What Makes Pocket WiFi Popular Among Travelers

What Makes Pocket WiFi Popular Among Travelers

A portable WiFi hotspot is an indispensable tool that every traveler needs to keep always handy on their travels. For many voyagers, this is more than just a means to remain always connected to the web. By means of this tool, a traveler can enjoy various travel services, share their moments and precious memories, stay connected back home, etc.

Almost all of us rely on our smartphones during our travels. We never miss an opportunity to use a free WiFi connection when we arrive in any foreign country. However, instead of risking your online safety, you’d better consider using a portable WiFi hotspot device that will provide you with streamline connectivity services in 110+ most popular travel destinations.

9 out of 10 travelers prefer to carry a pocket WiFi on their world trips. Below you can find several of the strongest reasons for their preference.


It’s Lightweight

One of the greatest features of portable WiFi routers is that they are lightweight and easy to carry wherever you go. It can be carried in a pocket or fit in the palm of your hand.

With a weight of mere 2.64 oz (75 g), the portable WiFI hotspot from Keepgo will fit into your pocket, briefcase or travel bag while you are traveling globally.


Digital Security

The most basic necessity for every traveler on their trip is the necessity to stay online. Tourists often use unprotected free WiFi zones in order to save on Internet connectivity during their trips to foreign countries. Free WiFi hotspots are the most obvious ground to be targeted by hackers. By means of a portable WIFi hotspot, travelers can ensure their online activities are safe and encrypted by the pocket router.


Connect Multiple Devices

The most annoying activity that travelers face on their trips is limited connectivity to their portable devices. When you travel in a group with your family members or friends, you need to connect more than 1, 2 or 3 devices connected to your portable WiFi hotspot.

When using public wifi it is not uncommon to have poor connectivity due to high number of users on the network. With your own device you can have internet when others are struggling with the overtaxed free WiFi.

The portable router from Keepgo lets you connect up to 16 devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops to the Internet, without slowing down the connectivity speeds.


Flexible Refill Options

Most of the international network providers offer flexible data plans for travelers. For example, Keepgo international prepaid mobile WiFi hotspot is delivered with 1GB of prepaid data that is valid for 1 year from when it is first used. You can refill your data as you go while selecting any appropriate data refill option or activate the auto-refill that will keep your balance recharged automatically every time it runs low.

Refill Plans Keepgo


Global Coverage

Portable WiFi routers are created to provide seamless coverage in almost all countries worldwide. The number of countries where your portable WiFi router will deliver seamless connectivity opportunities largely depend on your connectivity provider. Keepgo guarantees that your international prepaid mobile WiFI hotspot will offer coverage in 110+ countries globally.


Great Wi-Fi Speed

One more thing that makes WiFi routers the preferred connectivity solutions among voyagers is their speed. People often complain about poor WiFi connection in hotels and free WiFi zones. A pocket-friendly WiFi router eliminates the reduction in connectivity speeds due to sharing between multiple users.

Keepgo WiFi router delivers global 4G LTE data with no throttling at no extra charges.


Wrapping Up

Keeping a portable WiFi hotspot with you on travels you can use speedy 4G connectivity in 110+ most popular countries worldwide. A lightweight portable device guarantees safe and uninterrupted cellular connectivity with a handy auto-refill option that will always keep your service active. A portable WiFi hotspot can share connectivity with up to 16 WiFi-enabled devices. Give it a try and you will hardly ever leave for a new journey without  a portable WiFi router in your pocket.