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Returns and Refunds

First things first, Thank you!

If you are looking at our refund and return policy, then you either ordered one of our products or are seriously considering ordering one of our products. We love our customers and strive to keep you satisfied, especially when things don’t turn out the way you expect. Here are a few key points that you should know:

If you are not satisfied with our service, you may cancel your order and receive a refund anytime. Most issues can be solved with a quick email or chat. Our customer support specialists are available 24/7 and are waiting to assist you now ( If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact customer support before requesting a refund.

In order to provide low-cost international data rates, we work with hundreds of providers and operators spread out all across the globe. This means that sometimes issues arise that are beyond our control to fix. We do our best to make things right and provide adequate and amenable compensation.

To cancel your order and request a refund, please contact us via email or chat with the reason for your request, your order number, and product ID.

All refunds (except crypto payments) are subject to a 10% fee due to credit card and other payment system charges and processing resources required to provide a product and then cancel it and issue a refund.

If you made a payment on our website by mistake, we may offer you the data equivalent to the amount you spent.

It may take 5-10 business days before your money is settled in your bank account (if the payment was made via credit card) after issuing a refund. Via PayPal, it takes several minutes after issuing a refund.

Refills are not refundable, but if you faced any issues and weren’t able to use the data purchased, please contact our support team and share as many details as you have. Your query will be forwarded to our billing department and reviewed immediately.

SIM cards are retired and do not need to be returned. Refunds are provided based on your remaining initial data balance.

Shipping fees for physical product delivery shall not be refundable under any circumstances, including but not limited to, returns, exchanges, or order cancellations.

To return a hotspot, the hotspot must be in an unused condition and include the original box and/or packaging with all tags. We will provide a return address, and you will be responsible for shipping fees.

Refunds are issued to the same payment method (i.e. Credit Card or PayPal) used to make the purchase and issued within 14 business days of receipt of the cancellation request or receipt of the hotspot.

Crypto payments are not refundable in most cases.