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iPhone Airplane mode – The best 7 apps to use on the plane

As we wrote what Airplane mode is all about, you know that there is usually no Internet access or radio communications on the plane. So here are a few ideas, how to use that time on board to your advantage, or just to pass the time:

The CIA World Factbook - Going abroad? Do not know that country’s currency? Or where the capital is located? The more you know about a place, the more the locals will appreciate you for taking the time to learn a bit about their country. So why not use that spare time on the plane to learn a few facts and figures about your travel destination and its

A Phrase book – If you never traveled overseas you might be disappointed to discover that (unlike how most Hollywood films might portray) not all foreigners speak English perfectly, or at all for that matter. Knowing a few key phrases to get your message across might make the difference between getting back to the airport on time, or missing your flight. Download the appropriate Phrase book and use the spare time to practice your travel destination’s local language.

Evernote – This has to be one of the best apps out there to organize your thoughts. As most flights these days can only be described as a “voluntary mobile prison” (bad food, no communication with the outside world, constant crying in the background, etc.)- you are left with a lot of free time to think. So why not use that time to organize your thoughts/plans in the meantime? Evernote will help you achieve this.

The Bible (Any version you prefer) – It does not matter what is your religion (or even if you belong to one) – the Bible makes for a great read. And if your plane is constantly shaking, you can always use it to pray for a safe landing! :-)

Zinio – The Zinio app allows you to read newspapers and magazines on the go. The biggest advantage is that you can download the material to your phone, and use it even if you do not have internet access. You save a lot of physical space with this app, and if you have an iPad, then you will enjoy it even more.

Stanza – A logical continuation of the Zinio app is an app that allows you read books offline. That is exactly what we have for you here. Stanza allows you to download reading material to your phone and use it anywhere, anytime. It stores it on your iPhone or iPad, and provides you with endless amounts of titles- limited only by your available space.

All-in Pedometer – Now we know what you are thinking, “working out on the plane?!” Actually, no. All we are saying is that should you get up from time to time, and just walk around for a few minutes. This will help make sure that you get your blood flowing and keep yourself healthier when you are flying. Honestly, you do not even need an app for that.

And when you land on solid ground, enjoy 3Ging…

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