How to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill with T-Mobile and Keepgo Services

How to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill with T-Mobile and Keepgo Services

Following our recent article with saving tips for AT&T users, we’d like to discuss how T-Mobile customers can lower their bill by $80 per month, about $1000 per year for a family of three. One of the most popular carriers in the USA offers several prepaid plans with unlimited data. However, do you really need unlimited data when you can use WiFi at home, in the office, and in most other places that you visit? Using T-Mobile services and your Keepgo line, you can use wireless connectivity more cost-effectively. How? Let’s find it out. 

How can you benefit from combining T-Mobile and Keepgo services? 

We commonly use our cellular lines for texting and calling in everyday life. Most of our cell phone plans also include wireless internet data. How often did you use all gigabytes from your data plan? We mostly use wireless data when we are out of home or when WiFi doesn't work. So the question is why should you pay for the services you don't need? 

Suppose you use your T-Mobile line for texting and calling mainly, rather than using an unlimited data plan (T-Mobile Magenta Max unlimited data plan costs $140 /mo. for 3 phone lines with AutoPay, Taxes & fees included) or prepaid Unlimited Plus plan (priced at $60 for 1 Line + taxes & fees, i.e. $180 for 3 lines + extra fees), you can opt for cheaper plans for texting and calling on T-Mobile. 

Besides paying the monthly bill for T-Mobile services based on the chosen plan, you should be informed that not all T-Mobile plans include taxes and fees. Some surcharges vary based on where you live because different states charge T-Mobile different amounts for various taxes, which gets put on your bill.

For example, T-Mobile is legally required to collect a 911 surcharge on behalf of your state. In some places, there are regulatory program fees or recovery fees that have to do with third-party services and government programs. These fees are charged to T-Mobile and T-Mobile recovers those costs by charging its customers. 

Extra charges vary based on the stage where you live. These might include the following: 

  • Regulatory Programs and Telco Recovery Fee - $3.49/line/month for voice lines and $1.40/line/month for data only lines
  • Some states, counties, and cities impose gross receipts taxes and excise taxes on telecommunications providers, covering wireless communications services, sales and rentals of wireless devices, and other services T-Mobile provides. T-Mobile may choose to recover the costs associated with these gross receipts taxes by charging customers a monthly recovery fee on each service line and other local charges we recover.
  • Federal Universal Fund Assessment. This monthly charge can vary quarterly based on the USF contribution factor established by the Federal Communications Commission. All interstate telecommunications service providers must contribute to the Federal Universal Service Fund (USF). The Federal USF subsidizes telecommunications services in rural and high-cost areas, services for low-income consumers, and services for schools, libraries, and rural health care providers. T-Mobile charges a monthly fee per line to recover the cost of these contributions and may include other charges also related to this governmental program. Different assessment rates apply to various services (e.g., International calls).

If you need to keep your phone number for texting and calling, you can use the cheapest T-Mobile plan for cellular services and get more data on demand whenever you need it using Keepgo prepaid services. 

How to use Keepgo products with T-Mobile

There are several ways to benefit from using Keepgo products with T-Mobile. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

Use Keepgo eSIM as a backup connectivity solution 

If you have an eSIM-enabled device, you can download Keepgo eSIM for free, refill your line with any amount starting at $3 and use the data only when needed. 

There are 13 eSIM data bundles operating in 100+ countries provided by Keepgo. Each data bundle features its own refill prices and coverage list. For example, if you want to use T-Mobile and AT&T coverage in the USA, Solaris Lifetime Prepaid Data eSIM should be your best choice. This pay-as-you-go eSIM lets you use AT&T and T-Mobile with the same line and switch between networks. Enjoy instant Internet access across the USA and stay connected even in remote places.

All eSIM data bundles have in common that their data is valid forever when refilled at least once per year. Every eSIM provides you with a privacy IP address and doesn’t ask you to provide any personal information to start using the best wireless connectivity services at the most affordable prices on the market. 

Install Keepgo SIM in your dual-SIM device for travel or local use

If your smartphone or tablet is not eSIM-compatible but it lets you use two physical SIM cards simultaneously, you can install Keepgo Lifetime World SIM card or install an eSIM if your smartphone supports this technology. Depending on where and how you want to use your second line, you can choose between our Lifetime SIM cards and eSIM with data valid forever without any obligatory monthly refills. 

