iPhone/iPad charging overseas

iPhone/iPad charging overseas

Getting ready to do some travel? Got everything you need? Made sure your Passport hasn’t expired?

So now that you accomplished those feats, and checked that to-do list of yours – it’s time to face one of biggest headaches that any traveler faces: the electricity issue.

As most modern travelers tend to take their iPhones, iPads, Anroids and Laptops with them when they travel, the quiestion arises – which converters should I take for my trip abroad? What is the local electricity system? what kind of outlets do they have? and why on earth are they so different from each other?

I mean, just look at the this photo, who can navigate through all of these sockets?

Luckily, Apple (and pretty much all other phone manufacturers) has it’s chargers made to suit every electricity system out there – Between 100 to 240 voltages, and between 50 to 60hz frequencies.

But that still leaves us with a slew of different outlets to adjust ourselves to – the Brits, the Italians, the Germans, the American, the Russian and many other countries have their own sockets to work with.

One solution for travelers is the adapter kits – allowing for a universal comparability with different sockets. It does require you to carry a lot of spare adapters, but on the other hand you can take it for your international travels without worrying about getting stuck without the proper socket solution.

One other solution is the universal adapter – it is much more compact and easy to carry, but it support a few less sockets (still covering most of the world’s countries).

Remember, for your iPhone/iPad to be charged overseas you’ll need 3 things:

  1. A charger that works with the local electricity grid (Check! supplied by Apple).
  2. A suitable socket adapter (Usually needs to be bought).
  3. Something to transfer that electricity from the adapter/socket to your device (Check! supplied by Apple).
    If you have all three- you’re cleared for take-off and enjoy your travel.

Though you can always charge your iPhone/iPad via your USB port – but to charge your computer you’ll still need an adapter, if you’re in a foreign land that doesn’t support your plugs.

As most of our globetrotting customer will attest, being prepared is a good thing. So do some quick research about your destination’s electricity system, and arrive prepared to enjoy the trip with your smart device by your side.

We, at KeepGo, will make sure you have a reliable data SIM card for your destination/s. One that will allow you to stay connected, at a fraction of the cost you can expect using your own carrier. You just make sure you have all the right adapters and supplies to keep your smart device charged up and ready to go.

And as always,