How to Choose the Best Cellular Provider

How to Choose the Best Cellular Provider

There are likely many mobile operators in your area that claim they are the fastest, safest, and most reliable solutions for your personal and business needs. It’s great for you as a consumer of mobile data services because you have the freedom to choose. How can you understand what cellular provider will perfectly meet your needs? Let’s find it out.

We at Keepgo are always looking carefully at the cellular provider that we choose for our data plans to ensure that you use the best services wherever you go. Is it AT&T or T-Mobile that you choose to stay connected in the US? Would you prefer using Rogers in Canada? Is that KPN, T-Mobile, or Vodafone that you would rely on in the Netherlands? With the Keepgo eSIM profile installed on your device, you can manually choose the preferred operator from our coverage list

Keepgo physical SIM cards and eSIMs let you take full control of the connectivity services you use. Our products work not on one but several operators in all countries that we cover. With the SIM cards installed on your Android, iOS, or Windows device, you can manually choose the network you connect to. See our step-by-step instructions on how to switch networks in your phone settings manually. 


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How to Check Connection Speed

Everyone around looks for the fastest Internet speeds. Why does this matter? Using the fastest Internet connection, you can do so many things in real-time. For example, you can launch live streaming sessions when you are on vacation or hold an educational seminar online. Fast Internet speeds take you less time to find the needed information, upload or download something, work remotely with the maximum efficiency, watch movies, play games, and do a lot more. There are different apps to run speed tests on your local servers or any different server worldwide. Let's check out some of the most popular solutions.

Using Speedtest App

Do you know how fast the network that you currently use is? Apps like let you check out your current mobile data speeds and check how fast your network would perform in different locations. Using a combination of upload and download speeds, the app lets you check your mobile internet speed on the server that is the closest to you or on any other server in your country and the rest of the world. It’s a very convenient solution for people who are planning to leave for a vacation and need to ensure their cellular provider will offer the highest speeds and the best coverage in the needed area. 

You can also repeat the test on the same server to get more data or choose a different server in the nearby locations. The app lets you run tests on more than 2,700 servers worldwide. The servers are intended to be used only for testing and measuring purposes. They are not used to track your Internet activities. 

At the end of the test, you will be provided with a selection of tools to share your results with friends on social media or to use an embed code that you can share on your own site or blog.


If you want to keep your online life under control, you may be interested in testing your connection speed. Checking data speeds is especially crucial for digital nomads, business travelers, or work-from-home employees. It helps you manage your data usage and spending, as no one wants to overpay for low speeds.

One of the most popular mistakes users make while testing Internet speed is using generic services that run tests on local servers in their countries. The results of such speed tests commonly show high download and upload speeds, which does not always correspond to reality. If you work with tools like WhatsApp, Zoom, Slack, a corporate VPN, etc., the speed test results can be different. That’s why it is important to run tests in the countries where the servers of these services are located. 

For example, you manage your Amazon store from the cozy apartment in Germany. A simple Google search will show that Amazon has its servers on the East Coast, US. Using this knowledge and professional testing services, you can get more precise speed test results while choosing servers located in Miami, FL. 


How to Find Providers with the Best Coverage? 

If you are looking for the best providers offering the highest speeds in the selected areas, you may consider using the Coverage Map app by RootMetrics. The app lets you test the network performance in the areas where you live, work, and travel. The app not only lets you test the mobile speed performance in the neighborhood but also produce data that allows cellular carriers improve the quality of their mobile services. 

When you launch the app, you can manage the settings to choose the options that you want to test. For example, you may choose to test the areas where a selected operator offers 4G or 5G coverage. You can also check what networks offer the best speeds and coverage in the area where you currently stay. This functionality will be especially useful for customers using Keepgo eSIM. Once you find out what providers offer the best service in the chosen area, you can go ahead and check out if your eSIM plan supports the required network, and connect to it. 

To check it, sign in to MyAccount, go to eSIM lines, click on the “More Info” button, and select the Countries & Networks option.

If you use Keepgo services, are there any countries or networks that you’d like to be added to our coverage list? Please let us know in chat or via email, your opinion matters a lot!