How to Be Connected with International SIM Cards on Travels

How to Be Connected with International SIM Cards on Travels

For any traveler, be it old or new, it’s important to plan new journeys and explore connectivity opportunities ahead of time. A voyager needs to grab tickets at the best price, take care of the hotel room reservation, as well as make up a list of the must-visit places. While all these bursts of wanderlust are needed for globetrotting, it’s essential for every international tourist to keep in mind basic travel safety tips.

By means of a versatile global SIM card installed in their smartphone, travelers can stay connected to their native place. Such international SIM cards work seamlessly, providing flawless connectivity services in 110+countries. However, there are many instances during travels when voyagers need to troubleshoot their SIM cards for uninterrupted connectivity.

To help you achieve your traveling goals, we are presenting a quick guide with hacks on how to use seamless connectivity solutions with your LTE Data SIM card. The following instructions will be helpful to both new and veteran travelers.

Learn Manual Network Selection

Whenever a traveler enters a new country, their international SIM cards connect to a default local carrier network. As a rule, your SIM card will work without any issues. But still, there are some regions where the default carrier might not deliver the strongest connectivity.

Instead of getting irritated because of poor connectivity and the need to call customer support care service, a simple step towards selecting the strongest local network from the list of several recommended options can solve the problem. In such a way, voyagers can enjoy their visit to foreign counties while making use of instant connectivity services.

Save the APN Settings Separately in Your Smartphone

The first and foremost thing that every international traveler needs to do is setting up the Access Point Name (APN) setting in their smartphone. As soon as you finish your phone configuration, your global SIM card will start working seamlessly no matter to which country you travel.

This is exactly what differentiates between an experienced traveler and a newbie. Experiences travelers save the APN settings separately in their smartphones. This keeps them always connected in case the handset’s configuration changes when they visit a new country.


Disable CallBack Option

This is an old phone option that’s now rarely used by international travelers. It was earlier used to initiate a call from the server by means of a specific number to a user instead of calling the number directly. Taking into account that outgoing calls were too costly, such actions resulted in savings on outgoing calls.

Today, direct calling is used to reduce roaming charges and improve cellular technologies. This makes the Call Back option unnecessary for travelers. So, if your smartphone has any sort of connectivity issues, make sure that the Call Back option is disabled on your device.

These are the basic troubleshooting hacks for international travelers to keep in mind while on a vacation. However, most of these concerns will be irrelevant if you choose the Keepgo data SIM card. It delivers seamless connectivity services no matter where you travel at the most affordable price.