How to Reduce Rogers Internet Bill with Keepgo eSIM

How to Reduce Rogers Internet Bill with Keepgo eSIM

Canadians benefit from high-quality cell phone networks that offer good coverage and speeds, but they pay immensely high bills for cellular services at home and abroad. Using Keepgo services with your primary phone provider is always more cost-effective. You can save more than $250 monthly and keep your Rogers phone number for texting and calling. How? Let’s dive into details and see how to reduce Rogers's internet bill in Canada. 

On average, Canadians pay 20% more than Americans and 170% more than Australians on their cell phone plans. For unlimited talk and text and 2 GB of data, they spend an average of $74/month, compared to $60/month in the US and $22/month in Australia. For 5 GB, they spend $87, compared to $63 in the US and $27 in Australia.

Following our discussion on how to save on T-Mobile and AT&T in the USA, let’s consider several working tips on saving on your Rogers monthly connectivity bill and keeping your phone number. 

Why are cell phone plans so expensive in Canada? 

Several major reasons are causing such a high price tag for cellular services in Canada include:

  • Lack of competition. The three biggest telecom companies in Canada - Bell, Rogers, and Telus - own 90% of the market and charge higher prices because people simply lack alternatives. 
  • The industry’s high barrier to entry, restricted foreign investment, limited access to the wireless spectrum, and price coordination are among the major factors that affect cellular service prices in Canada. 
  • The national telecom companies in Canada disprove the cost disparity by pointing to the  country’s size and the amounts of investments they’ve spent to deliver coverage countrywide.

How can you keep Rogers when you travel to the US or internationally

If you wish to continue using your Rogers plan when you go to the USA, Europe, or other destinations, you can use the Roam Like Home plan. While the feature is very continent, it is also rather expensive. On top of the regular monthly cellular bill for a family of four with four devices, the additional cost is about $1000 for a 20-day vacation.

Rogers-roam-like-home data plan

It doesn’t mean that Rogers has the most expensive cellular data plans for local and international use. Bell and Telus are priced similarly, at about $10-$12/day for the USA and $14-$15/day for other destinations. Another features the Big Three have in common is that they won’t charge you for more than 20 days in a given billing cycle. You can travel for more than 20 days, but your Canadian cellular services provider won’t charge you for more than 20 days. 

It’s just one of the examples of how expensive cellphone plans in Canada are. The cost of basic wireless packages in the country is consistently higher than in the rest of the world. If you are looking for working tips on reducing your Rogers bill, opting for Keepgo services brings you significant savings when traveling alone or with your family. 

How to get your Rogers bill reduced

One of the best ways to reduce Rogers cellular bill is to switch from unlimited to one of the more affordable prepaid data packages. At the time of writing this article, Rogers provided 5 plans with unlimited data, with the cheapest plan priced at $85/mo.

Rogers-unlimited data plan

However, do you need unlimited data? In most cases, we have WiFi everywhere in the modern-day world - at home, in the office, at cafes and restaurants, etc. As a rule, we do not need more than 3GB of data per month, so what’s the reason to pay for the services you do not need? 

Instead of using an unlimited data plan, you can opt for any of the following prepaid data plans from Rogers. If you don’t need more than texting and calling, then using the $15/mo prepaid Rogers plan should be the right fit.

Rogers-prepaid mobile data plan

It means that instead of paying $85 per line with Rogers Infinite 25GB plan, you can switch to the $15/line for texting and calling, which lets you save $70 per line per month. For a family of four members, such a move brings you a whopping $280/mo saving. If you need more than texting and calling when you are out of home or office or simply leave for a vacation, using Keepgo data bundles should be the right choice.  

How to use Keepgo products with Rogers lines 

Keepgo provides a wide range of eSIM data bundles, physical SIM cards and WiFi hotspots, delivered with pay-as-you-go data packages. Let’s see how you can combine Keepgo products with Rogers's lines. 

Use Keepgo eSIM for your eSIM-enabled devices’ wireless connectivity

Keepgo eSIM data bundles are compatible with the most popular devices supporting the eSIM technology. If you look forward to using your Rogers line for texting and calling and an eSIM for wireless connectivity in Canada or abroad, you can choose any of the following eSIM data bundles from Keepgo. Mind that each bundle has its own coverage and refill prices.

