5 Top Reasons Why Using eSIM Makes Your Life Easier

5 Top Reasons Why Using eSIM Makes Your Life Easier

Unlike a traditional SIM card, an eSIM profile is embedded into your device and gives you the freedom to enjoy top-notch connectivity anytime and anywhere you wish. An eSIM provides you more freedom and flexibility when using high-speed internet at home or abroad. Being compatible with all eSIM-enabled devices, an eSIM can be used as a stand-alone connectivity solution or in combination with physical SIM cards, thus turning your smartphone, tablet, or laptop into a multi-SIM device.

Although most last-generation smartphones, tablets, and laptops are eSIM-compatible, many people still do not know what an eSIM is. The embedded SIM card has all the functionality of a traditional SIM card, though it’s not physically installed in your smartphone. The beauty of an eSIM is that it can hold multiple carriers and countries simultaneously. By using an eSIM, there is no need to worry about replacing your home SIM card with another one when traveling or facing the risk of losing that tiny hardware if it’s stored somewhere unsafely.

An eSIM lets you keep your home carrier’s SIM card in one slot and use the services provided by the eSIM. Besides, using an eSIM is cheaper than a physical SIM card. All eSIMs are available for free download at Keepgo. You only pay for data when you refill your line.

There are many other reasons why using an eSIM can make your life easier. Let’s see how.


Learn more about our Lifetime Prepaid Data eSIM

Check our eSIM

Learn more about our Lifetime Prepaid Data eSIM

Check our eSIM

Installing an eSIM Is Much Cheaper Than Buying a Local SIM Card

Keepgo eSIMs are available for free download. You only pay for the data that you add to your balance. When refilling your eSIM with any amount at least once a year, the balance of your line remains valid for a lifetime. Besides, you can use your data in as many countries as the eSIM covers. When traveling to a country like the USA, you can save hundreds of dollars throughout your trip. Instead of buying a costly AT&T or T-Mobile data package, you can use the coverage of both carriers using the same eSIM profile.

Choose Operator with the Best Coverage 

Keepgo eSIM lets you take full control of your connectivity services. It works not on one but several operators in all countries. With the eSIM profile installed on your Android, iOS, and Windows device, you can choose the network you connect to. See our step-by-step instructions on switching networks in your phone settings. 

Speaking about eSIMs provided by Keepgo, you can connect to several carriers in every country where the eSIM has coverage. There are several eSIM data bundles that you can choose from. Every bundle features its own set of countries and networks that provide wireless internet coverage in the chosen location. For example, Keepgo provides Andromeda eSIM data bundle that offers affordable prices on AT&T in the US, Rogers in Canada, and top networks in Asia. 

You can also check if Keepgo eSIM supports a particular operator in the country where you stay or where you travel. To check it, sign in to MyAccount, go to eSIM lines, click on the “More Info” button, and select the Countries & Networks option.

Using CoverageMap mobile app, you can see the network coverage in your area, which helps you understand which mobile operator has the best coverage in your location. 

Your Connectivity Is Secured

In the event of your phone theft, criminals can pull out your SIM card and simply throw it away. An eSIM profile is already installed on your device, which lets you track your phone, activate or deactivate your eSIM profile via a dedicated personal account, and retain your data. 

One more way to secure your connectivity is by using a privacy IP address. Keepgo keeps your identity private because our eSIMs provide you with a Privacy IP address that prevents other websites from tracking your real location through an IP address.

If you use your real IP address, other websites can determine your real physical location, which advertising agencies or other bad actors can use to determine your real name, physical address, interests, and other personal data.

Depending on the chosen Keepgo eSIM bundle, you get Hong Kong, Europe, the USA, and other Privacy IP addresses depending on the selected eSIM bundle. See the information about the IP address you get with your Keepgo eSIM at More Details (Go to your account on our website > eSIM Lifetime Plan Lines menu > find More details button under the Refill button).

You can check what other websites see based on your IP by browsing this site.

You Cannot Lose an eSIM 

Unlike a physical SIM card, you cannot lose an eSIM profile. Moreover, you may feel free to install several eSIMs on the same device if the chosen eSIM doesn’t have coverage in the selected area. Whenever you need to switch to another eSIM, you simply apply the needed changes in the settings of your eSIM-compatible device. Unlike a physical SIM card, an eSIM profile is already installed on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other device, and you do not need to worry about losing it. 

You Get a Product That Fits Your Speed Requirements

In addition to price, always ensure that you are selecting a plan that fits your speed requirements. Are you going to be listening to Spotify or streaming Netflix on your trip? Are you going to be constantly navigating with Google Maps? For these cases, you’ll definitely want to find a plan that is 4G or LTE, and stay away from 3G plans. Oftentimes, it’s hard to know what speed you can expect from your eSIM as the eSIM providers don’t always provide it upfront. Within the Nomad app, for any plan that you select you can see the expected coverage speed. Although we can’t help when it comes to other providers, we recommend downloading the app to see what speeds you can expect when traveling to not only the U.S. but over 100+ destinations across the world.


There are many obvious reasons why downloading an eSIM may be the best option for using uninterrupted connectivity services. We might be biased, but Keepgo provides some of the most affordable prices on unthrottled connectivity services. By downloading and installing a free eSIM profile to every eSIM-compatible device, you get the best coverage and fastest on several leading wireless connectivity providers in every country we cover. Don’t pay expensive roaming fees when you can use the services of several top connectivity providers in the countries where your travel or live using the same eSIM.