How to Save on Bell Internet and Phone Costs in Canada with Keepgo eSIM

How to Save on Bell Internet and Phone Costs in Canada with Keepgo eSIM

Keeping connected in Canada costs a pretty penny unless you know how to save on your cellular and wireless internet bills. We live in an age when we can find free Wi-Fi connectivity almost everywhere, even at the bus stop. Whenever you come to Canada for a business trip or a vacation or simply start looking for cheaper alternatives on how to save on Bell internet and phone costs in Canada, considering Keepgo services is always a good idea. You can save $152 monthly (or $1824 yearly) for two lines using your Bell phone number for texting and calling and Keepgo eSIM for safe and reliable connectivity on the top Canadian wireless networks. How can you use services, not of one but several mobile operators with the same line? Keep reading to learn how to save on Bell internet and phone costs in Canada.

Why Do Canadians Pay High Connectivity Fees? 

Canadians may pay higher fees for wireless connectivity for several reasons than other countries. One reason is that Canada has a smaller population spread out over a large geographic area, which can make it more expensive to build and maintain wireless infrastructure.

Additionally, Canada has limited wireless service providers, leading to less competition and potentially higher prices. Government regulations and taxes can also contribute to higher costs.

Canada's top wireless connectivity providers are:

  1. Rogers Communications
  2. Bell Mobility
  3. Telus Mobility

These providers offer a wide range of services, including voice, text, and data plans for individual and business customers. They also have nationwide coverage and offer different plans to accommodate different needs and budgets.

How to Save on Bell Internet and Phone Costs in Canada

There are several ways to save on Bell Internet and phone costs in Canada. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

Switch to the Lower Rate Plan 

The best way to get your Bell bill reduced is to switch to a cheaper plan. For example, if you are on the Ultimate 100- CAN/US Bell plan for unlimited calling, texting & 100GB data per line in Canada and the US. Your monthly bill is $230 for two lines.

However, do you really need that much data when you can use Wi-Fi at home, in the office, or a cafe? In one of our earlier published articles, we discovered we do not use more than 3GB of mobile data monthly on average. So, why should you pay for the services you do not need? 

If you want to significantly cut your monthly connectivity fees and keep your Bell phone number for texting and calling, you may consider switching to one of Bell’s prepaid voice plans. The cheapest one costs $15/mo per line, i.e., $30/mo for two lines. 

Bell offers prepaid phone plans that are often less expensive than traditional contract plans. Bell and other providers often offer prepaid phone plans, which allow customers to pay for their services in advance rather than signing a contract and paying monthly. These plans can be less expensive than traditional contract plans because customers are not locked into a long-term commitment and can switch to a different plan or provider at any time. Additionally, prepaid plans do not typically require a credit check or deposit.

Prepaid plans may be a good option for customers who do not want the commitment of a long-term contract or for those who want more control over their phone expenses.

Use Bell Phone Number with Keepgo eSIM 

Besides switching to a cheaper Bell plan, you may consider using Keepgo eSIM data bundles for affordable wireless internet connectivity services at pay-as-you-go rates. At Keepgo, you can find several eSIM data plans for Canada, with the refill data cost starting at $3. You can check them out here.

Depending on your coverage preferences, you can choose from Sagittarius Lifetime Prepaid Data eSIM that is considered the cheapest Keepgo eSIM data bundle with coverage on Bell, Rogers, and Telus in Canada and the top three networks in the USA. If you want an eSIM data bundle with the fastest connectivity speeds, consider installing Andromeda Lifetime Prepaid Data eSIM. This prepaid lifetime eSIM lets you use AT&T wireless connectivity services in the USA, Rogers in Canada, and top mobile internet carriers in Asia. Besides, several other Keepgo eSIM data bundles cover two or more networks in all countries where they operate. 

Let’s calculate how much you can save using Keego eSIM with your Bell phone number. If you are looking for the cheapest connectivity solutions in Canada, you would most likely choose the Sagittarius eSIM data bundle, which offers refill data prices starting at $3. 