Keepgo-canada-esim data bundles

If you are looking for the cheapest solution, Sagittarius should be a great choice for you. The refill prices start at $3 for 100MB. If you leave for a vacation and need to add 5GB of data to your line’s balance, the topup will cost you $25. The good news is that the balance of your line will remain valid forever (provided that you refill your eSIM line’s balance with at least $3 once a year). The Sagittarius eSIM data bundle operates all across Canada and the United States. If you want to use your eSIM not only in Canada and the US but also in Asia, then the Andromeda eSIM data bundle from Keepgo should be your best fit. 

Use Keepgo physical SIM cards as backup data solutions in your dual-SIM smartphone

If you use a dual-SIM unlocked smartphone, you can keep your Rogers line in one slot of your device and install Keepgo Lifetime SIM card in the second slot of your device. This way, you can continue using your Rogers line for texting and calling in Canada and use quality wireless internet services locally and abroad without additional charges, contracts, or roaming fees. 

If you look for a physical SIM card with data that remains valid forever, you can use Keepgo Lifetime Word SIM card (which provides you with reliable coverage on two and more operators in 100+ countries) or Keepgo Lifetime Europe SIM card (for unthrottled connectivity services all over Europe). The cost of 5GB of data that never expires is $79. 

Keep your locked devices connected with portable WiFi hotspots

If your smartphone is locked, it doesn’t mean you cannot use it with Keepgo services. In such cases, you can use our lightweight portable WiFi hotspots on Lifetime plans to stay connected locally or globally and share high internet speeds with up to 15 other devices simultaneously. Using Keepgo WiFi hotspots is a great choice for big families and business travelers. Suppose you have a family of four and leave for a vacation together. In that case, you can buy only one WiFi hotspot either on the Lifetime plans, refill it with the needed data (or turn on the auto-refill feature), and share high-speed and quality internet with others. The refill prices for SIM cards and WiFi hotspots running on similar data plans are the same. 

How much can you save using Keepgo services with Rogers lines?

Suppose you want to keep your Rogers line for texting and calling. In that case, you can switch from expensive data bundles (e.g. $85/mo per line) with unlimited data to the most affordable plan ($15/mo per line), and use Keepgo services for reliable and high-quality mobile data. 

Suppose you have an eSIM-enabled device and use the Keepgo Sagittarius eSIM data bundle that covers Canada and the United States. Let’s suggest that you and your family members don’t need more than 5GB of data per line monthly.

Sagittarius Lifetime Prepaid Data eSIM


All eSIM data bundles from Keepgo are available for free download and feature 2GB bonus data that is added to the line after it’s refilled with at least 1GB. Instead of paying for 5GB, you buy 3GB of data and get 2GB of free data that will remain valid forever, which totals 5GB of data per line. (Please note that the free bonus data can be used once per account. When you add two or more eSIM lines to your account, you can apply the 2GB bonus only once.

Let’s do some math and see how much a family of four can save using Rogers and Keepgo lines. 

  • Switching from Rogers Infinite 25GB plan ($85/mo per line, or $425/mo for 4 lines) to the prepaid plan for texting and calling ($15/mo per line, or $60/mo per 4 lines) totals a monthly $70 saving per line, or $280 per 4 lines.
  • When using Keepgo eSIM to get additional data, you get 2GB free (a default bonus that all Keepgo customers get after they start using the eSIM and refilling the balance with at least 1GB). If all your family members use the Sagittarius eSIM data bundle, refilling each line with 5GB of data costs $25 or $100 per 4 lines (during the first month of usage, you get 2GB of free bonus data for your account). 

Your monthly savings total is at least $265 for four lines on the Rogers plan for texts and calls, together with the cheapest Keepgo eSIM in Canada ($425 - ($60 + $100)). 

In case you used Keepgo eSIM’s data this month but do not plan to use it next month, do not worry about the remaining data on your balance. Keepgo eSIM data plan works on the Lifetime data plan, meaning that your balance never expires (provided that you refill your line with any amount at least once a year). 

Keepgo eSIM provides coverage on the three major cellular providers in Canada and the leading operators in the USA. It means that you can always switch from Rogers to Bell or Telus coverage whenever you are on the road or experience connectivity problems in the location where you currently stay.