Do You Know How to Choose the Right Internet Solution When Traveling?

How to Choose the Right Internet Solution When Traveling

We want to stay connected to the Internet no matter where we go; that goes without saying. There are several mobile solutions on the market, and choosing the one that fits best can be difficult. To help you out, we have decided to explain the pros and cons of some of the most popular options available, so be sure to keep this article for future reference. Bon Voyage!

Staying Loyal to Your Provider

This is the ultimate no-hassle option: There are no SIM cards to switch and you get to keep your regular number. However, convenience comes with a price tag attached to it; and the price is high. Roaming with your regular provider is still extremely expensive, and you may end up suffering from a bill shock after your trip, especially when going for a post-paid plan. Pre-paid plans may provide fewer surprises, but be sure to read all the small print carefully: You may find out that every extra MB on top of your plan is priced highly. In some cases you will have a restricted amount of data per day without the ability to refill your balance if needed, so take this into consideration if you have to stay connected at all times.

Going Local

If you are looking for the cheapest solution available, you might want to consider a local SIM card. This option works best when you speak the local language and can find out in advance whether tourists can purchase SIM cards with ease at your destination. It is also wise to make sure you will be able to buy a card that fits the SIM slot in your device (e.g., Nano or Micro SIM). Moreover, it is advisable to consider the value of your time and decide whether you would rather spend it looking for a card or enjoying your vacation. If you visit more than one country, be prepared to purchase multiple cards and switch them when crossing a border. In addition, if you need to be connected the moment you arrive, local SIM will not be the most suitable choice.

Making Do With WiFi Hotspots

If you are not into paying huge roaming prices and don’t want to switch SIM cards, you can always try to get by on WiFi connection alone. In some countries public WiFi hotspots are easy to locate and sometimes the connection is for free. In other instances you will have to pay for this service, and this is especially true for places like airports and hotels that may price the Internet highly. Moreover, public WiFi connections are prone to security issues and are not the best choice for business related usage. You should also remember that if you relay on WiFi connection alone, you will not have Internet access on the go and thus have limited opportunities to stay connected.    

Knowing You Are Always Connected

 Another option is purchasing an international prepaid data SIM card before going on your trip. That way you can keep the card in your wallet, have Internet connection upon arrival and pay lower prices. When choosing a global card, consider the following:

  • Can you easily refill the card whenever needed, thus making sure you are never left without access to the Internet? 
  • Can you use one data card on multiple trips, or will you have to worry about buying a new card each time you go abroad?
  • Can you test the card before leaving your home country, thus knowing for sure everything works as it should?
  • Can you get the card today, but only activate it when actually going on a trip, without paying any additional fees?

With Keepgo the answer to all these questions positive. Get our global travel SIM today, and enjoy reliable Internet the next time you travel abroad.