How Do Traveler SIM Cards Work on Different Cell Providers

How Do Traveler SIM Cards Work on Different Cell Providers

Business and frequent travelers do not have the time to look for local SIM cards when they touch down. Even if they had the time, why go through the trouble when you can use a travel SIM card instead? Let’s find out how international SIM cards for travel work with different cellular providers and other things you may want to know before heading out on your new adventure. 


How do International Data SIM Cards Differ from Local SIM Cards?


A regular local SIM card is intended to work on a single network, without the possibility to switch to a different carrier. When you go abroad and continue using your local SIM card, be advised that you will need to pay roaming charges to your carrier or select a different plan to stay connected away from home.

Choosing an international SIM card, you can travel the world without the need to worry about connectivity when you arrive at a new place. Traveler SIM cards are designed to work with many different networks around the globe. This lets you stay connected no matter where you arrive without being charged for roaming data usage. The cost of connectivity remains just as low when you use data-only SIM cards at home or abroad. 

For example, Keepgo lets you travel and stay connected globally with the data-only SIM card. This is a lifetime connectivity solution that comes loaded with 1GB of pre-paid data that never expires if refilled at least once per year. With the data-only SIM card installed in your unlocked mobile device, you can take advantage of speedy unthrottled Internet on-the-go, as well as texting and video calling your family and friends using  WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc. 

Keepgo has contracts with several providers in any given country and connects you to the strongest network available. Traveling with a Lifetime SIM card installed in your unlocked SIM-enabled device, you are connected to the local networks in the place that you visit. The connectivity cost doesn’t change depending on the country. You pay only for the data that you consume. 


Why Is It Important to Have Several Cell Partners in Different Countries? 

Gaining the support of several cellular providers in every country guarantees that you will be provided with the best connectivity speeds and highest Internet quality when you are away from home. 

In places where one cellular provider has bad coverage, a different carrier provides speedy 4G. 

With an international data SIM card installed in your smartphone, you will be automatically connected to the carrier that performs better in the place where you stay. Even with all the things considered, you do not need to make a shift to a different cell provider manually. Everything is done for you, and you can continue using instant Internet connectivity when you discover new places abroad. 


Are They Rechargeable? 

Recharging international SIM cards is a popular option for travelers. Different from regular local SIM cards that expire when not topped-up, international SIM cards remain valid for a lifetime. 

Choosing data-only SIM cards, your balance remains valid forever when topped-up at least once per year. This makes international SIM cards cost-effective solutions for travelers. You may go abroad for a couple of times per year. If there are megabytes of data remaining on your balance after you come back home from a trip, they will remain valid for the next journey. 

Using such an option as Auto-Refill, you may rest assured that you will never run out of data in the most unexpected moment. With the feature enabled in your account, you will get more data automatically loaded on your balance when it starts getting low. 

Those who make long business trips or use their vacation time all at once appreciate the convenience!

Are they safe?


Yes. Data-only SIM cards for traveling include all of the same safety features that regular SIM cards have. They are delivered with pre-paid plans and connectivity to multiple carriers through existing bilateral agreements. 

Traveling with such connectivity solutions installed in your SIM-enabled devices, you can access even the most sensitive information without the fear of security breaches. You can keep a travel SIM card installed in one of the slots of your dual-SIM smartphone and use international connectivity whenever you need it. Connecting to free airport WiFi, your data gets more vulnerable to security theft. To avoid this, use international data SIM cards whenever you leave for a vacation. 


To Whom Are Data Only SIM Cards Useful?

International SIM cards will come in handy to all groups of travelers, including:

  • Business travelers, who leave for short trips to different countries several times a year. It’s cheaper to travel with an international data SIM card because it’s cheaper than roaming with a local cell company and more convenient than local SIMs. When you are on a business trip, time is money. So, what’s the point to look for local SIMs when you can get connected with a travel SIM card? 
  • Travelers who take several short trips per year. A card can be left dormant when it’s not required. All the remaining credit on the balance can be used on the next trip. 
  • Travelers skipping through several countries can also benefit from using data-only SIM cards. What’s the point to buy a local SIM card that you won’t need for more than 1 day? An international SIM card is a reasonable investment that keeps you connected no matter what’s your next travel destination. 
  • Vacationers who are on a longer trip can combine using international SIM cards with local SIMs. There’s often a lag between arriving in a new country and picking up a local SIM. With a travel SIM card, your phone will be working straight away, letting you call an Uber or let your Airbnb host know when you will arrive. 


Final Words

Using international SIM cards, you are provided with speedy uninterrupted connectivity delivered by the best cell carriers in the countries you visit. Take care of your international connectivity in advance and install a travel SIM in your mobile device before you leave for a trip. Forget about roaming charges and the fear of accessing sensitive data on free public hotspots. Stay connected with your family, friends, and colleagues, on-the-go using data-only SIM cards!