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Keepgo in Press

New! BGR - How to travel abroad without having to sell your house to pay your cell phone bill
"Keepgo on Tuesday announced a few big changes to its wireless offering".
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New! Geektime - Internet Connection Abroad Without Using Your Mobile Provider
"Keepgo is an Israeli start-up company offering alternatives to your mobile provider roaming costs". (Hebrew)
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New! Epoch Times - How to Pay Less While Using Your Cell Phone Abroad
"When it comes to using your cell phone abroad, international travel has gotten much less painful in recent history". 
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Engadget - Keepgo SIM rental review: the best way to keep your smartphone connected while abroad
"Seriously - this shouldn't be understated - it's a world-class organization."
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Lonely Planet - Tips for travel with an iPad and other tablets
"A cheaper option is to either pre-purchase an international data SIM or buy a local data SIM at your destination."
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USATODAY - When it's better to try than to buy
"If you're crossing one of the borders, you may especially want to rent a smartphone, or just a SIM card for your iPhone, so you can avoid costly data overages. Keepgo helps do just that. You can rent a replacement SIM card - or you can even rent a complete iOS gadget"
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Tech SourceHub - Danny Walsh
"I'd strongly recommend KeepGo to anyone traveling internationally and looking for a cheaper alternative to expensive roaming fees."
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This Life In Trips - Shaun Robertson
"This is the first time I have traveled with international data coverage and I can easily say it will not be the last. I have been spoiled by this Keepgo international SIM card and will never travel without this kind of luxury ever again - and neither should you. You will save time, money, and your sanity."
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Yahoo - Shaun Robertson
12 things you didn't know you could rent "..In a serveice that's designed for travelers, Keepgo hooks you up with a rental unit for a week (starting at $99), with simple set-up for you destination.."

Smartertravel - Pack Lighter and Save Money by Renting "You may not want to pay the monthly bill for an iPhone, but they're pretty darn handy to have while traveling. That's where Keepgo can help.."
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DailyFinance - id You Know You Can Rent Designer Purses, Rims, Even Caskets? "Keepgo offers iPhone and SIM Card plans that start at $11 a day for people who either want to try out the iPhone or take it on an overseas trip"
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Israel21c - iPhone home wherever you roam
"..Keepgo has content-sharing agreement in place with application developers and agreements with cellular networks around the world, so you can be sure there won't be any surprises like unexpected, extra fees when you return home.."
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Newswiretoday - Unveils Unlimited Internet SIM Card for Travelers
"'s secret of success is that it anticipates its customers' expectations and provides tangible added values services that make the customer-company interaction comfortable and enjoyable"
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Gizmowatch - Keepgo offers custom-made iPhone for inexpensive trips abroad
"The main motive of the custom-made phone, which can be ordered on demand form Keepgo, is to make travelling with an iPhone simple and cost effective."
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