Keepgo Debuts Groundbreaking Carrier Switching Technology at Web Summi

Keepgo Debuts Groundbreaking Carrier Switching Technology at Web Summit

Keepgo Debuts Groundbreaking Carrier Switching Technology, Enabling Travelers To Pay Local Data Rates Wherever They Roam

Whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally, there’s now freedom of choice with short term data plans from local carriers

DUBLIN, Ireland, November 4, 2014 – Keepgo, a world leader in providing short term data plans to domestic and international travelers alike, has today unveiled a revolutionary carrier switching technology that will redefine mobile connectivity. For years, international travelers have been forced to pay stratospheric roaming rates to maintain a connection abroad. Domestically, mobile users have been forced to accept dead zones as unavoidable, with no options for easily and seamlessly switching carriers depending on location. Onstage at Web Summit, Keepgo CEO David Lipovkov detailed a new method that will enable end users to enjoy local rates from over 500 carriers in 180 countries with a single click.

The technology, demonstrated publicly for the first time as a prototype mobile HotSpot, relies on advanced virtual carrier technology. In essence, Keepgo is enabling a singular hotspot device to roam freely around the globe, while giving the customer the ability to select a local carrier upon arrival and pay data rates as locals would. For those traveling outside of their home network domestically, the technology enables them to select a short term data plan from different carriers within their own country. The cost savings for individuals are enormous, and for enterprises that routinely have large employee bases traveling internationally, savings could reach into the ten of thousands of dollars per annum.

As an example, many North American-based carriers charge upwards of $15 to $20 per megabyte when roaming outside of their native network. This means that the simple act of landing in Japan, Korea, or Mexico and refreshing one’s inbox while roaming could cost well over $100. Keepgo’s carrier switching technology is enabling a new type of mobile hotspot, where users will be able to access upwards of 500MB of data per day starting from $4. By relying on a mobile hotspot, Keepgo is enabling customers to connect all of their devices, not just their phones.

Said CEO David Lipovkov about the announcement: “We could not be more excited about our new technology. We’re testing it now with dozens of carriers around the globe with great success, and we believe that this is going to be transformational. No longer will those traveling outside of their home network — be it for tourism, education, or business — have to accept dead zones and outrageous roaming charges. In 2015, we plan to bring to market a device that makes you a local wherever you go. Even if you are outside of your home region, with limited coverage from your carrier, you can switch to a short term data plan from another carrier with superior coverage in that specific locale. Maintaining a connection while traveling is vital. Everything from real-time language translations to transferring critical files relies on having access to the Internet regardless of where you’re located. Our technology will free travelers from having to shoulder the burden of excessive roaming rates, and never again will you have to land at an airport and spend hours hunting for a local SIM.”

Keepgo expects its new mobile hotspot to go on sale in mid-2015, supporting local data rates from over 500 carriers in 180 countries. To learn more and sign up for updates, please visit Keepgo continues to offer individual SIM cards as well as mobile WiFi hotspots for travel around the globe with unbeatable data rates at its store, and plans to continue those ventures as the carrier switching hotspot is finalized.

For further assistance or to request an interview, please contact David Lipovkov:

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