5 Android Travel Apps to Optimize Data Consumption

5 Android Travel Apps to Optimize Data Consumption

We live in an incredibly connected age. Whatever device we purchase, one of the top criteria to which we pay special attention is whether it will provide us with instant Internet connectivity.

The possibility to access data through the use of innovative technologies greatly benefits us in all areas of our lives. It has especially revolutionized our travel experience. Tourists today can select from a wide choice of travel apps for their smartphones. While selecting a proper Data SIM card, travelers can use the apps to find new destinations, routes, hotels, places to eat, etc. One of the drawbacks that travelers may face is large data consumption by such apps, which leads to extra expenses.

In order to prevent this, we have decided to share a list of the best Android apps that can minimize your smartphone’s data consumption thus granting extra data you might need on your travels.

Before we proceed to the list of the best Android travel apps to optimize your data usage, we’d like to recommend to every traveler to take care of the choice of a global data SIM card that will guarantee that you will never lose connection no matter where you travel.

For example, Lifetime Data SIMs from Keepgo include 1GB of data that you can start using as soon as you install a SIM in your phone. Additionally, you can benefit from the convenient ways to refill your data from desktop, iOS or Android devices. You can also make use of the alternative option to activate auto-refill option in order to get a steady supply of data whenever your balance runs low.


Best Android Travel Apps to Control Your Data Usage on Travel

Google Trips

Having the app installed on your device makes it so much easier to organize all the information about your trip in a single place. The app automatically gathers all your travel reservations from your Gmail into individual trips. Furthern, such data is organized into single day plans, things to do, suggestions on food and drink, and many more. One of the best things about this app is that you can use it in the offline mode as well. This lets you access all the information concerning your vacation offline and saves data.



The app helps travelers discover extraordinary travel deals, set fare alerts, and uncover great hotel rates. It offers you the freedom to choose the best and cheapest way to reach your destination. Whenever you run a search, the app finds the cost of a direct flight and several cheaper options that have a traveler’s intended destination as a layover.

The best thing about the app is low data consumption and its availability for free on Android devices.


Mobile Passport

The app is a time- and lifesaver for frequent travelers who are citizens in the USA and Canada. A passport is a must-carry thing on any vacation. By means of this app, you can bypass the regular passport control line at US and Canadian airports, thus saving you time during border crossings. To take advantage of this time saving app, simply submit your passport control customs declaration information via your Android smartphone.  


Trusted Contacts

Add your family or friends to the Trusted Contacts app. This is a must-have mechanism for every traveler in search of a way to notify their loved ones of any sort of mishappenings that occur to them during their travels.

The app shares a traveler’s location with users from the Trusted Contacts list. A person can even share their live location to the added contacts. While iOS users are still waiting for the version of the app to be made available to them, the owners of Android devices can use it now for free.


Google Arts & Culture

The last app on this list is not for traveling. It will be especially useful for previewing works of art before you decide to visit a museum or art gallery. Having the Google Arts & Culture app installed on your smartphone allows you to visit top exhibits of the world right from the screen of your smart device. You can zoom in and enjoy artworks in minor details. The app collaborates with about 1,200 museums, galleries, and other institutions in 70+ countries around the globe. Using the app, you can become your own curator while sharing your own collection with friends.


Bonus tips on how to reduce mobile data usage on your Android device:

  • Download large files when you use a WiFi connection.
  • Turn off mobile data usage when not needed.
  • Disable notifications for apps that you do not need to be notified.
  • Set longer update interval for home screen widgets that are frequently updated.

Have you ever used any of these Android travel apps? Do you know other ways to reduce data usage when you are on a vacation? Share your suggestions in the comments below.