Handle Internet Outages with 4G LTE Backup Plan

Handle Internet Outages with 4G LTE Backup Plan

Do you work from home, but your cable Internet isn’t reliable? Do you prefer a coworking space but not sure how secure their Internet is? Or maybe your kids learn distantly and struggle with low speeds and overloaded networks? It would help if you got a redundant Internet connection. 

When you work from home, an Internet outage can cause you more than just inconvenience. Natural disasters, technical issues, or any other factor can cut you off from the online world. It may cause you money and lost opportunities. That’s why it’s vital to formulate a backup plan in advance to remain online in case of an unexpected power and Internet outage. Among other options, using 4G as a backup network is an affordable and easy way to stay connected whenever you need it. 

Pro tip: a power loss can happen without warning. Try to keep your devices fully charged to get backup Internet connectivity at home or on the go. 

What Is Backup Internet Connection?

A reliable Internet connection is vital for every business and home. However, even the most well-established Internet provider may have service interruptions. Internet or power outage may last for a few minutes or hours. The time that you spend without connection is called downtime. Depending on how much time you spend offline, downtime can cause you and your business a significant amount of revenue loss. It can also result in your inconvenience and even some lost opportunities. 

Luckily, some options are letting you prepare for unexpected cable Internet loss. Using the wireless connectivity services on your smartphone or a portable WiFi hotspot, you can quickly implement a secondary Internet connection, which is also called backup or Internet redundancy. The backup service is a safety net that provides you with a safe and uninterrupted connection at home, in a public place or on-the-go. 

Some examples that let you prevent Internet service loss include: 

  • Using always-on devices. Your smartphone or tablet that is always connected to the Internet can be used for tethering purposes. If you have a Keepgo SIM card installed in your devices, you may use your smart device as a hotspot and share connectivity with any Wi-Fi-enabled gadget. Opting for this solution, you will pay only for data that you use. It’s a win-win.
  • Connecting to a portable WiFi hotspot. If you are a happy owner of a pocket-friendly WiFi hotspot, you shouldn’t worry about cable Internet outage issues. Your hotspot can share connectivity with up to 15 devices at a time. The battery life lasts for 11 hours on a single charge. 
  • Depending on your budget, you can also put a backup ISP (Internet Service Provider). However, it would help if you had power on at you house or apartment. Unlike a portable WiFi hotspot and tethering on your smartphone, you need to stick to one location to use ISP. 


Benefits of Having Backup Internet Service

Backing up your cable Internet connection provides you with more advantages than merely keeping you connected during outages. Other significant benefits include: 

Avoid interruptions. Having a backup in advance means that you'll have an immediate solution for any issue when you are at home or on the road. 

Peace of mind. In the event of an Internet outage, you may be left offline for a while. It's incredibly stressful when you work from home, and your job heavily relies on uninterrupted Internet connectivity. If the issue is on your cable services provider's end, you won't be able to do anything until they fix the problem. With a backup Internet service, you can keep doing your job without waiting for a fix. 

Higher customer satisfaction. If you work from home or run a business remotely, your customers are your top priority. No matter what happens on your side, a customer should get the service they deserve. That's why consistent backup Internet connection helps you and your team always respond to your customers' queries, thus keeping more clients with your business. 

Staying connected without breaking the bank. Opt for Keepgo SIM cards and WiFi hotspots for your backup plan. You will be pleased to find out that the guarantee of uninterrupted connectivity won't cost you more than $16.5 per 1 GB of data valid for a lifetime (on the Lifetime plan (if refilled at least once per year). Whatever solution you opt for, you won't pay for the service when you do not use it. So, you can use Keepgo line in emergency cases and ensure that you will be always provided with the best connectivity services in your area. 

Is 4G LTE Good for Backup?

Absolutely! 4G LTE is fast enough to keep your software running, with upload and download rates of high-speed Internet. As a rule, download speeds for 4G range from 5 to 15 Mbps, with upload speeds of 1-5 Mbps. That's enough to browse social media, share your favorite pieces of content, watch videos on YouTube, and even share a connection with other devices that support WiFi technology. 

Why Choosing the Right Connectivity Services Provider Makes a Difference

When choosing a backup Internet connection, there are many factors to consider ensuring you pick the best option. Picking a reliable backup connectivity provider makes the difference in: 

  • Your budget. It's always one of the critical factors that influence our decision-making. How much money are you ready to spend on the backup service per month? What benefits will you get for the price? 
  • While some companies offer speedy connection with scalable service, others provide coverage with a few functions. 
  • Network speed. From megabits to gigabits, there is the desired speed to every purpose and business. When you need backup service for work, high speeds are indispensable for uninterrupted connectivity. If the speed doesn't support primary functions, you may lose your peace of mind because of the service interruptions. 
  • Reliability. Service reliability is vital for a working backup. With Keepgo, you are connected not on one but several nationwide networks. It guarantees that you get the best connectivity services in your location.  
  • Customer service. If you have any kind of issues with your connectivity provider's services, you need to get the issues solved asap. It's when quick customer service is vital. At Keepgo, we are always ready to help in chat or via email.
  • Coverage area. Choose a connectivity provider with the broadest coverage area. It ensures that your backup plan will work no matter where you need to use the backup service. Depending on the plan you choose, Keepgo keeps you covered in 100+ countries around the world

Bottom Line

With a reliable backup connectivity plan, it's easy to handle Internet outages no matter if you work from home or need to keep your children always connected to chat with classmates. Keepgo lines are reliable and affordable solutions that provide you with the best services and uninterrupted connected at the cheapest price in the market. Just try and enjoy the benefits.