The Top 10+ Travel Bloggers to Follow [Updated]

The Top 10+ Travel Bloggers to Follow [Updated]

How to make your Dream Destinations a Reality

Your dream destinations are right in your grip. You might know exactly where you want to go; whether it’s the luxurious beaches of Tahiti or trekking through the castles and monuments of Ireland. But, how do you get there and what do you bring? It takes a lot of time and planning to equip yourself with the right traveling gear, especially if you plan on making your trip into an adventure.

The world is a playground, and these top travel bloggers have all the tips and tricks to get you to these places, even at a very low cost. Traveling involves a lot of packing and gadgets to simplify your journey, and many people are lost when it comes to this.  Make your dream vacation come true by learning from the pros- they know everything about so many places and will instruct you on your packing essentials.

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BuzzFeed Travel (Life)

Buzzfeed has become very successful in social media on almost every subject. Buzzfeed travel doesn’t fall short of all the other awesome Buzzfeed genres. What’s best about this team is that it’s straight to the point about everything, that’s why I listed it first. If you need quick information about a place in a more comedic tone and watch real-life people travel to destinations and experience the culture in only short videos, this is the channel for you. Not as many good tips are provided, but it’s fun and engaging.

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Third Eye Traveller

Third Eye Traveller is a travel blog owned by Sophie Pearce from the UK. She quitted her corporate career, took a sabbatical to go backpacking for six months around South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Ever since the Third Eye Traveller blog was born, Sophie has to over 40 countries and shares travel stories with her readers. On the Third Eye Traveller blog, you can come across many useful blogging tips, travel inspiration, recommendations for solo travelers, useful travel resources, and more.

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The Nomadic Vegan

The Nomadic Vegan is run by Wendy Werneth, an intrepid traveler, vegan foodie and polyglot. She has already visited 117 countries and more destinations to be discover so far.  On her blog, Wendy shares how vegans can travel the world without starving or roaming the earth in desperate search of elusive vegan food. On her blog, Wendy shares a lot of handy vegan travel guides, including vegan city guides, regional guides,

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The Professional Hobo

The blog is run by Nora Dunn, a former successful financial expert who sold her financial planning practice to free herself up for travel. Over the last 12 years, Nora traveled slowly through 60 countries and visited 5 continents. She has coined the term financially sustainable travel, which is about making money successfully, spending money smartly, and managing it wisely. On the Professional Hobo blog, you can find tips on how to get started on your own traveling lifestyle, posts about life on the road and tips for survival, inspirational tidbits, week-in-the-life guest spots, and financial case studies.

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Here with Dia

The blog is owned by Dia, a full-time traveler who spent the last couple of years traveling and discovering new places, food, and experiences. On the Here with Dia blog, you can find content curated with lots of experience from her personal journeys, useful tips on how to plan your next adventure, search for new ideas, tasty food, and more.

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Atlas & Boots

The founders of the Atlas & Boots blog are photographer Peter Watson and author Kia Abdullah. With the audience of more than 250,000 monthly readers, the blog targets outdoor enthusiasts, exploration junkies, and boutique travelers. Atlas & Boots encourages readers to travel with abandon, to throw off ordinary lives and to try things that incite fear, to go – arms wide open, caution to the wind – from coast to countryside and everywhere in between.

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The Barefoot Nomad

Charles and Micki Kosman are the founders of The Barefoot Nomad website. They write about all the things related to travel adventures. They’ve been sharing travel tips with their audience for more than 10 years. Their website evolved from a travel journal into one of the most-followed travel resources with reviews, travel tech, personal recommendations, and more. The couple has visited over 40 countries, with the major emphasis on Southern Asia, Europe, and Africa. Their kids were born during their stay in South America. Charles and Micki  are from Canada and have a home base in Kelowna. This means they’ve also traveled throughout North America, Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

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For all the foodies out there, this is the perfect travel blog for you to follow. Surprisingly, many people travel to different places all over the world just to try the crazy exotic food. Who doesn’t want to try the nation’s most famous dish? Migrationology was created by a blogger named Mark Wiens who primarily bounces around in Asia trying every local dish there is to offer, thus he is known as a southeast Asian food guru.

He not only shows off food, but he has gone as far to help people out in the resource section of his blog to help with hotel planning, travel insurance, and the best guidebooks for newbies. If you are planning a trip to Asia, look up this guy for all the tips on the best places to get your grub on and plan ahead of time.

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The Blonde Abroad

This spunky and charismatic woman provides not only the best travel tips, but she also shows off fashion and is an award winning travel blogger. She explains that traveling light is your best option. Geared towards women, she thinks is best to pack everything up, then only take half of it. No more than three pairs of shoes! She even goes into detail with the little things; that pill boxes can be accessory holders that organize necklaces and earrings. Through her trips around the world, she has captured magnificent photography and has gained a following of avid travelers (both men and women.) The Blonde Abroad (Kiersten) has many articles focusing on helping women who travel often find higher-end places to stay, and more comfortable ways to travel overseas.

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View from the Wing

This blogger, Gary Leff, is the expert when it comes to travel hacking. Before we talk more about this famous blogger, let’s focus on the meaning of these words. Many people have no idea that it exists, and that it’s possible to make traveling so cheap and effortless.

