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Internet Options In China

Discover the ways to stay connected while in China

Are you headed to China anytime soon? While it’s a wonderful place to visit, internet options for your phone vary. China has banned most of the popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but you can still use internet for many other reasons that are important for your traveling experience. Prepare yourself in advance to make your trip much easier!

Activating International Data package through your Provider

Before going with this option, check with your mobile service provider to see what they charge for international plans. This is very important, as most mobile companies charge an arm and a leg to let you use internet abroad. The rates can be extremely expensive, but some companies offer plans that allow you a few weeks to a month of data use for a fixed price. Unfortunately, roaming charges can sneak up on you even if you’ve made a plan with your service. Most plans give you limited data and going over your plan can happen fast. Even if you receive a missed call and are left a voicemail, you will be charged. Every text and minute will cost you if you’re roaming. Putting your phone on airplane mode will prevent the roaming costs but you won’t have the internet options. Setting up data plans with your provider usually results in poor reviews and very expensive phone bills when you get home. A better option from this would be to purchase a local Chinese SIM card.

Pros: Can be in figured out in advance and plans may suit you if you’re staying for a short period and if you won’t be using internet much.

Cons: Unreliable coverage throughout China, high roaming rates, usually poor connection.

Local SIM Cards in China

With the constantly advancing technology in China, finding a SIM card is pretty easy. China is one of the world’s largest hubs for constant mobile advancements and reliability, making a SIM purchase pretty simple in the huge cities. You can install the SIM card easily at any mobile shop or telecom outlet in the cities, and pick a plan that suits you best. China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom are the most popular cell phone services to keep an eye out for. These SIM cards in China can only be used on unlocked phones. There are many different plans to choose from such as only data, monthly plans, prepaid plans, voice and text plans; it all varies on what you’d need the most. Prices vary from fairly cheap to outrageous, especially if you go to a small company for your SIM.

Pros: Prices for SIM’s can be inexpensive, and finding companies are very easy. SIM cards are flexible for the data plan you want.

Cons: Plans can be short lasting and excess fees will occur if your plan isn’t renewed. You have to have an unlocked phone. You will most likely have to provide an address in China that you are staying, as well as a passport and a lot of paperwork. Must be purchased after you arrive, which can be difficult and hectic dealing with your first arrival.

Public Wi-Fi in China

Public Wi-Fi in China is usually not accessible in as many places that other countries provide. In the larger cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou, it’s easy to fine public Wi-Fi in Starbucks and McDonald’s, as well as the higher end hotels and resorts. Some hotels may make you pay additionally for Wi-Fi use. These usually provide high speed public internet, and some small restaurants may have slow and unreliable public Wi-Fi. If you are out exploring, don’t expect to find public Wi-Fi often. There are always problems with public Wi-Fi because many people can be using it and slowing it down for you. Most places will require you to log in to the network, and you will need to ask a worker for the password.

Pros: FREE public Wi-Fi in most higher end hotels and Americanized food joints.

Cons: Usually a very slow and poor connection. Once you leave the area, your Wi-Fi will stop working. In China specifically, public Wi-Fi is challenging to find.

Travel to China with your Best Option-Global SIM Cards

Purchasing a global SIM card way before your trip to China will benefit you the most. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of bouncing between public Wi-Fi, dealing with a huge phone bill, or locating a phone company for a Chinese SIM, then your best choice would be to purchase a KeepGo Lifetime Data SIM Card or Hotspot. Global SIM cards with Keepgo are reliable, cheap, and stress free.

  • KeepGo will completely cover your visit in China.
  • You can use these devices on your laptop, tablet, phone, or all three at the same time.
  • A whole year of traveling is covered by the SIM, with 1GB of usage and very fast 3G/3.5G.
  • You can decide between purchasing one of KeepGo’s low cost Lifetime Data SIM cards, or a Lifetime Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot, or both! The Wi-Fi Hotspot is a small pocket router that connects to your phone/computer/tablet. It can connect up to ten devices and has the SIM card inserted. The Hotspot and SIM Card supports all mobile companies.
  • The devices provided by Keepgo have a 100% money-back guarantee, which in most cases won’t happen if you go with a Chinese SIM card.

There are endless benefits to purchasing Keepgo’s products. They last a lifetime, and only have to be renewed once a year which is easily done on the Keepgo website. You don’t have to worry about scrambling around a foreign country to find public Wi-Fi or a phone company. These products can be purchased far in advance and can be used as soon as you land, making it easy to inform family and friends that you’ve made it safe right away.


Learn more about our products and plans

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Learn more about our products and plans

Check our plans

Keepgo will aide your trip to China and make your traveling experience very easy. If you decide to jump to another country, there will be no further charges, as the devices can be used globally. There is 24/7 customer support for any problems and questions, and the support team can easily guide you through whatever you need help with. For such a low price on a product that lasts a lifetime-the decision is very easy to make.