If it’s a Lifetime SIM cards and eSIM that you install in the second slot of your dual-SIM device, you will always get the best coverage where you use Keepgo services. All our products operate on two or more wireless networks in every country that we cover. For example, whenever you plan a trip to Germany, you can use Keepgo Lifetime Europe SIM card and use O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone with the same line. Switch between the carriers to get the best coverage in your stay location. If Germany is not the only European country you want to visit, your Keepgo Lifetime Europe SIM card will also come in handy to you in 30+ European countries. Data refill prices are the same in all countries covered by the Lifetime Europe SIM card. 

Carry a portable WiFi hotspot always with you 

Don't get upset if your device is locked or doesn’t support the eSIM technology. Keepgo provides portable travel WiFi hotspots on the Lifetime plan. Whichever option you choose, you will be able to connect up to 15 WiFi-enabled devices to it simultaneously. Such devices are the best choice for families and big groups of people leaving for a vacation or looking for a reliable backup data solution. 

How can you lower your T-Mobile bill? 

One of the first steps you need to take is to switch to a more cost-effective T-Mobile data plan. There are three prepaid data plans available. If you use Unlimited Plus for $60 per line, your total bill for three lines will be $180/mo + taxes and fees. 

If you do not use more than 10GB of data per month, it would be a more cost-effective solution to switch to the $40/mo data plan per line, which is $120/mo for 3 lines + taxes and fees. If we do not calculate extra charges that differ in different locations, switching to the cheaper plan will result in the $60 savings per month for a family of three. 

If you still feel like using T-Mobile unlimited plan is the best option for you and your family, you may consider switching to the following options. 

Such plans already include extra fees so that you won’t face any unexpected charges. All of them include: 

  • Unlimited 5G & 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited talk & text
  • Nationwide 5G coverage
  • Exclusive perks with T-Mobile Tuesdays
  • Dedicated customer care
  • Advanced scam-blocking protection

If you do not need your mobile data plan to include a Netflix subscription, you may choose the Essentials plans for $90/mo for 3 phone lines, which is a $90 saving compared to using the Unlimited Plus plan for 3 lines. 

Other ways to lower your monthly T-Mobile bill include discounts for people aged 55+, military and veterans, and first responders. Different categories offer different discounts. For example, if you belong to the 55+ group, the Magenta 55+ will cost you $105 /mo. Instead of $120/mo. for 3 lines (with taxes and fees included). You may check out the rest of the discounts on the T-Mobile plans page.

Let’s calculate how to lower your T-Mobile bill with Keepgo 

Suppose that you use an eSIM-enabled device and you switched from T-Mobile Unlimited Plus ($180/mo per 3 lines + extra fees) to the Essentials plan ($90/mo for 3 lines with taxes included). In this case, your monthly savings make up more than $90 for a family of three. 

The T-Mobile Essentials plan includes 50GB of data for 3 lines, about 16GB of data per line. Let’s assume that you need more than 16GB per month. In this case, you can start using your Keepgo eSIM for uninterrupted data usage. Suppose that you choose the aforementioned Solaris Lifetime Prepaid Data eSIM that offers both AT&T and T-Mobile coverage in the USA. The prices for a refill will start at $3 for 100MB valid forever. If you need 1GB of extra data this month, you can complete a one-time payment of $7 to add 1GB to Keepgo eSIM. Besides, every new customer who downloads Keepgo eSIM and refills a balance with at least 1GB gets 2GB of bonus data. Thus, instead of 1GB, you get 3GB of data valid forever. Even if you do not use 3GB this month, the remaining data will remain available to you for the whole year or more (provided that you refill your eSIM line’s balance with any amount once a year, even 100MB for $3). 

Now let's see how much you can save using T-Mobile with Keepgo services for a family of three. The calculations are the following: 

  • Switching from T-Mobile Unlimited Plus ($180/mo per 3 lines + extra fees) to the Essentials plan ($90/mo for 3 lines with taxes included) brings you more than a $90 saving. 
  • When using Keepgo lines to get additional data, you get 2GB free (a default bonus that all Keepgo customers get after they start using the eSIM and refilling the balance with at least 1GB). When using three lines, likely, two of them won’t exceed the 16GB data allowance, while the third line might need to use additional gigabytes. In this case, you can use 2GB of free data after you refill your eSIM with at least 1GB worth $7. 

Your savings total at least $83 for three lines on the T-Mobile Essentials plan combined with Keepgo eSIM ($180 - ($90 + $7)).

With Keepgo eSIM, you can use the coverage of both T-Mobile and AT&T using the same line. Switch from T-Mobile to AT&T whenever you wish to get the best wireless internet services in your location.