Keepgo Referral Program Best Practices — A Manual

Keepgo Referral Program Best Practices — A Manual

Keepgo has launched a Referral Program and welcomes everyone to join and earn rewards. The affiliate program will be especially interesting to all avid travelers passionate about discovering new places of the world. Joining Keepgo Referral program is a great chance to let more people learn about the best connectivity opportunities, as well as earn free megabytes of data for every sale that you generate. 

How does the affiliate program work? What are the terms and conditions? How to generate the maximum revenue? That’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this article.

Thus, the manual includes: 

  • General information about the referral program;
  • Best practices on how to use referral links in blog posts;
  • Running email marketing campaigns with affiliate content;
  • Posting affiliate links on social media;
  • Teaming up with fellow affiliates;
  • How else can you benefit from Keepgo Referral Program?

Let’s start from the beginning and find out what Keepgo Referral Program is all about.


Introduction to Keepgo Referral Program

keepgo referral program

It doesn’t matter if you have used Keepgo connectivity solutions ever before. Keepgo welcomes everyone to join, including our loyal customers and those users who are absolutely new to our products. You do not need to make any investments in order to become our referral partner. Keepgo lets you earn free megabytes of data as a reward for your participation in the Referral Program.

You, as an Advocate, will get a coupon for 3 GB of free data valid for life for your eSIM or Lifetime line whenever someone uses the link to buy the Data SIM, Mobile Hotspot or eSIM.

Your referred friend will get a data coupon (3 GB for a Lifetime line or eSIM).

How does it work? It's as easy as 1-2-3.

    1. You can register in the referral program and create your unique affiliate link
    2. Share your referral link via email, social media or on your own blog. 
    3. Every time someone clicks your referral link and buys a SIM Card or a Hotspot, that person will get 3GB bonus data coupon for Lifetime lines.

Every successful referral adds free data to your balance and extends the validity of all your data for 1 year. Every time someone uses your referral code to purchase Keepgo products, you will receive an email notification on this. Also, you can check your personalized referral tracker page to check out your rewards.


Best Practices on How to Create Blog Posts with Referral Links

As soon as you get your exclusive affiliate link, you are practically all set to use it throughout all pieces of your content. However, before you start putting your referral link all over your copies, you’d better learn about the best practices on how to optimize your affiliate data and attain the maximum benefits from affiliate links. 

Add Anchor Texts to Affiliate Links

Think about user-friendly ways to insert affiliate links in the body of your texts. Instead of adding a long hyperlink to your copy, put affiliate links in your article by making certain words or phrases clickable. 


Which of these two options looks more appealing to you?

It’s clear that a contextual anchor text looks more user-friendly and appealing. Making your referral link descriptive and relevant to the linked page, you will help users understand where they will go once they click on your link. 

Here is a good example of how to use an affiliate link with anchor text within your copy.


Avoid Stuffing

Balance the number of affiliate links that you use in your copy. There isn’t one specific rule on the number of affiliate links that you can paste in a copy. 

Put affiliate links where it makes sense. One method of balancing your affiliate links is to use one line per every 1,000 words on a web page, article or review. 

While working on your copy, find a healthy balance between monetization and user experience. By means of your content, educate your readers and bring value to them about the chosen topic. 


Add Nofollow Attribute to Affiliate Links

It’s a good practice to use nofollow affiliate links to avoid the risk of having your blog penalized by Google. Once you add the nofollow attribute to your data, Google will ignore it and you will be able to preserve your SEO rankings.

WordPress is used on more than 63.5% of all websites on the web. If you also run a WordPress-based blog, then the following quick instruction on how to add the “nofollow attribute” to an affiliate link will be useful for you. 

  • Log in to your blog’s panel;
  • Go into your new post;
  • Switch to HTML view by clicking the Text tab;
  • Find your affiliate links ;
  • And just add rel="nofollow" within "a href" tag.

