How to Cut on AT&T Cell Phone Bill with Keepgo Connectivity Services

How to Cut on AT&T Cell Phone Bill with Keepgo Connectivity Services

When using AT&T with Keepgo services, you can save about $80 per month, which is $1000 per year for a family of four, and get much better savings for a family of two. In the modern world, we have WiFi everywhere - at home, in the office, in public transport, in the airport, at a local cafe, etc. - which is also a great way to save on your monthly connectivity bill. While using Keepgo services together with your AT&T plan, you can keep your AT&T phone number with you and stay connected on both AT&T and T-Mobile networks at the same time. There are many other rewards you can get.  

Let's now dive into the discussion on how to cut on AT&T cell phone bills with Keepgo connectivity services.

In this article, you will learn about:


What you can get by combining AT&T with Keepgo

Suppose you want to use AT&T for making calls and sending texts in the US. Rather than opting for costly unlimited data plans (on AT&T, you pay $50 /mo. per line when you get 4 lines, which results in a $200 monthly bill plus about $20 extra fees that are not included in the unlimited data plan’s cost).

AT&T monthly recurring charges include administrative fees (up to $1.99 per line per month), Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee (up to $1.50 per line per month), Property Tax Allotment Fee ($0.31), as well as Federal Universal Service Fee, State Universal Service Fee, and State and Local Cost Recovery Fees that vary by state, country or city. 

Instead, when combining AT&T and Keepgo services, you can keep your phone number using the cheapest AT&T plan, and get more data on demand when you need it using Keepgo services.


How to use Keepgo products with AT&T

There are many ways how you can benefit from using Keepgo products. Let’s take a closer look at them. 

Use as an eSIM service in your eSIM-enabled device

If you have an eSIM-compatible device, you can go ahead and download a free eSIM from Keepgo. Use its balance only when you need it. The prepaid eSIM data is valid forever, provided that you top up your line at least once a month. Besides, Keepgo eSIM is one of the safest connectivity solutions available. We do not ask for any personal details when you use your free eSIM. Rather than that, we keep your real location secret with a Privacy IP address, which prevents websites from using your IP address to track your real location. 


Learn more about our Lifetime Prepaid Data eSIM

Check our eSIM

Learn more about our Lifetime Prepaid Data eSIM

Check our eSIM

Use Keepgo SIM card as the second line in your dual-SIM device

If you have a dual-SIM unlocked smartphone, you may take advantage of using your AT&T SIM for texts and calls along with a Keepgo prepaid data SIM card to use instant Internet access wherever you go. Keepgo lines give you the freedom to travel around your country or go abroad and use the same affordable data plan, without any roaming fees. You get quality connectivity services on more than one cellular provider in dozens of countries that we cover. 

You can also opt for a Lifetime SIM card, with a balance valid forever if refilled with any amount at least once a year. In this case, you are not obliged to pay any monthly fees. Use the data of your Lifetime SIM only when you need it. For example, it will come in handy when you run out of data on your monthly AT&T balance. The Lifetime SIM keeps you covered on two or more top networks in 100+ countries at the same rates

Connect data-only devices

If your phone is locked you can use a portable WiFi hotspot to save on your bill. If you have a data-only iPad/Android/Windows tablet, laptop, or another device with a SIM card slot in it, you can put any Keepgo SIM card into this device. If your tablet, laptop, or other device lacks an eSIM card slot but supports WiFi connection, you can use the most lightweight portable WiFi hotspot on the Lifetime data plan. Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity services and connect up to 15 devices to your hotspot at a time. It's a win-win solution for big families, business travelers, and adventure-goers who want to keep a reliable WiFi connectivity solution always in their pocket. 



Learn more about our products and plans

Check our plans

Learn more about our products and plans

Check our plans


Switch from AT&T unlimited to the cheapest prepaid plan

One of the best ways to lower your AT&T bill is to switch from unlimited to a more cost-efficient prepaid plan. While switching to another plan, you keep your AT&T phone number. You can continue using it for making phone calls and sending texts locally or internationally. Besides, you continue using the AT&T coverage, as described in the details of the chosen prepaid plan. 

