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Internet Options in Canada

Traveling to Canada? Know your Options for Using Mobile Internet Abroad

Remaining in contact with your loved ones, colleagues and friends can become an issue while travelling abroad. In the previous era, contacting someone was rather difficult as the only mediums used for communication were regular mail and telephones. The Internet has taken over all the communications in the current decade and having a reliable Internet access is a must. Getting a steady and cost-effective Internet service can make life abroad easier.

Public WiFi in Canada

Canada is a huge country (in terms of land) with limited developed cities. Public WiFi is readily available in the southern regions of Canada, especially around Toronto. It can be rather difficult to find public WiFi in cities that are in the northern region as public places offering WiFi facilities are limited in the region. For travelers, getting “free” WiFi can do wonders in terms of connecting with the rest of the world but remaining in one place to just use the Internet can be inconvenient. While travelling in the northern regions, finding public WiFi can be challenging and relying on a resource that is tough to search will be problematic.

Needless to say, even if a traveler can find public Internet in Internet cafes, libraries or restaurants, public WiFi does not necessarily provide the optimum Internet speed that can be attained through the private internet. The hotel WiFi can be easily accessible but it limits the access on the go.

Pros: Readily available in public places and can be accessed freely

Cons: Low speed; fast WiFi comes at a price, and personal data safety is not guaranteed

Using Your Home Carrier in Canada

Before going with this option, get in touch with your mobile service provider to figure out what they offer. Most mobile providers have international partners and offer international roaming data plans. While they continue to come down in price, some of them can be rather expensive - to say the least.

Some providers offer fixed price data/phone/text packages, which could last for hours or days, depending on your usage. Some offer a flat daily rate for international use on top of regular domestic charges. 

With limited amount of data, going over your data plan can happen fast. Every text or email can burn a hole in your pocket if you are roaming. Setting up a data plan with your home provider usually results in limiting your phone and internet usage or a very high phone bill. 

Pros: Convenience

Cons: Highly priced; potential overage charges; pre-paid options not always available

Travel to Canada with the best roaming solution- Global data SIM or Mobile hotspot

If you are looking for a hassle-free solution that is worth the money, opt for a global data SIM or a portable mobile WiFi hotspot.

Take advantage of Keepgo Lifetime Data SIM Card. These are its key positive sides:

  • You can pre-order a SIM before you’re travelling and gain access to it right away after landing in Canada.
  • Free delivery either to your office, home or to a hotel in Canada, where you will get the card upon your arrival.
  • 1GB data included, valid over 1 year, and possible to use in 63 other countries.
  • No methodological tricks, easy to use.
  • Suitable for every unlocked device.
  • Covers top-64 destinations, most in demand by tourists, Internet connection not interrupted when leaving a country for a while.


    With Keepgo Lifetime Data SIM card or a Mobile Hotspot you are welcome to arrive in Toronto, after a couple of days move to Orleans, then to Manitoba and so on. Staying online is easier with Keepgo


    Learn more about our products and plans

    Check our plans

    Learn more about our products and plans

    Check our plans

    For your comfort, better order Keepgo Internet SIM card in advance before you go to Canada. After, insert the SIM in your device and get coverage right away.

    Once data is through, it is easy to recharge the card via the website or Keepgo application. Every time you add more credit, the validity of your data is extended for another year.

    Should you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact our supportive English-speaking team available 24-h/7-days, no troubles with understanding and being understood.

    If the services provided by Keepgo is not up to the expectation of the customers, our money back guarantees to assure the customers that their experience will be rewarding nevertheless. Feel free to try out a Keepgo Data Sim card or Mobile WiFi hotspot and experience quality connections throughout Canada and other countries.