By default a link looks like this in HTML:

<a href="">API SIM</a>

Here’s how it looks with the nofollow attribute:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Data SIM Card</a>


Where to Put Your Affiliate Links

Your affiliate links can be placed in literally any part of your content. However, in order to make your referral strategy work right, it’s important to determine where to put your affiliate links for the best results. 

There are several places where you can use affiliate links on your blog: 

  • The body of your blog posts. You can create honest reviews of the affiliate products you select for promotion. For example, you can take Keepgo WiFI hotspot to your next trip and tell your readers how well it performed in the visited country. You can also highlight some extra benefits that you drove from using the device. For example, apart from serving as an international connectivity solution, people can use a hotspot as a portable charger for their smartphones and tablets. Avid travelers will appreciate you sharing your personal opinion in such reviews. Also, don’t forget to attach your own pictures of the device and video (if you have one). People enjoy visual content more than plain text.
  • Sidebars within your blog (your content links can be accompanied with clickable banners). Prominent banners that accompany other pieces of your site’s content can help you increase conversions and attract more users to your offers. One common mistake that affiliates make is putting too many banners in a sidebar of your blog. If you don’t want to confuse your readers, never place banners for similar items in the sidebar. Banner ads serve as recommendations for your readers. Place banners that are related to a particular niche within your niche. For example, if you create a blog post about travel essentials, then placing a banner ad for a WiFi Hotspot will be relevant to your audience. 
  • As an affiliate marketer, you can create YouTube videos around the products that you promote and include your referral link in the process. There are two ways to embed affiliate links into video content — in your video description and YouTube annotations (transparent boxes pop up at preselected times and places within a YouTube video).  


When using referral links in your content, it’s important to be honest with your readers. As stated by Missy Ward - the creator of the Affiliate Summit, it’s necessary to disclose affiliate links, so you present an honest attitude towards your audience. 


Running Email Marketing Campaign

Running email marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be something difficult to do. However, it still requires certain preparation and strategy in order to engage with more subscribers.

Create simple emails as if you are talking to your friend or prospect. Well-polished “professional” marketing emails don’t have such a great impact on recipients as conversational emails.

When using emails to promote your referral link, don’t use complicated designs that would distract your audience from the message that you’d like to deliver to your audience. Use plain text emails instead. They are easy on the eyes and convey a sense of honesty to your readers.

The following tips can prove to be helpful for you while working on your email campaign.

  • Keep emails short and to the point. Your email shouldn’t be any longer than about three sentences. This is enough to give your audience a sense of what you are promoting, without giving too much away.

  • Highlight the key product’s benefits for your readers. For example, you can speak about such benefits of using a portable WiFi hotspot from Keepgo as: its compact size, light weight, validity in 120+ countries, a full year of top-up validity, etc. 
  • Personalize your recommendation. Tell how you benefited from using a specific item and reveal positive results with the product. For example, you can say that while traveling abroad with your friends, you can share connectivity with up to 16 devices at a time.
  • Don’t overdo with links. Put one affiliate link in the text of your email and another one near the end of your message. This can serve as your call to action.
  • Use email marketing alongside other methods of promotion of your referral link.


Posting Affiliate Links on Social Media

Using social media for your affiliate marketing campaign is probably the simplest and quickest way to start making money online.

While sharing publications on popular social media platforms, make sure that your content not only spreads the word about your affiliate link but also provides actual value to your audience. Posts without value will cause the online community to lose interest in you. This can render all your efforts of using social media for affiliate marketing useless.

There are several methods that will help you build an effective affiliate marketing campaign on social media. Take a look as the following tried and tested approaches that can help you create a working affiliate marketing campaign in social media.


Focus on Content

When you create posts for social media, stop and focus on your content. Do your posts provide any sort of value to your audience regardless of your affiliate link? Do they stand out from the rest of the pieces of data people see in their newsfeed to grab users’ attention? Provide unique and high-quality that your followers will be eager to discover.

In addition to creating short pieces of content to promote your referral link, you can also promote new valuable publications that appear on your blog.


