How to set your iPhone for International Travel

How to set your iPhone for International Travel

Venturing out, oui?!

Going abroad to see foreign lands, si?!

Taking your iPhone with you, ja?!

Here is the basic premise you will need to adopt, if you want to return home without worrying about nasty surprises in the mail – You can not use your phone abroad the same way you use it at home. Doing so will result in some serious bill shock- as this, this and this cases might suggest.

The act of using your phone with a different carrier than your own, without changing the SIM card (the identity card that connects your phone to your home carrier), is called “Roaming”. Roaming can be extremely expensive if you are not prepared for it. But don’t worry- with a few simple tips you will be able to “tame the beast” and enjoy your travel without worrying about giving up Starbucks for the rest of your life (just to pay that enormous cell bill you received when you took your iPhone with you to Italy).

Firstly, check with your home carrier before your flight if they have any overseas data and/or voice plans for your destination. That alone can save you a pretty penny.

Secondly, after boarding the plane you will be instructed to completely turn off your phone. You can do this, but using “Airplane mode” is a better solution if you want to use the non-communication features of your phone (music, books, videos, etc.).

Thirdly, when you land – how do you make sure you don’t make any expensive calls? you have a few options – the most extreme one is to make sure no call or text message is sent or received: turn “Airplane mode” on and your phone will not be able to communicate at all (you can still use Wifi, however). The second option is to turn “Data roaming” off – go to “Settings”-> “General” -> “Network” -> “Data Roaming” off, this will turn off any data communication your phone is able to make via mobile internet on your host carrier.

So now you are set – your phone is unable to use the web, and maybe even unable to make call and send texts. But… do you really want that? Do you really want to deprive yourself from being able to use the power of the web when you are overseas? Think of all the valuable information that is out there aimed at travelers just like yourself. Rest at ease, we at KeepGo got you covered – we offer 1Gb and unlimited data plans starting at only $6.99/day giving you the ability to use the web, without worrying about giving up Starbucks for the rest of your life.