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3G + Wi-Fi Bundle

A unique connectivity solution for all your travel data needs

KeepGo has partnered with iPass, the world’s leading provider of commercial-grade Wi-Fi networks to offer our users a complete connectivity solution for when you travel and require staying connected, wherever you are.

  • The iPass Mobile Network is the world’s largest, commercial-grade Wi-Fi network and most trusted connectivity platform with 779,288 hotspots in 120 countries and territories. Together with KeepGo’s global 3G coverage, the user can enjoy a fast, flexible and reliable connectivity solution anywhere. 
  • The iPass mobile client (downloadable to iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices) enables the user to enjoy the best of both worlds – seamlessly switching between 3G connections and fast WiFi networks. Providing the user with a dependable and hassle-free solution that is always on hand.
  • As always, our users will be able to use the fastest and most established 3G cellular networks around the world; with the added ability of switching over to Wi-Fi networks to supplement their internet experience. 

3G + WiFi bundle - enjoy the absolute best solution for a faster connection, or a limitless bandwidth together with your KeepGo data package!