Ways to Use Keepgo Portable WiFi Hotspots for Travel

Ways to Use Keepgo Portable WiFi Hotspots for Travel

Summer is here and travel resumes in most countries of the world. Wherever you go for a business trip or a vacation, your portable WiFi hotspot for travel will always keep your devices connected on the largest cellular networks in the country that you visit. A WiFi hotspot will come in handy to you in many different occasions, no matter if you travel solo or with your friends. How can you benefit from using portable WiFi hotspots on a vacation? Let’s see.

Stay connected on road trips 

Going on a road trip is a great way to recharge yourself and spend some time with your family and friends. A road trip is also a great choice for those travelers who wish to discover new places from the local perspective. While traveling by car or a bus, you can get insights about new places while trying new food, enjoying new experiences, and going sightseeing. 

Wherever the road trip takes you, you need to feel certain that you are always connected to the internet to find the right route to your destination, connect with your friends, or simply share the pictures of amazing places that you visit. What happens when you run into a dead zone with the current cellular carrier and need a reliable backup plan ASAP? You’ve got your Keepgo WiFi hotspot! Whether you use an eSIM or physical SIM cards or Wi-Fi hotspots on the Lifetime plan, you can change networks manually. We cover you on two and more largest connectivity providers in 100+ countries worldwide. This means that you will never go offline and a reliable Internet backup plan will always be in your pocket. 

Surf the web on the beach 

No summer vacation can happen without you visiting the seaside. Going to the beach is a special ritual for many of us. For some people it’s a great opportunity to relax, others go to the beach to spend some time with their kids and family, some other put on their new swimsuits to take new pictures for their Instagram, etc.

Tastes differ, but there is one thing that all of us have in common - we want to capture moments and share memories with our beloved. Using Keepgo WiFi hotspot, you may forget about the risks of staying connected on a free public WiFi. Use your private network on the beach to capture and share special moments instantly.

Have WiFi on a picnic 

When you leave home for a picnic or a BBQ in some picturesque places, you may rest assured that you and all your friends will have WiFi access. Keepgo WiFi hotspots let you connect up to 15 smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other WiFi-enabled devices at the same time. Even when you have BBQ outside your place, your home WiFi may not reach the place where you stay. Even when it does, the Internet speed may slow down when all of your guests start posting funny images online. Keepgo portable WiFi hotspots do not slow down Internet speeds no matter how many devices are connected. Share connectivity with your friends and enjoy the time you spend together! 


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Learn more about our products and plans

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Bring private WiFi to the park 

Even if you decide to stay in the city this summer, you can enjoy your time surrounded by the nature in the local park. Unfortunately, not so many parks are equipped with WiFi. Moreover, it’s not recommended to use free public hotspots, especially when it comes to using your sensitive information. While bringing a portable WiFi hotspot in your basket, you may forget about the need to look for the nearest WiFi network in the park. Relax, enjoy warm summer days, surf the web safely, and stream your favorite music online.

Get Wi-Fi while camping

When you go camping, you do not want anything to prevent you from enjoying the great outdoors. At the same time, when you decide to share the beautiful sceneries that you see at this particular moment with you friend, you can make a video call using Keepgo connectivity. Do not be afraid to appear in the area that our service doesn’t cover. Out portable WiFi hotspots for travel stay connected on several largest networks in the most remote places that you visit. Even if you lose service on the local cellular network that you use on your smartphone, carrying a portable WiFi hotspot in your pocket is always a great solution for a backup plan.

Wherever you decide to spend this summer, portable WiFi hotspots for travel let you rest assured that you will never run out of service. Take photos and share them online instantly, make video calls, use your favorite VoIP services and second phone number apps when you are in the woods or far away at the seaside. Keepgo services know no limits. There is a prepaid data plan for everyone and connectivity solutions for each client’s needs. Do you use an eSIM-enabled device? Download Keepgo eSIM for FREE and take advantage of it during your next trip. Use the balance only when it’s needed, your data will never expire if you refill it at least once a year.