5 Must-Visit Travel Destinations

5 Must-Visit Travel Destinations

Winter is arguably the most polarizing season of them all. There are many who look forward to it, and even more who dread its arrival. That being said, there is no denying the fact that it is one of the most special times of the year and one that can be a blessing in disguise for avid travelers and thrill seekers who are looking for a new adventure.

 It’s no secret that most people like to stay indoors during winter. This is why the idea of travelling around may seem slightly odd to you if you are used to sitting by the fireplace throughout the bitter cold months of this season. However, those who have embraced the joy of traveling in winter can tell you that exploring new places in a warmer or even colder climate is a much more enthralling experience than simply sitting home and staring at the snow that piles up on your backyard.

 If you are sick and tired of being trapped indoors, then you should pack your traveling bags and head out to some of the most exciting travel destinations that put on a spectacular look in winter. Where exactly are you supposed to go? We will help you decide that with this list of the five most incredible winter travel destinations in the world:

1. Lake Tahoe (California, US)

People run out of words when trying to describe this heavenly destination in California. The sheer beauty of Lake Tahoe mesmerizes hundreds of thousands of tourists every single year. Located on the California-Nevada border, Lake Tahoe has been a popular vacation spot for quite a long time. On a good weekend, it can attract up to 200,000 visitors, which is a pretty impressive number for any tourist location in the world.

The steep granite cliffsides and the towering mountaintops make this lake a sight to behold. Not to mention, the crystal clear waters can leave you captivated and awestruck at the splendor of Mother Nature. The spectacular blue lake alone is worth the trip, but you should definitely take time to explore the surrounding area which is also a part of Lake Tahoe.

The reason why winter is the perfect time to visit Lake Tahoe is because of its winter-friendly attractions. You have miles of hiking trails to discover and dozens of extraordinary vistas to take pictures in. It also offers some of the best skiing in North America, so you should not miss out on an opportunity to slide downhill. Other wonderful attractions include mountain gondola rides, hot air balloon adventures and breathtaking cruises across the pristine waters of the lake.

2. Aspen (Colorado, US)

When travelers think of winter wonderland, they visualize Aspen in all its immaculate glory. It is a scenic mountain town that looks like something that came straight out of a snow globe. The awe-inspiring mountain chalets here are surrounded by the mighty Colorado Rockies. It goes without saying that skiing is the best attraction at Aspen. However, there is a lot more to this haven than its famed winter sports.

If you like to indulge in a bit of high end shopping during the holiday season, then Aspen has got plenty of luxury offers on the table for you. People with a particular interest in history, culture and anthropology could visit one of several fascinating museums or funky galleries in this location. For those who are just trying to let loose and relax in winter, Aspen has numerous fun festivals that will make anyone forget about their apprehensions and problems in life.

High end resorts such as The Little Nell and Viceroy Snowmass are a big draw for people who are willing to spend big in winter. Deluxe lodging combined with popular sites of nature such as the Maroon Bells could be all that you need to make your next winter unforgettable.

3. Barcelona (Spain)

There are very few cities in the world that have a richer and more colorful history than Barcelona. It is one of Spain’s most iconic locations and has everything that you would expect from a travel destination in Europe. People who want to get away from the harsh winter weather find comfort in the warmth and sunshine of Barcelona. It is a location that attracts families, backpackers, couples and eccentric culture lovers from all across the world. There is so much to explore in Barcelona that a few days’ stay would not be enough to fulfill all your cravings as a tourist. 

The tree-lined Las Ramblas, the narrow alleys of Barri Gotic, the beachside nightclubs, the sacred churches and glorious cathedrals are part and parcel of the seaside spectacle that is known as Barcelona. If you spend your winter at Barcelona’s beach, you are not going to feel isolated and lonely for a solitary second. The people in the city are just as warm as its weather. If you want to enjoy a bit more of their hospitality, you could visit the restaurants and the bustling pedestrian markets that are scattered all over cosmopolitan city. 

Parc Guell, Casa Batllo and La Sagrada Familia are must visit destinations when you are in Barcelona. It would also be a huge blunder to miss out on the city’s electric shopping scene and the exquisite regional food and wine. A weeklong stay at Barcelona is going to get rid of those winter blues and prep you up for a wonderful spring ahead.

4. Puerto Rico (Caribbean Islands)

Puerto Rico may not strike you as a typical winter holiday destination. But it does not take long for the first time tourist to realize the charm of this magnificent island that happens to be a US territory. It may not exactly be a home away from home, but the “international essence” of this location is going to make your winter sweeter than ever.

 What makes Puerto Rico incredibly unique is how it forms a beautiful bridge between the past and the present. The El Morro takes you on a stroll back through time while Calle De Cristo offers an inside view of the contemporary Puerto Rican lifestyle. But if seclusion is what you seek then you can ferry over to the serene islands of Vieques and Culebra during the weekend.

 You would be delighted to know that a trip to Puerto Rico during winter is not going to hit your wallet hard. There are plenty of affordable packages that you could take to relax along the Caribbean blanched sands without getting your bank account drained. If the surreal sunsets on the horizon across the glimmering sea is not enough to make your life beautiful again, you could always give Puerto Rico’s exciting and well promoted nightlife attractions a try.

5. Costa Rica (Central America)

Winter has a very strong association with lifelessness and death. If this dark theme of winter does not appeal to you, then you should pack your bags and head over to Costa Rica where you will be greeted with an abundance of wildlife in their natural habitat. In addition to mingling with the exotic fauna and flora, you can relax in the rare unspoiled beaches of this country that that offer a tranquil environment for those seeking peace of mind.

This diverse tropical paradise has lush rainforests for the nature seekers and powdery sands for the beachgoers. Costa Rica is the epitome of tropical exquisiteness that offers a little bit of everything for the travelers. For example, the cosmopolitan capital of San Jose lets you immerse in the good life, lay back and surround yourself with out of this world scenery.

The Arenal Volcano, the La Paz Waterfall Gardens and the Nicoya Peninsula are some of Costa Rica’s finest locations that will enhance your appreciation for nature and its spectacles. If you are planning a long winter vacation, Costa Rica should definitely be at the very top of your travel list.

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