Keepgo Prepaid Mobile Data Plans - Alternative to Google Fi

Keepgo Prepaid Mobile Data Plans as an Alternative to Google Fi

Connectivity is all we need. The uninterrupted connection is essential when you travel or stay at home. Being able to get in touch with friends and our beloved ones is one of the top priorities in the current uncertain times. 

Until five years ago, prepaid connectivity services weren't quite popular in the USA and other countries. Today, there is an assortment of options that promise to provide us with a stable Internet connection. We have decided to take a closer look at Google Fi and compare it with the prepaid mobile data plans that you can get here at Keepgo. Being one of the top choices for international travelers, Google Fi can be quite pricey for average users. So, we've decided to dig deeper into this question.

What's Google Fi?

Google Fi is a wireless phone plan that provides you with unlimited calls & texts in the USA and internationally. However, if you are a heavy data user, the data charges may rack up quickly. The data costs $10/1GB in the USA and over 170+ destinations that Google Fi plans cover. Fi offers a flexible pay-per-gigabyte data plan and unlimited data plan with a fixed price.   

In its essence, Google Fi is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that works on three major networks in the USA – Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular. Fi chooses which network to use based on which network has the strongest signal in a given area. Google Fi can also work when your device is connected to WiFi. In this case, Fi routes calls, messages and data through the available internet connection. The latter is considered to be one of the most common tricks to reduce costly connectivity bills. Google Fi is intended to match for light data users and frequent international travelers. 

In order to start using Google Fi, you need to have a Gmail address and a home address in the USA because Google activates Project Fi for people who live in particular zip codes. The service also doesn't work on all devices. To use Google Fi, you need to have a Pixel XL, Pixel, Nexus 5X, Nexus 5P, or North American versions of Nexus 6. 

Keepgo Plans - Alternative to Google Fi

Keepgo offers flexible prepaid mobile data plans that let you stay connected on the top nationwide networks in the USA, Canada, Europe, and 100+ countries. Depending on the data bundle that you choose, you can pay as low as $3 for refills of data valid forever on the Lifetime prepaid plan

Keepgo services are available not only for the USA's citizens but also for people from many other countries around the world. We deliver uninterrupted connectivity on 140+ networks. This means that wherever you go you will get the best connection on the network carrier with the best signal in your area. 

Keepgo lines are compatible with all unlocked smart devices. Using the most lightweight mobile travel WiFi hotspots of some mere 90g, you can even use a locked smartphone to stay connected. One of the best things about Keepgo lines is that your connection is never throttled, no matter how much data you use. 


Keepgo vs Google Fi Plans

Google Fi offers pay-per-gig data plans alongside with the unlimited plan. If we talk numbers, here are the main things that you need to know: 

  • On the flexible data plan, 1GB of data/mo costs you $10. International data is $10/GB, and texts are free.
  • Unlimited plans give you unlimited data for a fixed price of $70 per line. Keep in mind that "unlimited data" is high-speed up to 22GB, but slows down beyond that point.
  • The Bill Protection is active for both plans, meaning that customers do not pay more than $70 for data. 

Keepgo offers eSIM, SIM cards and mobile travel WiFi hotspots on the flexible Lifetime prepaid data plan.

Lifetime plan lets you stay connected in 100+ countries for as low as $10/1GB of data valid for a lifetime (when refilled at least once per year). The high-speed 4G connection never throttled down; the traffic is never filtered. Each Lifetime line comes with 1GB of data included. Additionally, you get a 2GB bonus data coupon that you can use anytime for 1 year since your line's activation. 


    Keepgo vs Google Fi Coverage 

    On Google Fi plans, devices are connected using T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular. When a user goes somewhere outside the USA, their devices are covered in 200+ countries. The connected devices automatically switch between three networks, choosing the one that has the strongest signal in the selected area. However, not every device is compatible with Google Fi. There is a set of specific phones that are sold on Google Fi website, including Pixel 4, Pixel XL, and others. People can also bring most GSM unlocked devices (like iPhones), but they aren't able to switch networks and will be locked to T-Mobile instead. Google Fi also supports the connection to over 2 million WiFi hotspots worldwide, thus letting customers save data consumption. 

    Keepgo lines keep all unlocked and WiFi-enabled devices connected on the AT&T and T-Mobile in the USA, and 140+ largest nationwide networks in 100+ countries worldwide. You may use a reliable connection at home and abroad at the same low rate of the chosen connectivity plan. The number of networks grows all the time. Just recently, Keepgo partnered with Vodafone DE, which has become the 3rd local network provider in Germany along with O2 and Deutsche Telecom. There is no need to look for a WiFi hotspot to use speedy and safe Internet when you are on-the-go. Keeping the world's smallest WiFi hotspot always in your pocket, you can connect up to 15 devices and share Internet without the need to worry about security breaches. 


    Keepgo vs Google Fi: Bottom Line

    Whether you need to look up something online, get in touch with someone in personal or business questions, or check social media feed – reliable and stable connectivity is essential. Connecting at home or abroad – we need to be sure that we can get the necessary service without breaking the bank. Though Google Fi is a popular service in the USA, it can be pretty expensive for heavy data users. This is when Keepgo lines come into play. Pay only for the data that you use, stay connected wherever you go, and switch between plans whenever needed. 

    Taking into account the points mentioned in this article, let's compare Keepgo vs Google Fi plans. I hope this will help you pick the best plan that meets your budget and connectivity needs.   


     Google Fi


    Lifetime prepaid data plan

    Flexible and Unlimited plans


    Starting at $5/1GB valid for a lifetime (rates vary for different data bundles)

    $20 /mo + $10/GB for data (Flexible plan);

    $70 /mo (Unlimited)


    100+ countries





    International rates

    No, the same low rates for all destinations that are covered



    All unlocked smartphones, tablets, eSIM and WiFi-enabled devices

    Phones designed for Fi 

    Data throttling


    Yes, after 15GB of data used

    Pay-per-data plan


    Yes, after 15GB of data used

    Lifetime data




    Now, we'd like you to speak up. What connectivity services do you use at home and abroad? Do you prefer flexible data plans or prefer unlimited services?