AT&T lets you choose from multiple plans suited for different purposes and needs. You may opt for AT&T prepaid phone plans (one of the most flexible solutions that don’t require any credit check and includes an activation fee). The lowest price of the AT&T prepaid plan starts at $25/mo and covers usage in the US, Mexico, and Canada, and provides you with 8GB per month.


Let’s do some math - How to cut on AT&T bill with Keepgo services

Suppose that you use Keepgo prepaid eSIM in your eSIM-enabled device and you’ve switched from the $50/mo unlimited to the $25/mo prepaid plan from AT&T (check out how to make a switch). 

As you can see on the screenshot above, the prepaid AT&T plan provides your line with 8GB of data per month. If you use WiFi at home, in the office, in transport, etc., you likely do not use much wireless data. Let’s assume that you use 10GB of data per month.

If you need to use more than 8GB of data per month, you can always start using your Keepgo prepaid eSIM balance to get more data, i.e. extra GBs that exceed your AT&T plan. 

Now let's see how much you can save using AT&T with Keepgo services. The calculations are the following: 

  • When you are on the unlimited AT&T plan worth $50/mo per line (provided that you have four lines), your monthly data bill for four lines makes up $200 + extra fees of about $20 (for more details, please check AT&T terms of service). 
  • When you switch to a prepaid plan worth $25/mo per line, your monthly bill slashes to $100 + about $20 of extra fees for four lines.
  • When using Keepgo eSIM to get additional data, you get 2GB free (a default bonus that all Keepgo customers get after they start using the eSIM and refilling balance with at least 1GB). When using four lines, it’s likely three of them won’t exceed the 8GB data allowance, while the fourth line might need to use additional gigabytes. In this case, you can use 2GB of free data after you refill your eSIM with at least 1GB worth $24. Click here to check Lifetime eSIM prepaid data plan prices.

Your savings total at least $76 for four lines on the prepaid AT&T plan used together with Keepgo services ($220 - ($120 + $24)).

In case you used Keepgo eSIM’s data this month, but do not plan to use it next month, do not worry about the remaining data on your balance. Keepgo eSIM data plan works on the Lifetime data plan, meaning that your balance never expires (provided that you refill your line with any amount at least once a year). 

Keepgo eSIM provides you with the coverage on AT&T and T-Mobile on the same line. It means that you can always switch from the AT&T to the T-Mobile coverage whenever you are on the road or experience connectivity problems in the location where you currently stay.


How to use less data?

Apart from multiple hacks on lowering your cell phone bill, one strategy proves to be the most effective. Using less data, you get a lower monthly bill. The most common ways to use less data than counts against your monthly wireless data allowance are: 

  • Beware of your data consumption. Activities with the heaviest data consumption include high-definition video streaming (about 900MB/hour), video conferencing (480MB per hour), online gaming (60MB per hour), music streaming (30MB per hour), etc. 
  • Connecting to WiFi whenever possible. Ensure that you connect only to safe and reliable WiFi networks. In your phone’s settings, allow streaming or downloads to be completed only when your device is connected to WiFi. 
  • Streaming high-definition videos in standard-definition quality.
  • Use built-in data monitoring features of your device. Set data usage warnings or limits to disable wireless data when you reach a certain amount. 


Spend less and get more with Keepgo

There is no one-fit-it-all rule to help every user reduce the monthly cell phone bill. Many factors influence the connectivity cost, and the best way to reduce your monthly bill is to save money in the long term.

Make sure you use the right plan. Consume data wisely and do not pay for the services you do not need. If you want to cut on your AT&T bill, switch to the cheapest prepaid plan and use Keepgo connectivity services whenever you need to get extra data at an affordable price.

Do you need a reliable backup data plan for the US and the rest of the world? Take advantage of using Keepgo lines. We provide you with the best coverage in the most remote places all over the US, letting you use both AT&T and T-Mobile coverage with the same line. 

In case you do not want to pay for AT&T plans but use an AT&T phone number to send texts and make calls, VoIP applications like Google Voice and TextNow provide you with a free USA phone number that you can use to make and receive unlimited free phone calls and exchange text messages in the US, as well as the possibility to call and text globally. Learn how to use TextNow in combination with Keepgo lines.