Use Photos

Visual content is one of the most effective ways to draw attention to your social media content. When scrolling through their newsfeed, people are more likely to notice those posts that feature high-quality pictures that are relevant to a specific topic.


Promote High-quality Products You Tried by Yourself

Linking to products of low quality will hardly help you reach the anticipated results in your social media campaign. If you’d like to attract the public interest to a specific sort of physical or virtual items, try them in action by yourself before sharing recommendations with your followers.

Your efforts will have more success backing products that you really love and believe in. If you impress the audience with your unique examples of how certain features of chosen items helped you on your vacation or business trip, then people are likely to have more desire to try such items by themselves.

For example, while talking about Keepgo WiFi hotspot, you can mention that you are able to share speedy 4G connectivity with up to 16 devices when going to foreign countries. Avid travelers know the real value of accessing safe hotspots on a trip. So, people are likely to have a desire to click on your affiliate link for more details about items you recommend.


Be Active

Posting frequently will help you keep your audience on board. No matter what social media platforms you choose for the promotion of your referral links, it’s important to communicate with your subscribers actively. It’s important not to over-saturate you with too many social media channels.

For this reason, focus on just one or two social media platforms. By doing so, you can remain optimally active and provide your followers with optimal care. Set aside a couple of hours a day and spend this time to create valuable and unique pieces of content for the chosen social media channels.

Here are several of the most popular social media channels that you can use for your affiliate marketing campaign. 

  • On Facebook, you can distribute your affiliate links via a personal profile or a business page. Do not spam the newsfeed of your followers with affiliate link posts. Convince them to click on your referral links by sharing entertaining and intriguing content that happens to feature your affiliate link.
  • Instagram posts are not clickable. However, you can include links in the bio section or Stories (provided that you have gained 10K Instagram followers or more).
  • Pinterest provides you with several opportunities to drive traffic to your affiliate links. You can create pins and boards around a particular product. For example, if you become an affiliate marketer for Keepgo Global Data SIM Card, you can create a Pinterest board around travel tips, international connectivity tips, and related solutions. Within that board, include a couple of pins featuring your affiliate link.
  • Twitter limits your posts to the maximum length of 140 characters. When using Twitter for the promotion of your referral links, you need to be creative and experiment with different styles of copywriting in order to come up with those methods that have proven to drive maximum affiliate links clicks. To create more intriguing social media copy, pair your posts with images and videos.   


Team up with Fellow Affiliates

It’s wrong to treat other affiliates only as your competitors. Connecting with others, you can get the needed team of mentality and cooperation that will help you improve your follower base and get wider exposure for your referral link. Teaming up with fellow affiliate marketers you can share links, posts, and bring each other up.

By following these simple tips even a novice can run an effective social media campaign for the promotion of an affiliate marketing campaign. Social media networks are intended to be user-friendly. This remains relevant whether you are sharing your vacation photos with friends or create posts with a referral link for an item you believe in. 


How Else Can You Benefit from Keepgo Referral  Program?

While participating in the referral program, you are provided with a number of extra benefits that you and your followers will appreciate. 

  • You can deliver cross-border connectivity solutions to your social media fans and blog readers in 150+ countries around the globe. 
  • You and your clients can enjoy instant connectivity solutions while paying only for the megabytes you used, without any contracts or hidden fees.
  • You are provided with 24/7 support. Whenever you need our help or advice, professional customer support assistance will be at your disposal.


Final Words

Joining Keepgo Referral Program, you are provided with a unique chance to recommend your friends and social media followers to buy Keepgo Data SIM card or WiFi hotspots and receive free data on your balance as a reward for every sale. 

If you have already tried Keepgo products, then you can let your followers get quality connectivity solutions through your unique referral link in your blog post, through email, and social media platforms. 

Use the aforementioned tips for the maximum efficiency of your affiliate campaign. As a Keepgo referral, you are provided with around-the-clock assistance and global coverage no matter where your smart devices are used. 

Join now and start earning rewards on your balance when your referral link is used.