  • Travel Hacking is a very important term for these famous travel bloggers. When you get on an airplane, you always hear the words ‘frequent flyer miles’ used by the pilot over the intercom, or flight attendants briefly mentioning them both before and after flights. Most people don’t think much of how these little points add up with each flight. Travel hacking is much like couponing. It’s the constant collection of frequent flyer miles that enable you to travel to your dream destination at absolutely no cost to you. Some people travel by air so frequently (even if it’s only a cheap hour long flight), that they earn up to a hundred thousand free miles and more. This may seem like a hassle, but it can actually be quite simple.
  • You don’t have to be a millionaire or someone famous to travel every beautiful place in the world. You don’t have to sell your home and belongings and take with you a backpack and a few dollars.
  • It takes a lot of learning, but there are many loopholes in every airline company and frequent flyer miles enabling you to get thousands of frequent flyer miles for free and without having to earn them. These loopholes are a lot like glitches you see happen on popular websites such as Amazon sometimes, when a 50” TV is accidentally placed at $1 and everyone takes advantage of it, with nothing the company can do about it.

Gary Leff, the expert of travel hacking, focuses mainly on this subject. Due to his extensive expertise in travel hacking, he has debugged the airline system and has found himself venturing the world at no ticket expense. He’s constantly updating his viewers on deals and reward opportunities available to them. He teaches us all how to take advantage of being a frequent flyer and traveler. Apart from travel hacking, he does share so many of his amazing experiences around the world.

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Wandering Earl

An honest and rare nomad traveler, this blogger has created a place where people can see his traveling experiences. However, the traveling experiences are different from many other bloggers. Earl travels to places that are unlike the typical destinations. He visits rare places and gives brutally honest reviews of everything about the place; from the people, food, and atmosphere.

Earl is an author of his own two books, one containing all the information you need for traveling and the other explaining that landing a job on a cruise ship means that you get paid to travel. In a timeline sequence, he shows how he was able to spend over a decade traveling abroad by volunteering in countries, teaching English for a free place to stay, and how easy it is to find little jobs here and there to make extra money for flights. Wandering Earl is a simple backpacker and foot traveler, making the best experiences out of everything.

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A Backpacker’s Tale

Stephen is a famous blogger has a beautifully laid out blog that is very easy to use. The first words on his blog says that he helps over 40,000 people a year with travel hacking, tips, and tricks to get to the best spots in the world. He uses the website Kayak Explore to find the cheapest flights to countries. Kayak Explore shows you the ultimate lowest prices of plane tickets around the world.

He goes into detail about the importance of traveling light and the expertise behind it. He has solid beliefs that packing in advance is best, finding items that have multiple uses that are only one object. For example, instead of shampoo and conditioner, buy one bottle that does both shampoos and conditions, and of course bring your smartphone- it’s a phone, GPS, flashlight, and camera all in one.

He also believes in the rule of ‘three’ which simply means to bring three of everything- shirts, shorts, socks, and underwear. One of his favorite gadgets to pack is a Camelbak Bladder which is thin and fills up with water instead of a bulky water bottle. From helping people find the cheapest flights in the world to sharing personal stories of his campouts and hikes, he does it all wonderfully.

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Hey Nadine

Another famous female blogger is not only a blogger, but a vlogger as well. She shares all of her wonderful journeys on her blog and through her YouTube channel. In one of her vlogs, she has a gadget guide showing off her favorite travel essentials helping those who are tech savvy what they can bring that won’t take up much space and provides a lot of use. These best gadgets include a Fitbit, a smart watch that you can use with abroad data chips and the best plan to use with it as well as your phone, and even the best backpacks to carry valuable items such as cameras and lenses.

In another video, she explains the essentials to pack- a personal ID, passport, credit cards and cash, and credit cards that you can even load foreign currency on. If you want to get up close and personal with ultimate travel destinations, learn about confidently traveling, and the best things to bring all summed up in short videos- this is the girl for you.

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Straying away from only personal journeys of people traveling, this is a blog focused on helping you get from point A to point B. Skift primarily covers the airline industry and what’s going on with it, from the inside out. This is a go-to blog/site for so many famous travel bloggers because it explains current news about traveling, trends in the most popular places visited, and the costs for the businesses and consumers.

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Alex in Wanderland

Alex is a girl with a poppy blog that decided to leave her home in NYC and travel the world. Her blog provides her 80,000+ viewers juicy confessions each place she visits, pictures of her favorite passion (scuba diving), and photography.

She has an almost never-ending list of the best luggage to use that carries everything in one and is lightweight, her favorite cameras she uses for her photography, and small products for those who like to travel ‘green’ and be environment friendly.  Through a short time, she has managed to visit much of Asia, all of America and Canada, South America, and many more beautiful places.

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Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten  is a self-proclaimed adventurer, travel addict, and photographer. His blog provides viewers with stunning photography of all the places he has been in the world, his future destination, and recourses needed to become a great traveler. In these resources he follows what many other bloggers do; show off travel gear for those who do strenuous activities such as long hikes and hitchhiking. A sneak peek into some of his favorite items include a pocket multi-tool, weatherproof jacket, Aloksak waterproof bags, and even a camping hammock.

Matthew targets a large audience of the outdoorsmen and women who intend on mainly camping and staying away from constant hotels to save money. Through constant travel tips, he engages readers and viewers and helps them get the most out of not only his travel experiences, but encouraging everyone to get out there and get started.

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Over to You

Are there any more cool travel bloggers that we should add to this list? Please let us know in the comments.