How to Use Keepgo Lines for Free Texting and Calling

How to Use Keepgo Lines for Free Texting and Calling

Staying connected with our friends and beloved ones is what all of us need during these uncertain times. In the situation when every dollar counts, we'd like to give you advice on how you can lower cell phone bills while making free unlimited phone calls from a real US number. This is possible when using flexible Keepgo lines in combination with free messaging apps. How? Let’s find out. 

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What flexible prepaid data-only plans does Keepgo offer?


At Keepgo, you may choose from two flexible prepaid data-only plans - Lifetime and GoFi prepaid plans, which provide you with the cheapest connectivity services in the world. Choosing any of these plans, you can switch to another plan instantly using your Personal Account

  • Lifetime prepaid plan covers you in 120+ countries.
  • GoFi prepaid plan will cover you in the USA and Europe at the same low price. 

Both plans can be used in combination with any 2nd phone number app that you need to make calls locally or internationally. We'll talk about this later in this piece.

When there's been a lot said about the Lifetime prepaid data-only lines, let us introduce you to our new flexible cost-effective data-only plan for the USA and Europe. It's called GoFi.

GoFi is a prepaid data-only plan with Auto-Refill for $8/mo for 1GB + $8/GB for data used after that. This is a flexible plan that prevents you from paying extra for unlimited data that you do not really need.

In the modern-day world, we have WiFi literally everywhere - at home, in the office, in cafes, etc. To the biggest degree, you need data in the pocket when you are on the go and do not have a WiFi hotspot nearby. With Keepgo GoFi, you get the cheapest prepaid cell phone plan that provides speedy connectivity on the two top phone carriers all over the USA, i.e. AT&T and T-Mobile. 

With Keepgo GoFi prepaid data plan, you never run out of data. You will not cross over the data consumption limit either. Every account has a Bill Protection amount, which means your monthly bill will never be more than this amount.

Keeping a GoFi prepaid data SIM card installed in your unlocked mobile device or connecting to GoFi Mobile Travel WiFi hotspot, you can make free calls and send texts using TextNow, Google Voice and other popular messaging apps.


How to set up GoFi Lines

It’s easy to set up GoFi. Mind that in order to start using GoFi lines, you need to activate them first.

To activate your Keepgo GoFi prepaid data SIM card, go to and find the «Activate a new line» menu item. Enter your line ID (last 8 numbers printed on the GoFi prepaid data SIM card) and click “Activate”. The line is added to your GoFi prepaid data plan.

If you use Keepgo GoFi Mobile Travel WiFi Hotspot, go to and find the “Activate a new line» menu item. Enter your line ID (last 8 numbers printed on the rear panel of your hotspot) and click “Activate”. The line is added to your GoFi prepaid data plan.

That’s it! Your lines are active and ready to use. As soon as you activate a GoFi line, you automatically get 1GB of data on your balance. So, go ahead and start using it literally out-of-the-box. 

You can also test your line before usage by browsing to Make sure you browse from the device with the Keepgo SIM card inside or you are connected by WiFi to the Keepgo hotspot.

If you are using the Keepgo SIM card in your own device do the following:

  • Make sure data roaming is enabled in the device networking settings.
  • If APN was not set automatically, set it to in the device networking settings. Go to for detailed instructions.

    How to use Keepgo lines in combination with TextNow

    One of the most popular questions that we get from our customers is whether it’s possible to make and receive calls with Keepgo lines. The answer is YES. You can use Keepgo Lifetime and GoFi lines in combination with TextNow phone number or TextNow alternatives. 

    TextNow is a VoIP application (voice over IP) that gives you a free USA phone number that you can use to make and receive unlimited free phone calls and exchange text messages in the US, as well as the possibility to call and text globally. This is made possible with international calling plans.

    The application uses your device's existing internet connection. The person you're contacting doesn't need to be a TextNow customer in order to receive your texts and calls or send you a text or call.

    Available on:


    If you choose Keepgo WiFi hotspot, then you can start making free phone calls and send text messages using a real US phone number straight away. There is no need to tweak the APN settings. Simply turn on the portable hotspot and connect your mobile device, tablet or laptop to it. 

    In order to start using TextNow together with Keepgo Lifetime or GoFi Prepaid Data SIM card, you need to edit the APN settings on your SIM-enabled device:

    For Android devices:

    • Make sure data roaming is enabled in the device networking settings (Settings > More/Network & Internet/Connections > Mobile Networks > Enable Data Roaming).
    • If APN was not set automatically, set it to in the device networking settings. Go to for detailed instructions.

    For Apple devices:

    • Open the Safari Browser and go to
    • Go to Settings – General - Network - Enable Data Roaming 

    When you first sign up for TextNow, you’ll be asked to enter an area code from the US or Canada. You are assigned a number from an available pool of numbers in that area code. 

    With the Keepgo lines, you can make unlimited nationwide phone calls and send texts for free using the data of your GoFi Prepaid Data SIM card or GoFi Mobile Travel WiFi hotspot.

    The app also lets you start group chats and communicate with your friends instantly, using unthrottled connectivity from Keepgo. 

    In addition to free texting and calling features, TextNow has a unique way of serving your voicemails to you. The voicemail shows up in your main Conversation page of the app, just like any text message or calls log. Tap on the voicemail and hit the play button. 

    Using call forwarding, you can use your TextNow phone number to route the call to another number in the US or Canada, so that when people call your TextNow number it diverts the call to ring on another phone. The other phone does not have to have the TextNow app installed.


    TextNow Alternatives

    In addition to TextNow, you can use any other free texting and calling application that gives you a real phone number. Here are some other popular iOS and Android apps that you can use in combination with Keepgo lines:

    • 2nd Line. The app uses your Data or WiFi connection to provide your phone with an additional line. Just download the app, pick a phone number, and immediately access unlimited calling and texting from an additional line on your phone.
    • TextFree. The app works pretty much similar to TextNow. It lets you choose a custom phone number in your area to start using it for unlimited texts, calls, and voicemail. 
    • TalkU lets you make free and cheap phone calls to anyone over WiFi and 3G/4G data networks without using cell minutes. 
    • Talkatone. This is a great option for replacing your native phone to call and text for free without using cell minutes. The recipient doesn’t need to have the same application installed on their device to receive your phone call. 
    • TeleMe. Whether you want to keep a history of your audio calls or simply want to make and record calls, this app can be a good choice for this. It also lets you make high-quality phone calls using a virtual phone number in the USA and Canada. 

    The list will be extended. If you are looking for the best VoIP services for your Android or iOS devices, make sure you bookmark this post for further references. 

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