10 Essential Apps Every Traveler Needs

10 Essential Apps Every Traveler Needs

Traveling is a time to get away, relax, visit world wonders, learn about other cultures, eat exotic foods and discover new places. However, without careful planning, a dream trip can quickly turn into a stressful nightmare. Luckily, mobile technology like smartphones and tablets have helped make travel simpler. To make your next trip worry-free, budget-friendly and memorable, check out these 10 essential apps that every traveler needs to download. 


Getting lost in an unfamiliar place can take away from sightseeing time and stress you out. With mobile devices, you can have a GPS and a map in one. Although there are several map app options like Google Maps and Apple Maps, CityMaps2Go is designed for navigation but also as a place to find and store travel tips and ideas. Available on both iOS and Android, the app provides detailed maps to over 30 cities around the globe and has real-time updates about transit departures and arrivals. You can even grab an Uber through its integrated features. 

Google Translate

Even a talented linguist is likely to experience a few language barriers on their journey. Google Translate is the essential lifeline to help you communicate and understand the locals when you are traveling abroad. There are over 100 languages and a phrasebook for select languages. You can even use your device’s camera to take photos and translate text from signs, posters, menus and other media. Use Google Voice to skip the typing and translate audio. The mobile app is free to download on Android and iOS

XE Currency

Currency exchange can be confusing, and the conversion rates may fluctuate up or down over time. But, knowing the correct price conversions is crucial to planning trip costs and managing expenses, which is why a currency conversion app is essential when you’re abroad. XE Currency is arguably the most up-to-date and accurate conversion app on the market. The app has live rates for every world currency, so you can use it in any country. To download it on iOS, Android and other devices for free, visit their site here


TripAdvisor is one of the most downloaded travel apps out there and for several reasons. Whether it is finding the top attractions, highest-rated restaurants or most recommended hotels, TripAdvisor can help. Users can find travel guides for select locations. Travelers can view other travelers’ photos of hotels and other spots as well as their reviews in order to make better booking decisions. When you review places you’ve visited, the app stores it and creates a timeline, so that your travel memories are saved.  Lastly, the Near Me Now feature uses geographic location to suggest options that are nearby. You can download the app on iOS and Android

Hotel Tonight

Even if you research hotel options beforehand, the best-laid travel plans are susceptible to change. In case you need to switch your lodging or secure a room at the last-minute, Hotel Tonight has it covered. The app━available on iOS and Android━connects travelers to last-minute room reservations. Although the app was created for same-day and spontaneous travelers, you can now book a location up to 7 days in advance. Whether you are a live-in-the-moment traveler looking for price deals or simply need to switch your accommodations fast, you’ll want to download it for you next trip. 


If you don’t want to go the traditional hotel route, try Airbnb. With listings in over 191 countries, users of the fast-growing app can list and book entire apartments, homes and private rooms that feel like “home”. If you are looking for a more unusual lodging experience, check out the castles, treehouses and other unique accommodations. It can also be useful for longer visits and in remote areas where there are fewer hotel options available. Users can earn rewards and travel credits by inviting friends to book through the app.  The mobile app can be downloaded on iOS or Android.


When you are strapped for cash for a hotel, Couchsurfing might be the answer. It is an online community of fellow travel lovers and enthusiasts. Hosts are interested in exchanging travel, culture and language knowledge, so they offer guests a place to stay at no cost. However, Couchsurfing is an essential app, because it is one of the best ways to meet locals from the area that you are visiting. Many may offer to be your own personal guide, and show you around their city from the view of a local. Download the app, browse upcoming events and chat with locals and fellow travelers on iOS or Android


If you end up meeting locals and fellow travelers and want to keep in touch, WhatsApp is a necessity. Even though WhatsApp is not as widely-used in the United States, it is incredibly popular in almost every other country in the world. Over one billion people are now using the messaging service, according to a recent report. The free messaging app is available on iOS and Android devices. Users can create group chats, share photos, send text messages, call or video chat all for free over a WiFi connection. 


When it comes to finding the cheapest flights and hotel deals, Kayak is one of the leading travel search engine sites. It is also one of the easiest to use, integrating multiple functions into their web and mobile interface. For example, you can search for the cheapest flight from direct and third-party aggregators, book the ticket, add the confirmation to your trip plan and track the flight all in one place. Another impressive feature is the vacation packages. The app streamlines the process of booking a vacation into a few simple steps. Kayak mobile app is available for download on iOS and Android devices. 


Planning a trip can be stressful, especially when you are managing it on your own and have multiple flight tickets, hotel reservation, car rentals and other booking details to manage. For those who could use a hand organizing it all, TripIt is like having a personal travel agent in the palm of your hand. Whenever you book trip details like flight and hotel, simply email the confirmation to the TripIt app, and it will collect it all in one organized, easy-to-view itinerary.. The feature that makes it really standout is that you can share your itinerary with multiple people, making it the ideal app for group trips. The app has a free version and is available on iOS and Android devices.


You don’t need to unplug entirely to enjoy your next trip. Instead, technology could actually make your travels more fun, budget-friendly and stress-free. Using cellular data for smartphone and tablet apps can be extremely expensive. Free WiFi hotspots or hotel Internet services may not be readily available; searching for them is often a time-consuming hassle; and in the end, they may be slow and unreliable.

 Without paying enormous data roaming charges, you can use Keepgo’s international mobile data SIM cards or mobile WiFi hotspots and take advantage of these travel apps to organize your trip details, navigate a new city, make and keep track of reservations, meet up with locals, find the best flight deals and much more.