Take a Quiz to FInd out What Data User You Are

Take a Quiz! What Data User Are You?

When it comes to data usage, it helps to work out what kind of user you are so you can decide exactly what connectivity solutions you need to use at home and on vacation. 

International SIM cards for travel and traveler WiFi hotspots are usually the safest bet, especially if you’re worried about your safety and uninterrupted signal. The choice of the best international connectivity solution mainly depends on your online browsing behavior. Let’s find out what data user type you belong to. Take a simple quiz and check your results! 


Take a Quiz


To find out what data user type you belong to, answer the following questions. Write down your answers (letters that you choose) on a sheet of paper so that it will be easier to count your results in the end. Based on your results, it will be easier to decide if it’s an international SIM card for travel or a travel WiFI that will be the best choice for you. Let’s begin. 

What age group do you belong to?

  • A) 40 and older
  • B) 27 - 39
  • C) 18 - 26

What devices do you commonly use to access the Internet?

  • A) Desktop PC or laptop
  • B) I use multiple devices
  • C) Smartphone

How important is instant Internet connectivity (1- goes for less important, 4 - very important)?

  • A) 1
  • B) 2
  • C) 3
  • D) 4

How do you get connected when traveling?

  • A) International travel SIM card/hotspot
  • B) Local SIM
  • C) Free public WiFi
  • D) Hotel paid WiFi

What best describes your online behavior?

  • A) You rarely get online. You access the Internet to look up some information on a specific topic, check your email inbox or use a messaging app.
  • B) You enjoy making purchases online and know how to get the best deals. Entertainment and social interaction are less important for you.
  • C) You cannot imagine your life without social media. You hang out online watching what others share, as well as sharing your own updates with followers.
  • D) You regularly browse the web in search of information and news from worldwide. There are several news sites that you read daily.

How much data do you commonly use when traveling?

  • A) 1GB-2GB
  • B) Up to 3GB
  • C) More than 3GB
  • D) I don’t know


What Data User Are You?


Now, let’s count your answers. Take a look at your results. How many times did you choose “A” as your answer? How often did “B” and “C” match your choice the most? Calculate which of these options you picked most of all and find the description of your data user type below. 


A - Low Impact User

You are not fully convinced of the value of the Internet. You are more likely to use mobile apps rather than keep on scrolling through social media feed all day long. You are unwilling to spill your guts in public. You commonly use the web to check your mail inbox or get in touch with family and friends using messaging apps. 

Recommended connectivity solution - international data SIM card that you can install in your unlocked mobile device. This is a safe and reliable connectivity solution that lets you launch your preferred apps and access the web wherever you go. If you use a locked mobile device or travel with a laptop, in a company of friends, then the travel WiFi Hotspot allows you to share speedy connectivity with up to 15 devices. 



B - Shopper

You are a master bargain hunter, using the web for making orders, comparing prices of selected items against brick and mortar shops using any device that you have at hand. You are less interested in browsing the internet in search of entertainment, news or social interaction. 

Recommended connectivity solution - traveling WiFi Hotspot that will keep all your portable devices connected in 120+ countries, letting you make orders when you are abroad. 


C - Open Sharer

You think Facebook is the Internet. You spend most of the day posting inspirational sayings and funny videos. You are much more savvy about social networks than the average user, but fall behind everywhere else, including awareness of data and privacy issues.

Recommended connectivity solution - international data SIM card, which makes it convenient to post updates on social media using your smartphone or tablet. 


D - Data Discoverer

You use the Internet daily, often several times per day. You need to be informed of all the latest news in the world. You are a regular visitor to news and media sites. You commonly browse the web using your handheld devices, in rare cases using a laptop.

Recommended connectivity solution - international data SIM card, which you can install in your mobile device or tablet to check updates on your favorite sites on-the-go.


Over to You 

What’s your result? How well does it describe your real online browsing behavior? Share your experience in the comments below.