data mode is the possibility to use high-speed internet anytime and anywhere you need. It doesn’t matter if you need to get streamlined mobile connectivity services when you are at home or abroad - your Keepgo line can be a reliable backup data plan whenever you need it.

You Never Exceed Monthly Connectivity Bill 

On top of that, you do not need to worry about your monthly bill for connectivity services. With the Bill Protection functionality enabled for your GoFi lines, you won’t be charged more than $64/mo. If you use less than 8GB of data, the Unlimited data mode won’t be enabled and you will pay the habitual $8 per 1GB of data valid for one month. 

“Unlimited” Mode Really Means Unlimited Data 

We all know the trick played by most connectivity providers. They give you a lot of data as part of their unlimited packages, but at the end of the day, when you need to use more than is “allowed,” the service suddenly interrupts and you are asked to pay extra for more data. 

That’s not the case with the Keepgo GoFi plan. You may feel free to use as much data as you need in a month when the Unlimited data mode got activated. The only thing you should mind is that the speed will get a bit slower after using 30GB of data in a month. 

Carry WiFi Always in Your Pocket

With the GoFi mobile travel WiFi hotspot, you can share high-speed data with up to 15 WiFi-enabled devices at a time. The unlimited data mode is also automatically enabled when your data consumption reaches 8GB, so you may rest assured all of your friends and family will use the best high-speed Internet in any location when you go. Keepgo portable WiFi hotspot is lightweight and easily fits into your pocket. The battery life features 7 hours of usage and 13 hours standby time with WIFI on. 

In case you do not have a WiFi hotspot, you can use your smartphone as a hotspot. If you go this way, please mind that using your phone as a hotspot can affect your battery life. So, you’d better keep a portable charging device in your bag.

Enjoy Flexibility at Every Step of Your Way

The benefit of using Unlimited data mode is connected to the other advantages previously mentioned in this article. Besides, while using a prepaid data-only plan that lets you use unlimited data when you need it, even when you are not connected to WiFi. It gives you kore flexibility when you work on the road or your home internet connection gets interrupted all of a sudden. Bring your laptop and connect to the GoFi hotspot to use the Internet in public places without the need to worry about your privacy. It’s especially nice to have an Unlimited data plan when you are on a vacation or leave for a business trip. 


Enjoy all advantages of using Keepgo GoFi lines with unlimited data mode by yourself! Grab a new GoFi SIM card or a WiFi hotspot or switch from your Lifetime plan to GoFi in MyAccount

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