If you need to add 3GB of data to your line’s balance, the top-up will cost you $24 per line. The good news is that the balance of your line will remain valid forever (provided that you refill your eSIM line’s balance with at least $3 once a year).

Besides offering affordable data prices, Keepgo delivers great bonuses to every client. Thus, if you are a new eSIM customer, you can refill your line with at least 1GB and get a 2 GB bonus valid for 1 year for your account. It means that by adding another eSIM to your account and refilling your balance with 1GB, you get a total of 3GB for $8 (which is the price for a 1GB refill for Sagittarius eSIM). 

How much can you save using Keepgo eSIM with Bell lines?

Suppose you want to keep your Bell line for texting and calling. In that case, you can switch from expensive data bundles (e.g. $115/mo per line) with unlimited data to the most affordable plan ($15/mo per line), and use Keepgo eSIM for reliable and high-quality mobile data. 

Suppose you have an eSIM-enabled device and use the Keepgo Sagittarius eSIM data bundle that covers Canada and the United States. Let’s suggest that you and your family member don’t need more than 3GB of data per line monthly.

All eSIM data bundles from Keepgo are available for free download and feature 2GB free bonus data that will be added to your account after at least a 1GB refill. Instead of paying for 6GB for 2 lines, you buy 4GB of data and get 2GB of free data that will remain valid forever. (The free bonus data can be used once per account. When you add two or more eSIM lines to your account, you can apply the 2GB bonus only once.

Now, let’s see how much you can save for 2 lines using Bell and Keepgo services. 

  • Switching from Ultimate 100- CAN/U.S. Bell plan ($115/mo per line, or $230/mo for 2 lines) to the prepaid plan for texting and calling ($15/mo per line, or $30/mo per 2 lines) totals a monthly $100 saving per line, or $200 per 2 lines.
  • When using Keepgo eSIM to get additional data, you get 2GB free (a default bonus that all Keepgo customers get after they start using the eSIM and refilling the balance with at least 1GB). If your family member uses the Sagittarius eSIM data bundle, refilling each line with 3GB of data costs $24 or $48 per 2 lines (during the first month of usage, you get 2GB of free bonus data for your account). 

Your monthly savings total is at least $152 for two lines on the Bell plan for texts and calls, together with the cheapest Keepgo eSIM in Canada ($230 - ($30 + $48)). 

One of the best things about using Keepgo eSIM is that you pay as you go, which means if you need to use only 1GB per line this month, you won’t be charged for more than 1GB. If you bought 3GB of data in advance, your balance wouldn’t expire for one year or more (provided that you refill your line with any amount at least once a year). 

Others Ways to Use Bell and Keepgo Services Together

Don’t be upset if your smartphone doesn’t support eSIM technology. If your device is unlocked and dual-SIM, you can buy a Keepgo Lifetime World SIM card and use it for wireless internet services whenever needed. The physical SIM card also provides coverage on Bell, Rogers, and Telus networks in Canada and offers affordable data valid forever when refilled at least once a year.  

Learn more about our products and plans

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Learn more about our products and plans

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If your device is locked, don’t think that you are doomed to pay high connectivity prices forever. With Keepgo Lifetime World Hotspot, you can use wireless internet services similar to those delivered by the physical SIM. Besides, you can share high-speed internet access with ​​up to 15 devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops of your friends, colleagues, and family members. 

This is how you can save more than $150 monthly for 2 lines when you use Bell and Keepgo services together. Use our simple guidelines to get the best connectivity services in Canada. 

In case you do not want to pay for Bell plans but use a Bell phone number to send texts and make calls, VoIP applications like TextNow provide you with a free phone number in Canada that you can use to make and receive unlimited free phone calls and exchange text messages in the country, as well as the possibility to call and text globally. Learn how to use TextNow in combination with Keepgo lines.