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Internet Options In Germany

Tips for getting mobile Internet access while traveling to Germany

Spending time in foreign travels, each of us always wants to have reliable communication with our family. Businessmen are concerned about their business and also want to be aware of all events. And, of course, we all want to have access to the Internet, extracting from it news, weather for the next few days and other information, relevant to our journey. Reliable and constant Internet connection is a prerequisite to fulfill all these desires. To connect to the Network in Germany, you should not leave the area of WiFi hotspots or have to pay for roaming to your mobile provider. There is also a third option: to get a SIM card with mobile data transfer. It’s never easy to choose the optimal decision, that's why we decided to explain in details all the advantages and disadvantages of each communication method. The latter option is obvious: most often it’s enough of pre-paid SIM cards.

Using Public WiFi in Germany

Travelers used to checking their email for free when bouncing around the world are often flabbergasted by an irksome surprise when hunting for public WiFi in Germany. Many restaurants, hotels and other public areas limit their access to WiFi or don't offer any at all. In consequence, many visitors end up paying expensive roaming fees. This odd behavior is caused by the ruling of the German civic court that holds public providers responsible for the unlawful activities of customers using their Internet connection. Only about 65% of German hotels offer public Internet access and those who do often allow very short-term access. Some of the hotels that claim to provide WiFi fail to keep their infrastructure up and running (most if the time the infrastructure consists of a single DSL router that is poorly maintained )

Unlike the rest of Europe, many of German WiFi Zones (called W-Lan Zones) aren't free of charge. You will be requested to enter your credit card information in order to get Web access. Prices will usually be around 15 EUR per hour. 

The Pros and Cons of Relying on WiFi when in Germany

 Pros: Probably more secure than using WiFi in other European countries. 

Cons: Unreliable, expensive, requires Credit Card details

Staying Loyal to Your Domestic Carrier in Germany

If you travel in Germany and have data service through your home carrier, you need to understand your options for international data plans, otherwise you could end up spending a lot of money. Each company has slightly different pricing and geographic coverage so you must figure out which one suits you the best. Some providers offer add-on data plans that allow as little as 100MB of use for $25 in over 120 countries. Each time you exceed the 100MB allocation, you will be charged another $25.Other providers offer post- paid data solutions where the speeds are limited to 2G so if you need fasted speed, you will have to pay extra for a data pass.  

Pros: Convenience. Good coverage

Cons: Expensive. Limited connection speed. Potential overage fees. 

Using a Prepaid  Local SIM in Germany

If you are traveling with an unlocked phone or have a mobile WiFi hotspot you can buy a local SIM from a German mobile operator. By law, all SIM cards need to be registered online before activation, which can be tricky if you don't speak German. Foreign addresses are usually not accepted so you will have to use your hotel address or come up with something random. Registration may take a few hours and in rare cases, you will have to sign a verification letter. If you manage to overcome the logistical obstacles, you will have to consider the fact that all local data SIM cards come with limited validity of 30 days which means that if you don't drain you data before the end of your trip, your SIM will render useless. 

Pros: Moderately priced. 

Cons: Limited SIM validity and coverage. Requires registration. Lengthy activation process. 

If you are looking for a convenient solution for a good price, consider a global data SIM

Another popular strategy is to buy a prepaid Global Data SIM card in advance and start using it right after you land. This can be very effective since your spending is capped. The SIM  and it is pre-loaded with 1GB of data valid for a year. It is compatible with any unlocked mobile device and it provides coverage in Germany as well as 63 other travel destinations worldwide. Having global coverage eliminates the hassle of carrying a pocketful of easily breakable SIM cards and losing data and money after every trip you take. With Keepgo Global Data SIM you can fly to Berlin, continue to Paris or Manchester and swing by Rome knowing that you'll have Internet you can rely on wherever life takes you.

How does our Internet SIM work?

The SIM will be delivered to your home or office; you'll be able to  test it at home to make sure that if works to avoid unexpected "pitfalls";and start using the Internet the moment you deplane in Germany. When your balance gets low, you will be able refill the card online or via Keepgo app (Android/iOS). Each data refill will restore the validity of your credit back to 1 year. If you have any questions, our team of English speaking representatives is here 24/7, so there’s no language barrier to worry about. If for some odd reason you decide that Keepgo is not for you, you'll be issued a full refund for all your unused credit. No questions asked.

Pros: Attractive rates; Global coverage; 1 year data validity; online refill; home test; compatibility with all unlocked devices (and if your device is locked or you want to keep your domestic number, we've got solutions for that as well).


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