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Lifetime 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot

1GB of data for Europe + Rest of the World

Lifetime 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot

1gb of data for europe + REST OF THE WORLD

Create your own private and secure network and connect up to 10 WiFi–enabled devices to the internet. Put it in your pocket or suitcase and travel across Europe without incurring outrageous data roaming charges, hunting for costly and unreliable hotel WiFi, unlocking your phone, or renting and returning overpriced equipment.


Stacked with all the right features

Flexible refill options
A full GB of prepaid data gets you rolling. Refill your data as you go or set up auto-refill to keep your service active.
Check refill options


Unthrottled 4G LTE
Global 4G LTE data with no
throttling at no extra charge.

A Full Year to Use your Data
Your data is valid for a full year from the moment of activation.
Every time you refill your data you reset the clock to another year.

Europe and beyond
Connect to cellular WiFi across Europe and the rest of the world.
Check coverage…we are always expanding!

Easy to use
One push of a button and you have access to the internet while on the go. Works seamlessly on all your WiFi-enabled devices. No need to install any software!

Up to 10 devices
Keep your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and portable gaming consoles connected to the internet within 32 ft (10m) range.

With a weight of 2.64 oz (75 g), the hotspot will easily fit into your pocket, briefcase or travel bag, while you are traveling in Europe.

Safe and Secure WiFi
No matter where your travels take you, your connection to the internet will be secure and protected from outside intrusions.

Stay powered for longer
Stay online longer with up to 6 hours of battery time and over 300 hours of
standby time.


Check your email, get in touch with family and work from the road in 42 countries in Europe and 28 other destinations worldwide… all at no extra charge


Austria, Azores, *Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, *Croatia, Cyprus, *Czech Republic, *Denmark, *Estonia, Finland, *France, *Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain UK, *Greece, *Hungary, *Iceland, Ireland, Italy, *Latvia, *Liechtenstein, *Lithuania, *Luxembourg, Madeira, *Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, *Netherlands, *Norway, *Poland, *Portugal, *Romania, San Marino, Serbia, *Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, *Sweden, *Switzerland, Turkey, Vatican City


*United States, *Canada, *Argentina, *Brazil, *Chile, *Colombia, *Costa Rica, *Ecuador, El Salvador, *Guatamala, *Mexico, Nicaragua, *Panama, *Paraguay, *Peru, *Uruguay, Venezuela




**China, Hong Kong, *India, Macau, *Singapore, Thailand


Israel, Egypt, *South Africa

*Countries where 4G/LTE is supported

**3G in China is not supported


All Keepgo products come prepaid with 1GB of data. We provide convenient ways to refill your data using a credit card or PayPal any time from your desktop, mobile browser or Keepgo app Android / iOS. Alternatively, you can activate auto-refill via your personal account and get a steady supply of data every time you are running low.

Lifetime Mobile
+1gb of 4g LTE data



4g lte data



4g lte data



4g lte data



4g lte data



4g lte data


Our service shows we care

Around the clock Support
24/7 support from our highly experienced professionals - even on holidays.
Access via phone, chat or email.

Free shipping
We deliver to your hotel, office or residence. Ships free to 38 countries worldwide. Expedited/overnight shipping available.
See your Shipping options.

qUALITY guaranteeD
If you are not happy with your SIM, you may return it within 30 days and get refund on unused data.
See our Refund policy.

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Brilliant Device Worked Perfectly for Our travels

This is an amazing and nifty little product. My phone is not enabled for use in Europe. We traveled with the Keepgo and used it to look up maps, surf the internet, and even make calls using Google Hangouts. It worked perfectly in Europe including in a car while traveling outside of major cities. We never ran out of the data that was loaded on the Hotspot. This is an incredible little handy device and overall saved us the ton of money it would have cost to buy new phones that worked overseas. Easy to set up, use, and carry with you during travels of any kind

By D. Mahan

Awesome product!!!!

I travel a lot internationally and I did extensive research before deciding on this product. This amazing device kept me connected all over Europe this past summer. I love that I could use my own phone and I didn't have to go around buying SIM cards for every country. I was in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, France and this small, lightweight device just did it's magic and I was connected to Wifi without a glitch. I used it for GPS on my phone, my daughter used it to send photos on Snapchat. Before I went I had some technical questions (The instructions were not super clear in the package) and I called the support number and to my delight someone actually picked up the phone and helped me. It turned out that there was nothing I needed to do before turning it on and using it. I did buy 3 extra Gig and used 2. I really can't say enough about this great product!

By Aileen

If you travel to a foreign country you must have this hotspot with your iPhone and iPad

Very simple to use. Basically press power on and use. Saved my butt on our trip to Europe many times when I needed to use GPS on iPhone and no WiFi was available.

By Steve

Travel Must

I travel to Europe often with a virtual job. This has saved me many times from missing meetings, but also has kept me connected when i get lost in a city i dont know and done have a phone card or data plan for. Also handy to send "taking off" "landed" or "on my way" texts when used with a data messenger like iMessage, Viber or Whats App.

I'm used this in Tenerife, Luxembourg, throughout Holland, airports in Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich) and Germany (Frankfort, Munich.) The only place it hasnt worked well is at my rural home in the US. it uses TMobile towers and we do not have TMobile coverage in my immediate neighborhood.

By prettyinpink4743

I'm taking this thing with me every time I travel

I have now used this in one location, down in Brasil for almost a month. Even in more remote areas I was able to get a decent signal. I used it primarily for checking emails, facebook, internet browsing, GPS directions, but I also used it for watching my security camera at home. I probably shouldn't have done the latter because it ate at my data, but I easily replenished my data plan with the 3GB since I plan to travel to Spain next year. This thing is very small and portable, which is great considering you are traveling when you use it. The USB charge cord is also small, and it comes with two charge plugs, one is the normal American style, and the other is one that worked in Brasil, and I think it works in Europe.

I found the battery life to be decent, but it could be improved. I also wish it would have warned me when I was reaching my data limit. If it did, I didn't notice it.

By Amazon Customer

For when you travel Europe in groups. One Mobile Hotspot connects up to 10 devices

  • The Mobile Hotspot offers 3G connectivity to 10 connected devices in 64 countries worldwide.
  • We deliver this device to travelers to and within Europe, as well as to certain areas in Africa and Asia. 
  • Easy to use, this device offers a connect/disconnect button to give you full control on your data use and on-screen info about signal, connection and session usage. 
  • The battery lasts 4 to 6 hours: an extra battery can be supplied upon request.

Lifetime WiFi Hotspot 1GB Europe and Americas