Travel to Eurovision in Sweden with the Best eSIM for Europe

Bring the Best eSIM for Europe Travel to Eurovision in Sweden

The most exciting song contest that all music fans are anxiously anticipating will start in Malmö, Sweden, on May 7, 2024. The European and global community is already anticipating discovering who will win Eurovision 2024. While the most avid fans have already started packing their bags and booking flights with hotels, have you taken care of bringing a reliable eSIM for Europe travel with you?

Advantages of Buying eSIM for Europe Travel in Advance

Every traveler knows the importance of being connected every step of the way. Whenever you arrive in a foreign country, looking for a Telenor or Telia retail store to buy a local SIM card at the airport is the last thing you should worry about upon arrival to Sweden. Besides, why should you limit yourself to the possibility of staying connected on one of Sweden's two leading mobile networks when you can use both of them with the same eSIM?

Rather than replacing your current SIM card with another SIM for your European travel, obtaining and installing an eSIM beforehand allows you to find the best eSIM for Sweden at your leisure. At Keepgo, you can choose from multiple eSIM bundles offering European coverage. Depending on your data consumption, you can choose between 100 MB, 1 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB, 50 GB, and 100 GB refills. One of the significant advantages of using Keepgo eSIM bundles is that all data is valid for 365 days, regardless of the chosen data package. This makes our eSIM the best choice for all your travel needs. Whether you are a frequent traveler or go abroad once a year, you always have a valid eSIM handy. Only ensure you choose an eSIM with coverage in the country/countries you are heading.

Whether traveling to Europe from the USA, Canada, Africa, Australia, Mexico, or anywhere else, you can browse the best eSIM for Europe travel deals from home, compare the rates, and compare the eSIM countries list. You can also refill your eSIM balance before leaving for your vacation. When using Keepgo eSIM, rest assured that your balance validity countdown will start when you use your balance. This means you can install the eSIM in advance and start using your data when you arrive in the destination country.

Besides, using an eSIM does not require paying roaming fees. Your eSIM lets you roam like home. It automatically connects you to the local connectivity provider with the best coverage in the place where you stay. If needed, you can manually change the network in your smartphone settings.

Corvus - Best eSIM for Sweden and Europe Travel

Instead of spending your time and money purchasing costly local SIM cards, we recommend installing Corvus eSIM before you leave for your vacation. Use eSIM for data only to have a reliable mobile internet service when you take off the plane.

Corvis is one of the best eSIMs for Sweden and European travel in the Keepgo collection. It’s one of the cheapest eSIM bundles for Europe, offering connectivity in over 30 countries. Corvus will be useful for your stay in Sweden during the song contest and your vacations to countries like Germany, France, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, and other popular destinations. In each place featured on the eSIM countries list, the Corvus eSIM offers coverage on 2 or more leading networks.

The refill prices start at $3 for 100 MB of data. As a rule, travelers spend an average of 3 GB during one vacation. However, considering the purpose of your journey to Sweden, we may suggest you need more data than an average user. You will likely post many videos and pictures from the event, so the 5 GB refill option for $14 might be the best. Fear not if you do not consume the entire data package on your vacation. If there are megabytes of data left, the balance won’t expire. So, you may rely on the remaining Corvus balance during your next vacation to Europe.

Why Use eSIM for Data Only?

Let’s face the truth. How do you commonly connect with your family and friends abroad? We usually use wireless internet connection to make calls and send text messages through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and other popular apps. When you use eSIM for data only, you can connect to your preferred network where you stay without switching between multiple physical SIM cards (most of which are commonly lost when you replace one SIM card with another on the go).

Additionally, using data-only eSIM plans is more cost-effective than regular data plans. You do not need to pay for eSIM; you only pay for the data you use. Besides, eSIMs sold by companies like Keepgo do not require you to sign any contracts or provide your data. All you need to share is your valid email address, and we’ll email you with a QR code for eSIM installation.

Besides the convenience, data-only eSIMs are a game-changer for travelers. By providing internet access without voice calling or text messaging capabilities, eSIM bundles offer travelers flexibility, letting them use data for free texting and calling whenever required.

How to Buy Keepgo eSIM for Europe Travel

Before downloading a Keepgo eSIM bundle, we strongly recommend ensuring your device supports the eSIM technology. After confirming eSIM compatibility, take the following steps to install Keepgo eSIM.

  1. Choose the best eSIM for Europe travel from the list. For example, we recommend choosing Corvus eSIM for Europe.
  2. After you open the Corvus eSIM bundle page, click the Buy eSIM button, and you’ll be taken to MyAccount (where you need to sign up or register).
  3. In MyAccount, you’ll be taken directly to the eSIM bundle’s page, where you can choose the preferred refill option by clicking the Buy eSIM button. You will see a list of eSIM refill data options with prices.
  4. Feel free to choose your preferred method to refill your eSIM: PayPal, all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover), iDEAL, or Bancontact (please set the currency in your account to EURO for such refills), or cryptocurrency (please note that each cryptocurrency has a minimum payment limit).
  5. After successfully buying an eSIM, you will receive a confirmation email with a QR code.
  6. Scan the QR code to install the eSIM on your device. The eSIM setup process may differ depending on your device. For help, please refer to our detailed installation guides.

Please note that you can activate the eSIM only when you stay/arrive in the country that the chosen eSIM covers.

How to Never Run Out of Balance with Your eSIM

Running low on balance is the last thing you want to encounter when traveling to Europe and visiting song contests like Eurovision and other events. At Keepgo, we have foreseen this and equipped your eSIM with the Auto-Refill and Bill protection features. If you haven’t tried these tools, let us introduce you to their benefits.

As the name suggests, the Auto-Refill feature automatically adds the required data to your line. At Keepgo, we have added the Auto-Refilll functionality to all eSIM bundles and physical SIM cards. You can enable the Auto-Refill functionality to each line individually. For example, if you choose Corvus eSIM for Europe travel, enable Auto-Refill for your line before your vacation. Whenever your line’s balance falls below 100 MB, or the validity expires, the chosen amount of data will be automatically added to your line. Thus, you never run out of data and always have a reliable connectivity plan in your pocket. 

Bill Protection prevents you from paying excessive fees by limiting the monthly amount charged to your account. Your monthly charge won't exceed the Bill Protection amount. You decide on the amount allowed for Bill Protection yourself. We recommend activating Bill Protection together with the Auto-Refill functionality. This way, your account won’t be charged more than the monthly maximum allowed amount.

Final Words

The season of exciting travel discoveries is about to begin. Whether you plan to visit the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden this year or to discover new stunning European destinations, ensure you bring the best eSIM for European travel. At Keepgo, we offer several eSIM data bundles for Europe. Corvus should be your best choice if you are looking for the cheapest eSIM for traveling in Europe. Competitive prices and reliable connectivity of our data-only eSIM should be your best companion during European discoveries.

Install the eSIM for data-only connectivity before leaving for your vacation. Activate eSIM upon arrival and start exploring Europe using the connectivity services of the leading network providers in the countries where you travel!