5 Useful iPhone Apps for Your Trip to Italy

5 Useful iPhone Apps for Your Trip to Italy

The next one in the series of articles on “5 most useful iPhone travel apps” is … ITALY !

Italy… the land of artists, emperors, gladiator fights… And here we are, technologically advanced… exploring the ancient history and enjoying modern comfort and convenience of getting around with iPhone travel apps.

1. Rick Steves’ Ancient Rome Tour

It’s your personal interactive multimedia guide to ancient Rome. The audio player allows you listen to detailed explanations on the sections of the tour and tour sights. Some of the sights are accompanied by video. This comprehensive Rome history tour guide is enhanced with useful information on nearby hotels and restaurants. If you tap the info tab of any sight, hotel or restaurant, you get more details on costs, address, phone numbers, etc.

This app costs $2.99 and is available at the Apple Store

2. Rome Metro

This is a very helpful iPhone app if you want to use metro services in Rome. This app will show you what metro station is the closest to you. It will also provide information on the best route to your destination. The Roma Metro app allows you save your preferred routes and itineraries in your iPhone, rearrange and visualize them.

This app is available in English, Italian and Spanich, costs $2.99 and is available for download from the Apple Store

3. Rome 2Go

This iPhone Rome travel app includes offline searchable and zoomable map. Rome 2Go provides in-depth information about places of interest, historical facts, trivia and more. With this App you can search for and read articles about Rome. Rome2Go offers over 500 articles! This level of richness and in depth coverage of the whole city is unique to Rome2Go. This App concentrates on Rome history, geography and landmarks and has very little information about restaurants, night life, clubs or events.

This app costs $0.99 and is available for download from the Apple Store.

4. Top 10 Rome

This iPhone app got high ranking from the users. It’s a guide to top 10 everything in Rome. It allows you to browse the most fascinating ancient sites, churches and historical buildings, provides information on greatest Roman artists, romantic spots, piazzas and fountains, most fun places for children and the best hotels, shops and restaurants to suit every budget. It includes: maps, images, descriptions and guides, large scale maps covering Central Rome and the Historic Center, separate maps for Bus routes around Rome, over 50 area-maps indicating various points of interest. The app has a built-in keyword based search that allows you to find everything you need in the guide. You can add and re-order bookmarks to help you keep track of the places you’re planning to visit. The app also contains currency converter, lots of useful web links and more!

The app costs $7.99 and is available for download from the Apple Store.

5. Vatican Museums Tour

This app is a full comprehensive tour guide for Vatican Museums: history, art pieces’ description and story of creation, and much more.

Selected Features:

  • Interactive maps
  • Easy navigation menu
  • Suggested route
  • Photo gallery with over 200 high quality images
  • 120 minutes of high content audio, soundtrack, and FX

This app got only 5-stars reviews at the Apple App store.

This app costs $4.99 and is available for download from the Apple Store.

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