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Mobile Internet Options In France

Traveling to France? Know your options for using mobile Internet abroad

Those who travel regularly understand the importance of a trouble-free possibility to get in contact with family members, friends and colleagues. It’s not infrequent when one needs to urgently receive some important file or a document. All mentioned situations require reliable Internet access. If you need Internet in France there are three options: to hunt for WiFi hotspots in  public areas; to make do with exorbitant roaming rates of your home provider; to purchase a mobile data SIM card. To help you with this bewildering choice, we have analyzed the pros and cons of each alternative and would like to share the expertise  with you.

As you will find out from this article, in most cases, you will be better off with a prepaid data SIM 

Using Public WiFi in France

It is rather easy to find  WiFi in France .There are about 296 public Internet areas in Paris alone. Parks, gardens, libraries and museums offer free Internet access. Though, in order to connect one must fill in a form and confirm the user agreement which is difficult to understand for non- French speakers. Each session will last for 2 hours. Once your session expires, you will have to reactivate your Internet pass by going through the lengthy registration process again. Most of the free WiFi hotspots are only available during the day, which is rather inconvenient but you cant argue with "free". 

Alternatively, you may go to an Internet cafe, restaurant or library. Experienced travelers often share addresses of food stops where Internet is free, but maddeningly slow. You may try and use your hotel WiFi but it will cost you a small fortune. Any who wants to spend the entire day in a hotel just to browse the Web?

Pros:Street terminals and some food spots provide it for free.

Cons:Low speed; fast Wi-Fi comes at a price, and personal data safety is not guaranteed

Using Your Home Carrier in France

People who would like to continue using their home SIM cards outside the resident country should check out their provider’s roaming rates. Overwhelming majority of mobile carriers offer very high roaming tariffs. There are some which can work on a pre-paid basis, though once you exceed quota, you will be obliged to pay for every extra meg. Others admit only post-payment but, inability to check data-using may lead to disagreeable surprises and, again, to unforeseen expenses.

The Pros and Cons of Sticking with your  Home Carrier 

Pros: Convenience.

Cons: Highly priced; expensive overage charges; pre-paid options not always available; poor data usage control

Data SIM Card for France

Data SIM card allows to make VoIP calls (as opposed to regular voice calls) through apps that support this option, such as Skype, CSipSimple, Fring, Media5-fone, Fuze and many others. In contrast to voice calls, VoIP is more economical choice in everyday life and the more so when you are beyond your home country. That is how data-only card appears to be really efficient. So, having bought a data SIM card of a French mobile carrier, you may comfortably call anywhere you wish and surf Internet as long as you stay within France.

If you opted for a data SIM card, note that there are local and international ones. In the first case you purchase a card from one of French mobile providers – Orange, Bouygues Telecom, SFR GSM or Free Mobile.

The Pros and Cons of Opting for a Local Data SIM ?

Local SIM cards cost little and if saving money is your priority, probably it is the best solution. Moreover, they can be easily found upon your arrival in the airport, hypermarkets or one of ‘Tabac’ shops. But be aware of difficulties you may be faced with. First, you will have to sign contract and reveal personal data, some even ask for accommodation details. And then, during your stay in France you will likely need to recharge the card, at least once. Usually it turns out to be an ordeal for people who don’t speak French fluently. And not many French people show much enthusiasm when one tries to explain in English.

So, if you decided to buy a local SIM card, be ready to lose some nerves and time destined for sight-seeing. Also, mind different types of SIM cards: regular vs. micro. Find out in advance which one your device runs with.

Don’t forget that local French SIM cards cover only French cities. It means that if during your travel you will make quick trips to, for example, Italy or Switzerland, the card will not be valid over these periods. So, you will have to purchase more SIM cards, belonging to the regions you go to. It will lead again to the loss of time and money.

The Pros and Cons of Local Data SIM Cards in France 

Pros: Less expensive than roaming with your local carrier. 

Cons: Limited data validity and coverage. 

If you are looking for a hassle-free solution that is worth the money, opt for a global data SIM

Take advantage of Keepgo Lifetime Data SIM Card. These are its key positive sides:

  • Possibility to order SIM card some time before travel and start using it as soon as you disembark in France.

  • 1 GB data included, valid over 1 year, and possible to use in other countries.

  • User-friendly, no technical tricks.

  • Suitable for every unlocked device.

  • Covers top-64 destinations most in demand by tourists, Internet connection not interrupted when leaving a country for a while.

With Keepgo Lifetime Data SIM card you are welcome to arrive in Paris, after couple of days move to Amsterdam, then to Berlin and so on. Keepgo helps you to stay online wherever you go.

For you comfort, better order Keepgo Internet SIM card in advance, before you go to France. Try it at home, insert in any device and start using Internet right in the French airport.

Once data is through, it is easy to recharge the card via web-site or Keepgo application. Every time you recharge, the date of data validity expiration is postponed for one more year.


Learn more about our products and plans

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Learn more about our products and plans

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Should you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact our supportive English speaking team available 24-h/7-days, no troubles with understanding and being understood.

And one more thing: we are sure you will appreciate Keepgo Internet card, so if you are not satisfied with it, we will give you your money back.

Profs: Reasonable cost, no pitfalls, valid over one year; possibility of recharge in the online mode; trial run in your resident country; suitable to all unlocked devices (please note that we provide solutions for all the devices).