100MB/day Single Country SIM *

Looking for an affordable internet access solution when going abroad?
In need of stable internet access, but can’t imagine giving up mobility, speed or privacy?

KeepGo offers 100MB/day Single Country SIM cards as low as $5.99 per day!

Here is what you can do each day with 100MB:

• Enjoy more than 10 hours of active GPS navigation (Google Maps or Waze)

• Talk for 300 minutes over Internet with VoIP calls (Skype, Viber)

• View about 40 webpages

• Stream internet radio for 3 hours

• Send/Read about 200 emails

• 1 hours of Video chat

• Upload 50 photos to Social Networks (Facebook, MySpace)

Why choose the 100MB/day Single Country SIM from KeepGo:

Mobility: You will be using a carrier with the best reception in the country. No need to stay in one spot, or roam the streets for a signal

Support: 24/7 English support from anywhere in the world, over toll-free phone or online. Any issue is instantly resolved

Delivery: Delivered to your doorstep prior to your departure. No need to spend your precious time abroad searching for other solutions

Privacy: Unlike WiFi networks that are prone to security faults, the 3G networks KeepGo uses are non-hackable. Your information is safe!

Inter-Portability: Use KeepGo SIM cards with any unlocked GSM device. You can switch it between laptop, smartphone or tablet PC

Price: Single Country SIM is 20 times cheaper than Hotel/Airport Wi-Fi. It is 2000 times cheaper than roaming with your own SIM. Starting at just $5.99/day. Order Now and save thousands of dollars! 

*For selected destinations only