Travel to EU from US with eSIM: Reduce Connectivity Bill

How to Travel to EU from US with eSIM & Reduce Internet Bill

When planning a trip to Europe, it's crucial to consider your phone plan's international roaming capabilities. If your current plan doesn't support overseas use, obtaining a new SIM card or an eSIM for using mobile internet in Europe is essential for uninterrupted connectivity while abroad. How can you reduce internet bill when you travel to Europe? What is the best eSIM for Europe and when is it better to add one to your device?

For example, if you and your spouse travel from the USA to Germany and rely on your domestic phone plan internationally, the average cost of using 3GB of data during your vacation needs careful consideration. Some US carriers provide international roaming plans; however, these can be expensive. For instance, AT&T's Passport 3GB Plan costs $120 per month per device. Quick calculations reveal that for two devices this would total $240 per month.

An alternative worth exploring is installing a Europe eSIM on your device which could potentially reduce internet bill by about $210 each month when traveling across Europe! Let’s delve into how this can be achieved.

Things to Know About Roaming in Europe

When traveling within the European Union (EU), you can enjoy using your mobile phone without additional charges under the "roaming" or "roam like at home" policy. This means that your calls, text messages, and data usage will be charged at domestic rates, just like in your home country. However, to benefit from this policy, it's advisable to purchase a European SIM card.

In addition, mobile operators may implement a "fair use policy" to ensure fair access and utilization of the "roam like at home" rules for all roaming customers within the EU. This is intended to prevent abuse of these rules by applying reasonable control mechanisms.

If you have a mobile phone contract with a limited data allowance, you can utilize this allowance when traveling in the EU without any extra cost. The data allowance specified in your contract serves as your limit while roaming. It's important to note that if you have an exceptionally low mobile data unit price in your contract (e.g., around $1/GB), there is a possibility that your operator may charge up to $2 per GB of data during roaming.

When, Where & How to Buy an eSIM for Europe?

Before beginning your search for the finest eSIM bundles, it's helpful to identify where you can purchase the best eSIM for Europe. Firstly, verify if your mobile phone is compatible with eSIM cards - these are electronic SIM cards that eliminate the need to replace physical SIM cards. If so, you can procure eSIMs for Europe at Keepgo.


The optimal time to buy a Europe eSIM is before embarking on your travels. We recommend installing an eSIM on your device in advance; this ensures that you already have a connectivity plan available and allows activation upon arrival at your destination.

Alternatively, you can install and activate an eSIM upon reaching the destination. However, in this scenario, access to free Wi-Fi or assistance from someone willing to tether mobile data would be required in order to download and install the eSIM.

Can You Get a European eSIM in the USA?

Yes, it's possible to purchase an international eSIM for Europe prior to your trip. The primary advantage is immediate phone usage in Europe without the necessity of locating and purchasing a SIM card. This enables you to compare prices instead of hastily buying a SIM at a European airport.

Corvus - Best eSIM for Europe

For frequent travelers, staying connected with loved ones is crucial. Consider using Keepgo eSIM for Europe, a revolutionary option for digital nomads, travelers, and business professionals. Our eSIM bundles provide unmatched convenience and connectivity by eliminating the need for physical SIM cards and the hassle of swapping them in different countries.

One of our newest and most popular eSIM bundles is Corvus eSIM. This pay-as-you-go option offers extensive coverage on major networks across the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, and 30+ other European countries. It connects to local networks and provides 5G speeds where available. Additionally, this eSIM reduces risks associated with traditional physical SIM cards such as loss or damage while ensuring secure data connections that prioritize user privacy.

Users can activate their eSIM with just a few taps on their smartphone without needing any physical installation. Focused solely on data usage rather than phone numbers, it emphasizes hassle-free internet connectivity while being compatible with various smartphones and devices through simple QR code scanning provided via link.

A verified user shared: “As someone who travels frequently between the US and various European countries for business purposes; Keepgo's ease of scanning a QR code to access reliable data has been incredible! The eSIM worked really well for me. The installation was easy and quick. I tested it on various networks, and Telekom (Germany) was the best. Voice and video calls were smooth, and I also used tethering during a trip, which worked seamlessly and was quite helpful. Having mobile data during travel was a great experience, so definitely considering using it again in the future.”

Corvus - Best eSIM for Europe

How Much Can You Save on Data in Europe with Keepgo eSIM?

Now, let’s do some math.

AT&T Passport 3GB Plan costs $120 per month per device. If we do some quick calculations, we’ll come up with a $240/mo bill for two.

Choosing Corvus eSIM, you pay $5 per 1G of data, which is is $15 for 3GB per person (or $30 for two). With Corvus eSIM, you pay as you go, only for the data used, without any hidden changes or extra fees. 


So, when you travel to Europe from the USA together with your spouse and use Corvus data-only eSIM for connectivity, you reduce monthly internet bill by $210.

Other Benefits You Get with Europe eSIM by Keepgo

Unlocking the full potential of a EU eSIM comes with a myriad of benefits. Firstly, there are no monthly payments, contracts, or extra fees involved, offering a hassle-free experience. Moreover, refilled gigabytes remain valid for life, requiring only an annual refill—even as low as $3—to maintain their longevity. Private internet access is guaranteed without the need for passports or ID cards; simply sign up with a valid email address. The provided Residential Privacy IP ensures anonymity by hiding the user's real IP location.

When it comes to connectivity, you have the freedom to choose the best network, with several local options available per country. This grants unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to connect to the preferred cellular operator hassle-free.

You can easily monitor their remaining balance through, ensuring transparency and control over date usage.

Bottom line

So, how to save on mobile internet in Europe when you arrive for a vacation? The best option is to travel with an eSIM that offers coverage all across Europe. Your eSIM will automatically connect you to the local carrier in the country that you visit, and you can enjoy a reliable and fast  internet connection without the hassle of buying local SIM cards.

With an eSIM, you won’t pay extra changes either. At Keepgo, each eSIM bundle has a fixed price of refills. This means the connectivity cost won’t change throughout your journey. The data prices are the same for all the countries your eSIM bundle covers.

Saving more than $200/mo on connectivity in Europe for a family of two is possible provided you know where to find the best eSIM for Europe. Follow our recommendations and have safe travels!