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Mobile Internet Options In Spain

Prepare your Phone, Tablet or Laptop for Mobile Internet Access

If you plan on taking a trip to Spain and you want the privilege of using the internet on your phone, it’s best to decide what option suits your needs. Planning in advance will make your trip way less stressful. Being able to use internet on your phone is almost vital in this day and age, and you’ll need it for many recourses. Being able to use maps on your phone will help you tremendously while traveling, and it is always important to stay in contact with friends and family back home. There are many ways to keep your Wi-Fi while in Spain and keep in touch with the rest of the world.

Public WiFi in Spain

There are many very popular cities in Spain. Most of these cities such as Barcelona and Madrid are highly populated and have thousands of yearly tourists. Your chances of snagging public Wi-Fi in almost every restaurant, tourist destination, store, or hotel are very high. Unfortunately, the likelihood that this Wi-Fi will be speedy is very slim. Most likely, hundreds of other people will be attempting to connect to the Wi-Fi, or are already connected and you may have no speed at all. If you’re near a public Wi-Fi hotspot that isn’t busy, you may be lucky and have a decent connection, but many will require the annoyance of logging a password, which may be a confusing.

Pros: Easily accessed public Wi-Fi almost everywhere (in the bigger cities).

Cons: Slow speed, possible password blocks, Wi-Fi only limited to that area.

Popular New Mobile WiFi  Router in Spain

MiFi is a popular new invention for Spain travelers. You’d have to purchase it after you’ve arrived, and the SIM inserted connects you to a local cellular operator. Included in your purchase is a battery and cord for charging the small device that you carry around with you, and the battery should be turned off if you are out all day and turned on only for charging purposes. The WiFi provided with this service has many reviews of being helpful, and many poor reviews of being a hassle.

Pros: Great Wi-Fi speed with your own personal mini-router. Relatively cheap.

Cons: Only useable in Spain. Many reviews mentioned that getting close to a border (such as Portugal), the Wi-Fi was shut down and roaming automatically started charging. Inconvenience of lugging around the router and charger everywhere you go.

Using your Home Mobile Provider for Roaming

If you choose not to use any of the fancy gadgets, you can stick to letting your mobile provider know that you are traveling abroad, and they can set up a plan accordingly. Some roaming charges are only twenty cents for one minute of phone calls, while others may cost a few dollars. From there, you can connect to your hotel’s Wi-Fi or any other public Wi-Fi.

Pros: Some plans can be cheap.

Cons: Roaming charges vary, and can be extremely steep. Your access to public Wi-Fi will be as described before, poor connection most of the time.

SIM Card with Spanish Mobile Providers

Fortunately, in Spain, there are many mobile providers willing to set you up with a SIM card and data plan. The popular companies include Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, and Yoigo. It is the law that all SIM cards have to be registered, and can only be purchased with a valid passport. Many plans are available that offer you different amounts of data use. If you know someone that speaks Spanish, it’s best to bring them along with you. If not, you will have trouble communicating with the person trying to help you and you may get set up with a plan you didn’t want. This is another option that can only be done once you’ve arrived to Spain and have located your nearest phone store.

Pros: Many companies provide that data SIM card. Generally, not too expensive depending on how much data you intend to use and how long you stay. Good coverage.

Cons: Issues with going near borders and connecting to another country’s mobile provider. Language barrier issues when setting up plans. High charges if you exceed data. Possible trouble locating Spanish Mobile companies. SIM cards don’t last long and are unusable if you want to hop from country to country.


Learn more about our products and plans

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Learn more about our products and plans

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The Great Option of Investing in a Global Data SIM card

Purchasing a SIM card that you can use in various countries will be a completely stress free option for you, whether you travel abroad twice a year or twice a month. This is something you can do way ahead of time, and not have to worry about wasting your travel time in Spain trying to figure out their internet situations. Keepgo provides a Global Lifetime Data SIM Card. There are many reasons why using Keepgo will help you for your trip to Spain and anywhere else your journey may take you.

  • Keepgo covers 64 most popular travel destinations - you'll have Internet wherever you may wonder
  • It is compatible with all Web- enabled devices, including phones, laptops, tablets, or portable e-readers.
  • Included is 1GB of high-speed data that is valid for a whole year.
  • You can decide between purchasing one of Keepgo’s low cost Lifetime Data SIM cards, or a Lifetime Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot. (ideal for locked phones)
  • Keepgo provides standard shipping to internet buyers in 38 different countries around the world, as well as delivery to your hotel when you arrive to Spain.
  • These SIM’s are available for all unlocked devices, and there is a 100% money back guarantee in the unlikely event you run into problems.

Your trip to Spain can be made very easy, and you can simply bounce between Spain and surrounding countries if you decided to. The best way to order your Keepgo SIM or Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot is before your trip begins. This way, you can test out the SIM, and see if the data plan is right for you and make changes if need be. You can start using your SIM card as soon as you arrive to Spain, without the hassle of finding the closest public Wi-Fi or phone company.

If you need any help regarding your SIM card, plan, or Personal Hotspot, there is a 24/7 English speaking support team to help. If you decide to extend your stay in Spain or travel somewhere else, all you have to do is recharge your device on the Keepgo website or mobile app. After the simple process of recharging, your SIM will be available for another year of global use.

Always keep in mind that the supportive KeepGo team offers a 100% money back guarantee, which is not always offered by previously mentioned options.