Must Have Travel Gadgets and Accessories

Must Have Travel Gadgets and Accessories

Okay, you don’t really have to own them all, but these gadgets and accessories will make your traveling experience an easier one. Plus, they will make great and original gifts for those who seem to have everything and are hard to shop for.

Noise Cancelling Headphones: Long commutes, flights in particular, tend to be both tiring and noisy, and that means you cannot take a decent nap when you need it the most. Fear not, since now days you can buy yourself a pair of noise cancelling headphones that will, well, cancel the noise around you. The good ones (Bose Quiet Comfort 25, for example) don’t come cheap, but you will arrive to that important business meeting feeling well rested and refreshed.

CLEAR Card: Queuing in airport security lines is an annoying waste of precious time. CLEAR is a card that allows you to skip those lines and head right to the metal detector. The cons: you have to get it in advance by applying online, registering in person and capturing your fingerprints; at this point you can use it in eleven US airports only; and it costs $179 per year. That being said, time is money, especially for businesspeople, so do your math.

Petcube: Most of us cannot take our pets along when traveling, so we board them at a kennel or arrange for a responsible pet sitter. We know our four-legged friends are taken care of, but still miss them and wonder whether they are happy or sad. Petcube is a 138 degree wide angle camera that allows you to stay connected to your pets when away. It’s both iOS and Android compatible and will work with your Apple watch. The device’s two-way audio stream and built-in laser pointer even let you speak to and play with your dog (or cat).          

Multi-tool: You never know when you might need a pair of scissors or a Phillips screwdriver, so having a multi-tool in your pocket is always a good idea. The camping types should probably opt for a massive Leatherman that is equipped with many serious tools. Those who are looking for less tools and more style will enjoy the SwissCard. This Swiss Army Knife’s little brother – it’s the size of a credit card – comes in different colors and is packed with tools for everyday use (tweezers, ruler, etc.).   

PhoneSoap Charger: Yes, this sounds a bit weird, but you got to give the inventors of this gadget some credit for their creativity. For the PhoneSoap both charges and disinfects your mobile phone at the same time. The name is a bit misleading, since no actual soap is involved and the device kills germs using two UV-C lamps, but the Discovery Channel found out it works, so we are in no position to argue.    

WineSkin: Imagine going to Burgundy region in France and tasting this incredible wine. Now you really wish you could take a bottle or two back home, right? Unfortunately, in many countries you will not be allowed to board a flight with anything but a tiny bottle of liquid in your carry-on bag. The other options would be storing the bottle in your suitcase, thus risking having your wine spilled and your clothes stained. WineSkin is basically a bottle-shaped multi-layered bubbled bag with two adhesive seals and a handle. It fits any standard 750ml bottle and can be purchased at wine stores, wineries and airports.

Lifetime 1GB Data SIM card by Keepgo: Staying connected when abroad is important, but no one wants to pay the infamously high roaming fees charged by telecom providers. Keepgo International data SIM card allows you to pay less and enjoy fast and reliable Internet connection in 64 countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia, so you can read emails, navigate or make Skype calls the moment you step out of the plane.