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How to change network carrier APN settingsJanuary 17 2011

If you are trying to go online and you are getting the following message: “Could not activate cellular data network. You are not subscribed to a cellular data service”, means your APN setting are not correct/set. In order to use internet on international roaming SIM cards from non-native network carriers, you have to change the APN settings on your smartphone, tablet computer, MiFi or GSM modem device.

To change APN settings on Apple devices (like iPhone or iPad), open the following site on your Safari Browser: (requires Wi-Fi connection):

  • Click “Automatically”
  • Select preferred carrier from the drop-down menu
  • Click on “Install Profile” and install it on your device

On other smartphones, modems and MiFi devices you have to change the APN settings manually. Please review for detailed information about your carrier APN settings.

To use your device with KeepGo data SIM card, go to your device’s settings menu and change APN locales to the APN provided by KeepGo.

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